The 9 Best Envelopes of 2022

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Despite the rise of email, the envelope is still an essential element in any office or office. This product is necessary for sending those communications that require physical and paper shipments. We are talking about documents, CDs or even small objects that can be sent in models such as the Q-Connect KF3442 envelopes, made of 115-gram Kraft paper and that include a quality seal, to guarantee the full security of the shipment. The same goes for the Versando LUPOBH100 padded envelopes, designed to send small objects that are not damaged during handling and delivery. 

The 9 Best Envelopes – Opinions 2022

Although it is a disused product, the truth is that having the best envelope for your shipments is still essential. The good news is that the offer is so wide that it is even difficult to decide what to buy in the face of so much finish, size and appearance. So that you know what you can expect when evaluating these basic office elements, we leave you with some of the best envelopes of 2022, so that you have at a glance everything that the market puts at your fingertips when buying envelopes for your office or office.

kraft envelopes

1. Q-Connect KF3442 Self Sealing Kraft Envelopes C5 115gsm

Kraft envelopes have become a good alternative to make your shipments. In this market segment, we find products such as the Q-Connect KF3442 Kraft Paper Envelopes. A model made with a 115-gram paper, very resistant and that adequately withstands the use and handling that these products undergo. At the same time, it maintains the adequate privacy of the content due to the characteristics of that role.

Regarding the format, these envelopes have a standard C5 size, 229 by 162 millimeters. Enough to accommodate a good amount of documents without problems. An accumulation of positive elements that bring the product closer to becoming the best envelope of the moment. 

Regarding its presentation, the lot consists of 250 units, so you do not have to worry about buying them again in a while, or paying a very expensive price for them.

If you are not sure which envelopes to buy, we will give you some more details about this product and its characteristics.


Grammage: The grammage of this paper makes it easy to protect the inner contents of the envelope.

Type of paper: Kraft paper helps to take care of the environment and gives the product more resistance.

Size: Its standardized C5 size makes it easier to manage your shipments, offering a good capacity.

Flap: The flap includes a strip of glue, which facilitates the closing of the envelopes.

Presentation: The presentation in a lot of 250 units combines an adequate size with a good unit price.


Adhesives: The adhesive on the flap may not have enough grip on some occasions.

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2. Yotino 50Pcs Kraft Envelopes 130 Grams

The Kraft Yotino YPN0122-EU envelopes are a slightly smaller proposition when it comes to sending documents of smaller dimensions, such as simple letters or invitations. To do this, these Kraft paper envelopes have a standard C6 size of 162 by 114 millimeters. 

The product has an interesting manufacture of 130 grams thick, with a very pleasant touch and that we can even decorate to our liking, supporting almost any detail that we want to give to the envelope. The product also includes an adhesive in the lash area, which is activated with water. This prevents that glue from spoiling until the moment you need to close the tab, although it requires that previous activation that is not necessary in direct use adhesives. 

Regarding the presentation, the box includes 50 envelopes. It is not one of the cheapest options that we have evaluated, but it does have good quality and is suitable for small consumers.

To make it easier for you to decide which is the best envelope for your shipments, nothing better than having the information you want to know at hand.


Material: The included Kraft paper creates a very elegant finish to these envelopes.

Size: Its C6 size is ideal for simple communications, invitations and other small-thickness mailings.

Decorative: Thanks to the quality of the paper, it is possible to personalize the envelopes with almost any element.


Cost: They are not especially cheap envelopes, due to the presentation in batches of 50 units.

Glued: The adhesive of the tabs is activated with water, being somewhat more annoying than the direct adhesive closure of other models.

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Padded envelopes

3. Versando LUPOBH100 Padded Envelopes

Sometimes, we do not have to send documents but rather small objects, which require additional protection. Fortunately, the market offers products adapted to this need, such as the Versando LUPOBH100 padded envelopes. 

This model has a typical H8 size, with useful measurements of 27 centimeters wide by 36 long. Inside, we find a bubble padding, with which your objects will travel safe and protected against possible bumps that they may take along the way. 

These paper envelopes are finished off with a wide flap with an adhesive strip, which closes the product well and prevents unwanted access to the interior. As for its presentation, it is 100 units, with a reasonable cost compared to other similar models on the market.

Protecting your shipments is made easier by the quality of these envelopes, the highlights of which we discuss below.


Padding: Interior padding adds considerable protection to anything you ship.

Dimensions: The interior size is 270 x 360 millimeters, offering ample space.

Tab: Includes an adhesive tab, to completely close the envelope securely before shipping.

Holes: The envelopes have holes for use in binders, in case you want even more security.


Paper: The outer paper has a thickness somewhat less than desirable, being the weak point of the product.

Presentation: The presentation in a lot of 100 units can be very large if you do not use these envelopes frequently.

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colored envelopes

4.Craft UK 2281 150 C5 envelopes

Although they are not the usual ones in an office environment, the truth is that colored envelopes are an interesting alternative for when we want to get away from the classic white of the usual products. 

For this purpose, we have products such as the Craft UK 2281 colored paper envelopes, which are distributed in a total of 10 different colours. This range covers the most common tones and ranges from green to purple, through red or yellow, among others. These envelopes have the standard C5 size, are rectangular and have a versatile format, so they will surely serve you for all kinds of shipments. 

As for its presentation, the lot includes a total of 150 units, 15 for each of the 10 colors included. In addition, despite this finish, they are not especially expensive envelopes compared to the white models that we usually use more frequently.

Give a touch of color to your shipments with the wide variety offered by this batch of envelopes from Craft UK.


Colours : The envelopes are presented in 10 different colours, with a pleasant vividness in all of them.

Size : The C5 size is one of the most used standards on the market when it comes to shipping.

Cost : Despite being colored products, the truth is that their price does not increase too much.


Weight : The weights are different between the various colors of the envelopes, although in general all of them have an acceptable quality.

Presentation : The lot is of a fixed distribution, so if you want envelopes of a specific color, you will have to buy them elsewhere.

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post envelopes 

5. Purely Everyday Envelope DL 500 units, 110 x 220 mm

Purely Everyday postal envelopes are a versatile solution and with which to send documents of a certain size with comfort. This product has the usual measurements of the DL format, twice as tall as it is wide, with specific dimensions of 110 x 220 millimeters. Something that makes it ideal for sending larger documents than we would include in a traditional American envelope. 

The product has a weight of 100 grams and a nice white finish, topped with an adhesive tab on the top, which facilitates the process of closing the flap. By the way, these envelopes can be used in all types of printers, to further simplify the handling of your shipments. 

As for the presentation, the box includes 500 units in total, placing it among the cheap proposals of this selection.

We analyze this product in depth and leave you the highlights of it below.


Format : The DL format is ideal for sending documents with several pages and a good thickness, comfortably accepting several folded A4 sheets.

Printable : The product can be printed without too much hassle, to make your mail preparation easier.

Box : The box facilitates the processing of the envelopes, preventing them from bending or coming out when handling them.


Window : The envelope does not include a window, so you will have to write the addresses or use labels.

Finish : Although the grammage is adequate, the final finish of the paper could be improved, except for simple commercial communications.

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A5 envelopes

6. Selfpackaging envelope for CD and A5 Card

The Selfpackaging 2254L-C32_50 are a good alternative when you need A5 envelopes to present cards or CDs. This product includes a high quality construction, made of Kraft cardboard with a very elegant smooth finish. In addition, the material has a grammage of no less than 800 grams per square meter, to offer high resistance and a superior finish. 

The plain brown color of the cards also adds an eye-catching effect to what you present inside. Thanks to its measurements, the product is very suitable for delivering CDs with catalogues, corporate videos and the like. 

However, you also have a smaller format, for business cards, as well as a larger one to deliver cards in A5 format. In all of them you have an interior designed especially to hold the interior element and that the presentation of what you include is excellent.

Give your presentations an even more professional touch thanks to these elegant Selfpackaging envelopes.


Finish: The finish of these A5 envelopes is very elegant, thanks to the high grammage used as a base.

No glue: This product does not include adhesives, but the format is mounted only using the included tabs.

Design: The interior design keeps what we include in its place, for an outstanding presentation.


Shipping: It is not a product suitable for mailing, but rather for direct delivery or perhaps to put it in another envelope.

Presentation: The lot includes a total of 50 sachets, perhaps too many considering its use and applications.

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square envelopes 

7. Paper24 50 Square Envelopes 120g 

Although the usual thing is to resort to rectangular products, it is also possible to find square envelopes for different uses. This is what Paper 24 offers us with its model AA-205-50. 

These envelopes have a square design, obviously, as well as measures of 15 centimeters on each side, thus giving a good versatility to our shipments and to what we need to include inside. Regarding its manufacture, this model has been made with a 120-gram thick paper, finished off with a triangular and self-adhesive lid, to keep what we put inside safe. 

This paper has an elegant cream-coloured finish, so the envelopes are well suited for a variety of off-the-beaten-path uses. However, the manufacturer offers other different colors, depending on what you want at any given time. Regarding its presentation, it is 50 units per lot.

Give a different touch to any occasion thanks to the design and high-quality manufacturing of these envelopes.


Grammage: The grammage of 120 grams per square meter gives a pleasant quality and touch to the product.

Envelope closure: Thanks to the incorporated adhesive it is easier to close the envelopes comfortably.

Size: These square products have a format of 15 centimeters on each side, thus offering a good interior space.


Closure: The envelopes are sent slightly closed, being necessary to pull the tab to open them correctly.

Colour: The color is somewhat more yellow than cream, although if it is not to your liking you have more finishes to choose from.

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decorated envelopes

8. Yeelan 60pcs Retro Vintage Pocket Envelopes

Although they are not the usual ones in the day to day of our office, decorated envelopes are an interesting alternative to give a special touch to a specific communication. Among these products, we have the Yeelan XL-WENJU55 model. In his lot we find a total of 60 different envelopes with twelve varied and very interesting styles. 

All of them are traditional or vintage cut, with a very elegant look and finish. So it is very easy to give a special touch to any communication that you have to make, outside the traditional approach of your shipments. By the way, on the front of the envelopes you have a space designed to write the sender, duly integrated and framed within the beautiful design of each of them. 

To top it off, we are talking about a product made with high quality paper and a pleasant touch.

If you want to give your communications a different look, all you have to do is turn to these elegant vintage-style envelopes.


Materials: In addition to its beautiful finish, this paper offers you a very pleasant touch and an adequate grammage.

Varied set: This set has a total of twelve different designs, with five envelopes of each model.

Recipient area: The product includes a specific area for the recipient, duly framed in the design.


Size: The envelopes are somewhat small, 7.2 by 9.5 centimeters in a rectangular format. 

Pasting: The tab is not self-adhesive, so you will have to resort to another system to close the envelope.

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american envelopes

9. SAM 247726 American envelopes

American envelopes are one of the most common products in the office. So if we can find them at a good price, much better. This is just what the SAM 247726 envelopes offer us. 

This model has that traditional design, with measurements of 22.5 x 11.5 centimeters, according to this standard. It also has a window located on the right side, which facilitates the processing of the envelopes and the inclusion of the recipient. In addition, despite being among the cheap models in our selection, the flap is closed with a good quality silicone strip, which saves you time and hassle when it comes to processing the mail. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that we are talking about the best value for money envelopes in our selection. They are presented in a box of 500 units, duly prepared so that the product is in good condition until the moment you need it.

Let’s see the highlights of this product, located among the cheapest on the market despite coming from the best brand of current envelopes according to many users.


Design: Its American design is one of the most used in offices and makes your company’s document management easier.

Window: The window helps simplify the mail handling process by saving you typing in senders.

Silicone strip: This strip helps to close the envelope comfortably, without the need for water or anything else.


Presentation: The presentation in a pack of 500 envelopes may be excessive for offices where very little mail is handled.

Finish: The product has a somewhat dull matte white finish, although this is purely an aesthetic aspect.

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Shopping guide

Envelopes are still essential today in any office or office. Whether by legal requirement or because of the special contact that a physical letter entails, the truth is that postal mail continues to maintain a certain importance in any business environment. And for these shipments to be made correctly, it is essential to use envelopes. The good news is that these products have also evolved according to the new times, as we can see in any envelope comparison that falls into our hands. So that you don’t get confused by so much variety, take a look at our guide to buying the best envelopes and find out what you should look for when making your purchase.

envelope size

The first parameter that we are going to evaluate is the size of the envelope. An aspect where there are almost as many options to choose from as there are objects that we can put inside. Fortunately, most of these envelopes follow classic standards that are fully accepted worldwide. So you don’t have to rack your brains to find a specific model once you change brands.

In general, standardized envelopes follow a coding using letters and numbers. The most common formats are those of type C, which range from C0, where an A0 sheet fits and has measurements of 917 x 1297 millimeters, to C10 size, the smallest and where an A10 format sheet fits, with measurements 28 x 40 millimeters. The most common are the formats from C4 to C6, where you can comfortably insert A3 and A4 sheets, the most used in commercial communications.

Apart from these standard designs, we have other classic formats such as the DL envelope or the so-called American envelope, measuring 114 x 229 millimeters. A product that is used very frequently within the business environment. The DIN A5 type envelope or the so-called commercial format of 120 x 176 millimeters is also common. All these formats are common in the offer of any manufacturer.

Manufacturing materials

Once the size is chosen, it is time to see the material and finish of the product. In general, commercial envelopes are usually made of white paper of different weights, around 100 grams per square meter or more. Let us remember that the higher the grammage, the more resistant and elegant the envelope usually is, although the greater the difference in how much the product costs compared to a simpler one.

In the case of higher cost or grammage models, it is usual for these to be made of some type of cardboard or cardboard. In this case, we are not talking about envelopes that we use on a day-to-day basis, but they should normally be reserved for specific uses, such as sending congratulations, invitations and other communications of great importance. In this segment we would find laid envelopes or those made with paper and cardboard of higher quality and grammage.

Finally, we do not want to forget about Kraft paper. This material is increasingly present when manufacturing envelopes, being very easy to distinguish by its brown finish. This material has advantages such as a very pleasant finish, greater resistance in general and an ecological character, since its simplified manufacturing process consumes fewer natural resources. So it is an interesting alternative to give a different touch to our shipments and take care of our environment.

Other interesting extras

If you need simple and cheap envelopes, then you already have the necessary elements to make a decision. But if you need any more details or simply want to expand your knowledge, then we encourage you to continue reading this section.

Among the extras offered by current envelopes, we have the plastic window, very common in commercial envelopes and highly recommended in our daily use. The window makes it easy to view recipient details from the inner document and eliminates the need to print labels or write the recipient on the envelope.

We also have padded envelopes, in which we can send small objects that require additional protection. These models include a layer of bubble wrap that prevents their contents from being damaged. Finally, we recommend resorting to envelopes with an adhesive strip for closure, as this system is much more comfortable and saves time compared to other rubber-based or similar adhesive closures, which must be activated with water. A little extra that is worth paying for the time we save.

Frequently asked questions 


Q1: How to use some envelopes?

Using envelopes is as easy as choosing the correct model according to the needs of our shipment, inserting the content inside and closing it. This closure must be done using the adhesive of the tab, not using glue or adhesive tape, unless strictly necessary. Finally, we write the address of the recipient and the sender, or we place a label with these data. And of course we do not forget to put the envelope in the mailbox or take it to the Post Office, as necessary.

Q2: How to make paper envelopes?

If you need an envelope urgently, just use a simple sheet of paper to solve the problem. We will start the process by folding the sheet in half along the long side to form a rectangle. With a little adhesive we glue the lateral edges, to create the interior area of ​​the envelope. Next, we introduce the document inside the bag that we have created and close it, folding the edges of the upper area over the sheet itself. Again we use adhesive to completely close the flap, leaving the interior safe.


Q3: How to print envelopes?

To print an envelope, we start by placing it in the printer, adjusting the position of the paper guides according to its size. Next, we open the printing options of the application that we are using and we choose here the size of the envelope that we are going to print. The normal thing is that we use normalized products or with standard measures, so we will not have to make any more adjustments than choosing the corresponding size. However, if you have multiple envelopes to print, try just one first to make sure everything is in order, just in case.

Q4: What is a standard envelope?

The normalized envelope is one that meets certain standards, with which it is much easier to process them through automatic machines. Among these parameters, is the size, which must be rectangular, or the background, white or a light color, except blue. On the other hand, the envelope must have measurements of 14 x 9 to 23.5 x 12 centimeters, always in rectangular format. It is highly recommended that the envelope include a window and that it be printed with conventional characters of approximately 2 to 8 millimeters, to facilitate the reading of the data by the mail sorting machines.

Q5: How to decorate envelopes?

When it comes to decorating envelopes, we have many options. If we want to give them a vintage touch, we can always paste a sheet of old paper or similar. To give them a childish appearance, drawings with motifs such as balloons or stuffed animals would be useful. And if you prefer a subtle touch, you can use some pretty masking tape to touch up the edges of the closing tab. In any case, with a good envelope you have a perfect canvas to let your imagination run wild.

Q6: What are business envelopes?

Business envelopes are those intended for commercial or office communications, being the traditional companion of the business letter. These envelopes usually have a standard size and should also have a window or, failing that, include address labels. For the rest, it is recommended that they be white and that their measurements adjust to the characteristics of the documents to be sent, taking care of their presentation and finish.

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