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Silicone Mold – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Silicone molds are indispensable kitchen tools for those who enjoy preparing various hot or cold desserts. The models usually have varied shapes and diameters, which is quite convenient so that you can acquire a design that really suits your taste and needs. For example, Senhai SH-Flower_CakePan is a set of three flower molds with a medium format and designed in food grade silicone, which is a material that is easy to unmold, resistant and dishwasher safe. For its part, Kitchenatics 6 Pack is a set with several 3D designs, ideal for preparing chocolates, gummies and any sweet that needs to be baked or refrigerated.

The 9 Best Silicone Molds – Opinions 2022

Silicone molds are very popular kitchen utensils, so it is not surprising that there is a wide variety of models on the market. Next, we leave you a selection of nine silicone molds valued as the best of this year, according to the experience of use of the buyers.

Silicone baking molds

1. Senhai Set of 3 silicone cake molds

This set of three floral molds from the Senhai house is considered by many to be the best silicone mold, which you can put in the oven or microwave at a maximum temperature of 230 °C, or place in the refrigerator at -40 °C. 

In this sense, we can say that it is a very versatile product, since it can be used to make hot and cold preparations without fear of the pieces deteriorating. With these silicone oven molds you will get 3D designs, inspired by flowers such as chrysanthemums, sunflowers and roses.

The trays are offered in three different sizes, which we could qualify as small, medium and large, to adapt to each need.

All of them have been made of food grade silicone, which is a fairly safe material when it comes to shedding toxic particles. In addition, it is a flexible polymer, non-stick and dishwasher safe.

Recommended as the best silicone mold of the moment, you will find this three-piece set at the top of the shopping lists.


Cleaning: You will not have limitations to wash the molds because they are dishwasher safe.

Use: You can put the molds in the oven or refrigerator without fear of deterioration, since they resist from -40 °C to 230 °C.

Safety: Being made of food-grade silicone, you can be sure that they are free of toxic agents.

Non-stick: Its non-stick properties will help you unmold the preparations easily.


Flimsy: Pans may be wobbly on the oven rack, but it’s easy to fix this by placing them on a firm surface for stability.

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2. FineGood FG molds_3 Set of 3 silicone molds

It is a set of three trays with a format of 26 x 18 x 2.3 centimeters each, which in turn incorporate a total of six donut-shaped compartments, so you can pour the mixture quickly and easily..

Then, you will only have to take it to the oven, microwave or refrigerator, as the case may be. Thus, you will make delicious desserts to surprise the little ones in the house, family and friends.

These cheap silicone baking molds have been manufactured with a food-grade material, which offers safe handling due to its thermal resistance, so it can be exposed to a temperature range of -40 to 230 °C. 

In addition, this polymer is characterized by its flexibility and non-stick properties, as well as for not releasing toxic substances such as BPA, without forgetting that it can be washed manually or put in the dishwasher for quick cleaning.

With these molds you can make delicious donut-shaped desserts. Here the details of this model.


BPA Free: The absence of BPA in the mold makes it a utensil with a high range of food safety.

Resistance: The molds are suitable to be exposed to temperatures from -40 to 230 ° C, so you can use them in the oven or refrigerator.

Washing: These molds can be put in the dishwasher for greater practicality.

Flexible: Thanks to the flexibility of the trays, you can fold them to unmold the recipes without damaging them.


Size: The molds may be a little small. However, this will depend on the taste of each person.

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Silicone molds for pastry

3. Kitchenatics Silicone Chocolate Candy Molds

If you are looking for a set of silicone pastry molds that can be used to bake and refrigerate preparations, then this model from Kitchenatics is a good alternative, since it can be exposed to a temperature range of -104 to 446 °F., without you having to worry about its deterioration. 

The model has been made of high-end food polymer, which not only has adequate thermal resistance, but is also flexible and free of toxic agents such as BPA. Also, this is a non-stick polymer and dishwasher safe.

With so many positive attributes, it is not surprising that the product is valued among the best silicone molds of 2022. In addition, with the purchase of this set you will have access to an electronic recipe book so that you can surprise your guests with a wide variety of desserts.

For many, Kitchenatics is considered to be the best brand of silicone molds. Here are the pros and cons of one of their models.


Use: You can use the molds to bake or refrigerate your desserts, thanks to their level of thermal resistance.

Cleaning: The molds can be placed in the dishwasher so you can save time cleaning them.

Safety: The silicone used is free of toxic agents that can contaminate the preparations on contact with them.

Recipe book: You will receive a digital recipe book with various suggestions to experiment with.


Size: If you want to make a larger preparation, the one in this mold may not be according to your needs.

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Ikea silicone molds

4. Ikea Sockerkaka Baking Cup

If you have doubts about which is the best silicone mold to bake your cupcakes, you will be interested to know that there are many people who recommend this model from the Ikea house. It is a set made up of a total of nine moulds, made of food grade silicone.

The material is a thermoplastic with great properties, among which its flexibility and non-stick surface stand out, which is quite convenient for unmolding preparations with precision and speed. In addition, it is a safe polymer, because it does not have toxic agents that can be released into food and harm our health.

In the same way, it is important to mention that these Ikea silicone molds are reusable and can be washed manually, as well as being incorporated into the dishwasher, for greater time savings when cleaning them. Also, regarding the aesthetics of the molds, it should be added that they are pink and have a design of vertical channels.

With so many models, it is normal that you do not know which silicone mold to buy. For this reason, you will be interested in knowing the details of a model with outstanding positioning.


Washing: The molds are quick to wash, because the non-stick interior does not allow the preparations to stick.

Use: They have a good level of thermal resistance, so they are suitable to be incorporated into the oven or microwave.

Flexible: You will be able to unmold the pastry easily, thanks to the flexibility of the moulds.

Set: With the purchase you will enjoy nine molds to bake several cupcakes at the same time.


Recipe book: Although the product does not incorporate a recipe book, you can get various recipes on the web.

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silicone molds for biscuits

5. Dr. Oetker Flexxibel Rectangular Platinium Silicone Baking Mold

Among the silicone molds for biscuits with the highest positioning in the pastry utensils market, this model stands out, belonging to the well-known purchase catalog of the Dr. Oetker brand, which, with little more than 100 years of experience, continues to offer products with the highest standards of quality and food safety.

In the particular case of this rectangular mold, we have that it has a format of 24 x 8 x 8 centimeters, corresponding to its length, height and width, making it a fairly spacious tray. In this way, you will not only be able to prepare biscuits, but also flans, jellies, brownies and any other pastry recipe.

For the manufacture of the tray, platinum-type silicone was used, characterized by providing good thermal resistance, with a temperature range of -40 to 230 °C. In addition, it is a dishwasher-safe material, non-stick and with a fairly flexible body, so you can unmold the preparation without inconvenience.

This product has pros and cons that you may find interesting if you are looking for a rectangular pan.


Durability: According to the manufacturer, the product offers around 4,000 uses thanks to the quality of the platinum silicone used.

Thermal resistance: The mold withstands temperatures from -40 to 230 °C, making it suitable for ovens or refrigerators.

Washing: You can add the tray to the dishwasher for greater cleaning convenience.

Non-stick: Thanks to its non-stick interior you can easily unmold the recipes.


Colors: This model is not available in other color options, although this does not affect its operation.

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Microwave silicone molds

6. Jata Hogar MC68 Mold with Lid, Silicone

Jata Hogar has once again managed to surprise its followers with a quality, safe and functional product that can help you make a large number of sweet and savory recipes.

It is a model of silicone molds for microwaves, in which this spacious rectangular design of 23 x 18 x 4.5 centimeters stands out, with ergonomic handles and a lid for quick cooking.

The tray has been made of platinum-type silicone, which is a food-grade polymer free of toxic agents and easy to clean, as it can be put in the dishwasher. In addition, thanks to its thermal resistance you can expose the mold to temperatures from -50 to 240 °C, making it suitable for baking or refrigerating recipes.

It is important to mention that, due to the non-stick properties and flexible body of this product, you will be able to unmold the food easily without sticking or deforming. Of course, you will have to wait for the preparation to cool down.

This is an ergonomic and attractive pan that will allow you to cook safely. Get to know its positive and negative aspects below.


Handles: Its pair of handles facilitates its safe handling when inserting and removing the mold from the oven or refrigerator.

Lid: The lid allows a greater concentration of steam for rapid and homogeneous cooking.

Cleaning: You will not have to spend time manually washing the mold, because it is suitable for dishwashers.

Thermal resistance: You can prepare hot or cold recipes due to its thermal resistance from -50 to 240 °C.


Dimensions: Although the pan looks quite roomy, the interior can be a bit cramped for certain recipes.

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silicone molds for muffins

7. Philonext Bread Silicone Tray with 12 Holes

Among the cheap silicone molds in this selection of recommended products, this tray stands out with a long format – width corresponding to 32.7 x 24.5 centimeters, made up of 12 cavities 2.8 centimeters deep so that you can pour the mixture of your preparations.

With these silicone molds for cupcakes you can make delicious soufflés, tarts, lasagna, cupcakes, flans, jelly and a large number of desserts or savory foods. They are also suitable for those who prepare handmade soaps. All this is possible thanks to the thermal resistance of the tray, which will allow you to incorporate it into ovens with a maximum temperature of 230 °C or in refrigerators at -40 °C.

Regarding the silicone used, we have to comply with FDA safety regulations, so it is free of toxic agents that are harmful to man and the environment. In addition, this polymer allows you to easily unmold recipes due to its flexibility and non-stick properties.

This is a highly positioned product, whose positive and negative aspects are presented below.


Cleaning: Due to its thermal resistance, the product is suitable for being put in the dishwasher without fear of deformation.

Non- stick: Thanks to the silicone coating present in each of the 12 cavities of the mold, you can easily unmold the preparations.

Use: With these molds you can prepare a large number of recipes and even handmade soaps, so it is very versatile.

Design: You will be able to prepare a good number of desserts, since the tray has 12 spaces to fill with your preparation.


Colour: The tray is only available in red, so if you want a different shade, you may need to look elsewhere.

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Lékué silicone molds

8. Lékué Duo Round Silicone Cake Mold

Lékué silicone molds are characterized by their resistance and food safety, as they are made of a material free of toxic agents that can be released and incorporated into preparations due to thermal exposure.

This is the case of the present model, which has a belt design with a diameter – bottom of 23 x 7 centimeters and a capacity for 2,500 milliliters of mixture. In addition, on one of the sides it incorporates a practical anti-drip pin that is easy to release, which is quite convenient for you to unmold the preparation without any inconvenience.

Such a structure is suitable for baking and refrigeration, since the platinum-type silicone used has high thermal resistance. In fact, both the belt and the ceramic plate with anti-scratch treatment included in the purchase package can be placed in the dishwasher for quick cleaning. Thus, you will leave in the past the messy process of manually washing and drying.

Below, learn the advantages and disadvantages of this attractive and safe belt design silicone mold.


Capacity: You can prepare recipes for several guests thanks to its capacity for 2500 milliliters.

Design: Its design is belt type and incorporates a side pin for a secure closure.

Plate: The built-in ceramic plate has a double function: as a base and to serve the preparation.

Washing: You won’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning the residue manually because the mold is dishwasher safe.


Dripping: If the mixture is very runny, it will likely drip a little through the belt, so be careful.

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silicone molds for fondant

9. SurePromise Lace Flower Silicone Fondant Mold

Recommended as the best quality-price silicone mold, you will find this two-piece set positioned with a length, width and depth of 17 x 5 x 0.5 centimeters, which is quite suitable for the preparation of decorative tapes. In this way, you can give a different and elegant touch to cakes or other desserts. 

In addition, each of the molds has a different floral design, which you can use on sugar paste, marzipan, edible clay, rubber, among other pastry products. These silicone molds for fondant have been made of food-grade silicone, so you won’t have to worry about the release of contaminating particles on food. 

Likewise, they can be exposed to a temperature range of -40 to 220 °C, so they are suitable for being incorporated into the dishwasher. Thus, you will save cleaning time by removing the accumulated residues in each of the ribbon ornaments.

Among the cheapest silicone molds you will find this two-piece set, which has interesting features.


Use: These molds are suitable for making decorative ribbons on sugar paste or other similar confectionery materials. 

Cleaning: The temperature range of -40 to 220 °C admitted by the product will allow you to put it in the dishwasher without damaging it.

Silicone: The food silicone used in its structure is free of toxic agents that can affect our health.

Design: These are two silicone straps with different floral engravings, to choose the one that suits each case.


Depth: It is possible that the grooves of the molds are shallow, so they may not adapt to certain preparations.

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Shopping guide

Silicone molds are characterized by being varied, presenting notable differences with regard to the quality of the manufacturing material, thermal resistance, format, design, cleaning method, among many other aspects. Therefore, when thinking about acquiring a utensil of this type, you will need to be careful in your selection and carefully review all its quality indicators. In this sense, it would be of great help to review this guide to buy the best silicone mold.

Fabrication material

When acquiring a pastry mold it is important that we look at the properties offered by the manufacturing material, which, logically, could also influence how much the product costs. In this sense, the ideal is to bet on well-positioned designs even if their cost is high.

Silicone molds are currently widely accepted by users, since this is a material with a high level of thermal resistance. This means that it can be exposed to high temperatures in ovens or microwaves and, at the same time, be used to refrigerate or freeze other preparations.

All this without cracking or warping. Also, this food silicone has been tested and certified so that, when using it, you do not have to fear the presence of toxic agents such as BPA, whose particles can be released and contaminate food.

Finally, the silicone used for this type of molds is usually flexible and non-stick, which is quite convenient when unmolding the preparations, since they will not break and will retain the shape acquired by the tray.


Silicone mold designs are varied, as is their purchase price, so finding a model that suits your needs will not be a complicated task. Of course, you will not be able to settle for the first one you find in physical stores or specialized portals.

It is necessary that you review the options that the market has for you through the comparison of silicone molds and, at the same time, you will be able to corroborate the main quality indicators.

Among the most popular designs are the medium-sized trays with a series of cavities of different shapes, suitable for you to pour the necessary mixture in the preparation of cupcakes, chocolates, gummies, among other desserts. 

Similarly, there are the rectangular or belt molds with a larger size, suitable for biscuits, flans, jellies, bread, among others, while the medium-sized individual sets are suitable for cupcakes and ornamental ribbons, with an approximate depth of 0.5 centimeters, are used to work on sugar paste or other pastry materials.


Silicone molds are kitchen tools that must be washed after the completion of each preparation, because, otherwise, the residues could take root and this would end up making the cleaning process a much more messy task.

For this reason, the ideal is that, when we go to acquire a utensil of this type, we verify that it is easy to clean. This means that, apart from being able to wash the tray manually, we also have the freedom to put it in the dishwasher without fear of it deteriorating.

In general, it does not matter if it is a cheap product or a fairly high cost product, since, in either case, manufacturers usually use silicone with a high level of thermal resistance. Thus, the heat of the dishwasher’s wash cycle will not cause wear, cracking or warping of the polymer.


The incorporation of some elements that complement the good performance of the product to be purchased is an aspect that we must take into consideration during the selection process, since, otherwise, we will end up making an extra investment to obtain said accessory separately.

Silicone molds are no exception, so if you are looking for a model that suits your taste and cooking needs, you should not only check quality indicators regarding the dimensions and properties of the material. In the same way, you will have to try, as much as possible, to include an additional tool such as a spatula or spoon in the purchase package to pour the mixture more precisely.

Also, there are manufacturers that incorporate a physical or electronic recipe book with the step by step of a wide variety of desserts, so you can make the most of the molds and surprise your friends and family.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a silicone mold?

The first thing you should do to use your silicone mold for the first time is to wash it, dry it and oil it. Then, you can carefully pour the mixture and take it to the oven or microwave.

Of course, if it is a preparation that must be incorporated into the refrigerator, you can skip the greasing step. Also, remember to check what is recommended by the manufacturer regarding the thermal resistance supported by the material, so that you avoid exceeding it and damaging the tray.

Q2: How to grease a silicone mold?

Greasing the silicone mold is a step that we cannot let go unnoticed if we do not want the preparation to stick, and it is also convenient so that the unmolding process is not complicated.

In any case, what we must do is apply some non-stick spray to the inside of the mold or cover said area with waxed kitchen paper. You can also butter and sprinkle with flour. Any of these procedures is totally effective so that the mixture does not stick.

Q3: How to clean a silicone mold?

Washing silicone molds is a fairly simple task, which can be carried out manually with the help of a soft sponge, which you must dip in detergent and rub all over the structure until the residue is removed. Then, it only remains to remove the excesses under the tap with plenty of water and dry the mold with an absorbent cloth.

Similarly, you have the option of putting the product in the dishwasher, since, in general, these types of molds have a high level of thermal resistance, so they will not deform with the heat of the washing cycle. However, it is important that you previously review the instructions given by the manufacturer to avoid any setbacks.

Q4: How to make cakepops with silicone mold?

To make cakepops you will need a special two-piece mold for said preparation, made up of a series of cavities with a spherical format.

Next, mix flour, oil, sugar, milk, eggs, yeast, vanilla, or lemon zest in a bowl. Integrate all the ingredients with the help of a blender and, when the mixture acquires a completely homogeneous consistency, you can begin to carefully pour it into the mold. Next, place the remaining tray on the mold and take it to the oven.

Once the cooking time has elapsed, you will have to wait for the cake to cool down before you can unmold it. In this way, you can proceed to place the sticks and cover them with chocolate.

Q5: How to unmold a cake from a silicone mould?

Unmolding the cake is a quick and quite intuitive step, but you must do it carefully, so you don’t end up breaking the preparation. In this sense, the main thing is to wait until the mold has cooled completely, so when you remove the cake from the mold, you must place it on a rack on the kitchen counter or side table.

Then, move the mold slightly, since its body is usually flexible. Thus, you can proceed to turn the tray over on a plate or base and, by pressing its lower part, you will release the cake. 

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