How is the 15th week of pregnancy?

The 15th week of pregnancy represents for some mothers the confirmation that a new being is developing within them, since the changes in their bodies are notorious. In addition, it is a period where the future baby defines her human traits even more and becomes restless, so much so that the mother recognizes her presence with certainty.


Week 15 brings with it new sensations for the mother, because she not only identifies the first movements of the being inside her womb, but also her body becomes larger, so she must make a change in the way she dresses.


Physical and emotional changes in the mother

For some women, this period passes without noticing much difference compared to the 14th week of pregnancy because, although it is time to put aside nausea and vomiting, they can continue with these discomforts for longer. However, there are certain physical changes that vary from one mother to another and, therefore, differentiate the weeks.

A 15-week pregnant woman may notice changes in her skin. At the level of the face there is an increase in spots and moles, specifically in the areas of the cheeks, nose, forehead and upper lip. This is known as chloasma gravidarum , which creates a mask effect that disappears after the pregnancy ends.

Another spot that could also be present, but in this case on the belly at 15 weeks of pregnancy is the linea de alba . This goes from the pubis to the navel of the mother.

Each of these changes generated in the epidermis are caused by melanin, which is released by the skin when exposed to the sun. However, during the weeks of gestation this substance is produced and generates brown tones even if the mother is not exposed to the sun. Increased hair and the appearance of warts in the abdomen area are other characteristic signs of week 15.

On the other hand, the weight of the mother will continue to increase and in the face of these changes it is remarkable that the clothes do not fit perfectly. Even though your 15 weeks pregnant belly has only gained a few inches, it is this physical change that gives you the most security and satisfaction that your future baby is growing inside of it.

During this second trimester of pregnancy, variations in mood can also be present, as well as experiencing limitations in cognitive abilities (concentration, memory, and organization) as a result of hormonal changes .

The future baby in the making

From week 15 begins the gradual process of ossification of the future baby’s bones. This fact can be appreciated in a 15-week ultrasound. Likewise, through this it is also possible to determine the size of the fetus at 15 weeks, which can measure an average of 10 cm and reach an approximate weight of 50 grams and even more.

Another factor to take into account is that the little one in training has the ability to close his wounds, which could well be caused by specific tests in which his body is punctured to rule out certain alterations. However, we must point out that, from the second half of gestation, the fetus loses this regenerative capacity.

By fifteen weeks of pregnancy, the body of the future baby is moderately covered by lanugo, which works as a protective shield as it lacks body fat at that time. Also, he experiences important physical changes, as his neck lengthens a little more. In his ears certain folds are formed and the eyes reach a better position, in addition to sharpening this sense.

Similarly, the 15-week fetus achieves a gradual transformation of its systems that even allow it to make movements and jumps, which will help strengthen its body and remind the mother of its presence in the womb.

medical checkups

For this week, the respective medical check-up could coincide, where you can present your concerns and questions, such as 15 weeks of pregnancy, how many months are they? o Is the baby healthy?

In this sense, at the end of the third month, and during the second trimester, there is the possibility of ruling out possible chromosomal abnormalities. Screening also known as prenatal screening is a non-invasive option that allows identifying or establishing the risk index of a possible chromosomal alteration.

This test consists of performing a blood test on the mother where the values ​​of chorionic gonadotropin and alpha-fetoprotein are evaluated. If the results show levels that indicate the risk of a chromosomal disease, it must be confirmed by applying a second test known as amniocentesis, which consists of extracting a small sample of the amniotic fluid. 

tips for this week

Try to cover the 8 hours of rest at night. To do this, wear comfortable clothes and have some pregnancy pillows handy, as these can help you achieve good posture.

Remember that your skin will be highly sensitive and melanin production is latent, so avoid continually exposing yourself to the sun without protection. In addition, it is time to create the habit of consuming more water and applying some cream to the abdominal region, since hydration is key to dealing with the changes that this area will experience.

During your 15 week pregnancy your body may have more energy. Hence, you should take the opportunity to plan and execute your work and family plans. Likewise, it is the opportunity to get started in an exercise routine, which helps you improve your physical and emotional condition.

You must bear in mind that during pregnancy you could suffer from constipation, since at this stage the presence of progesterone inhibits the normal functioning of the intestine. Similarly, the consumption of iron that is commonly prescribed and the lack of physical activity could make it difficult to pass stools. In order to avoid these effects, it is important to increase the consumption of water and fiber in the diet.

As a final recommendation, despite the fact that your skin changes or you increase several sizes, take advantage of admiring the growth of your future baby from the womb and start the search for its possible name.

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