Opinions about Jane Kangaroo

Main advantage:

Its resistant fabric and construction give it a maximum load capacity of 14 kg, so it can be used from when the baby is 3 months old until he is approximately 3 or 4 years old, being a profitable investment. 

Main disadvantage:

When doing outdoor activities, sweating is likely to increase in the contact area. However, the ventilation of the baby remains efficient to maintain its comfort. 

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a light but resistant backpack, easy to put on and with an ergonomic design to distribute the weight on the carrier’s body in a balanced way, without causing fatigue.

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Main Features Explained

Materials and manufacturing

Baby carriers are very useful if you don’t want to carry the stroller everywhere, you want more freedom and independence, in addition to practicing carrying your baby and keeping him close to you wherever you go. 

For this reason, they are expected to be resistant, safe and durable, and all these characteristics are found in the best baby carriers, with Jané Kangaroo being one of them, according to user opinions.

Initially, this model stands out for its resistant and breathable fabrics, a compact and ergonomic design that adapts to the baby’s body and its natural anatomy, so as not to affect the normal development of its bones. 

On the other hand, the internal padding helps keep the baby’s back in a comfortable position, while the 7 cm wide straps increase safety when placing it, better distributing the baby’s weight. 

As you can see, Jane cares about the quality of the materials in her baby carriers to offer a complete, safe and resistant design, adapted to the demands of new parents. 

Additionally, this versatile model has been made in unisex tones, which increases its usefulness if you pay close attention to the issue of colors according to the sex of the baby. 

size and capacity

A baby carrier for daily use must be compact, light and resistant to be the ideal companion when going out with the baby to the park, shopping or doing any activity together. 

Jane is aware of these needs in users and for this reason she has designed this backpack with a compact and light design, its weight is barely 200 gr and its dimensions are small: 27 x 12 x 40 cm. In this way, it is an easy product to carry, store and use.

Now, to determine the time of use of baby carriers, it is important to know their maximum load capacity, and in this sense, Jané presents us with a model that can be used from when the baby is 3 months old until it reaches a maximum weight. of 14 or 15 kg. 

Consequently, and taking into account the average weight of children, it is possible to use this backpack until the child is approximately 3 or 4 years old. With this, we can affirm that the investment of money in this product is backed by the use time thanks to its robust construction and maximum capacity. All this, without forgetting the benefits that babywearing has for the emotional development of the baby, so the longer you use the backpack, the closer the connection between you and your child will be. 

Use and comfort

We know that the price is a determining factor when choosing a baby carrier, but it is also essential to know and verify the ease of use, because a very cheap backpack that is difficult to use or place will do you no good. 

Thinking about this element, the Jané Kangaroo backpack has an easy opening system, to introduce the baby from the top and includes an inner flap that allows you to choose the position of the baby’s legs, which must be attached to the carrier’s hip..

It is necessary to point out that all the elements of this backpack have been designed to increase the comfort of the baby and its parents during carrying. For this reason, padding in the lumbar area provides support for the baby’s back. For its part, the belt and wide straps allow the child’s weight to be distributed between the carrier’s back and hips, thus reducing tiredness and fatigue during use.

Additionally, it has a foldable headrest that you can use to make your baby feel even more comfortable. And in case the backpack gets dirty or smeared with food, for example, you can easily clean it by rubbing with a damp cloth and letting it dry. 

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