Opinions about Taurus Babel

Main advantage:

The tower fan is attractive, practical and with several available functions that will allow you to easily adapt the performance to your requirements, providing ergonomics and comfort at the same time.

Main disadvantage:

Before you invest in this tower fan, keep in mind that it is lower than other models, which could result in inconvenience in enjoying its benefits if your bed is too high.

Verdict: 9.8/10

The equipment has powerful and good performance components, capable of generating ventilation in different modes. At the same time, its design is elegant and this also makes it an attractive shopping alternative.

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Main Features Explained


Tower fan design

In the selection of the best tower fans, you cannot miss the section where a special focus is made on the design of the equipment, in order to choose a model that will certainly be ergonomic to use and comfortable to install in the room.

On this occasion, we are faced with the Taurus Babel tower fan which, at first glance, is elegant and beautiful. It is gray with chrome details and its casing is made of resistant plastic. At the top you will find the buttons to turn it on, turn it off and select the operating mode, as well as a selector button for fan oscillation.

Regarding its size, the equipment has dimensions of 75 x 19 x 16 centimeters and weighs just 3 kilograms. These characteristics make it compact, being very easy to install in the room. However, its low height could require a support system if, for example, your bed is too high and you cannot adequately perceive the breeze generated by the fan.

On the other hand, its light weight should also be listed as an advantage, since it will allow you to carry the equipment without much effort and it has a carrying handle, so you can easily carry it from one room to another.

cooling capacity

Since we are talking about tower fans, the opinions of many buyers agree that the power of the motor is a detail that cannot be overlooked. Reviewing this quality as a priority will allow you to choose an effective team of good quality in general.

In this sense, the Taurus brand product, being designed for domestic use, offers a good power of 45W, which is adjustable for your comfort. Specifically, the equipment has a built-in speed selector that provides 3 different options, which vary the intensity of ventilation.

Thanks to this system, you will not feel hot or cold if you manage to adjust it properly. In addition, it should be noted that another advantage of the product is that it generates a fairly low noise level in any of these operating modes, avoiding causing discomfort at night, mainly when trying to sleep.

Operating modes

Another aspect that you can review before choosing which tower fan is worth your investment is the operating modes, especially after considering that many alternatives can be adapted to the specific needs of each user, increasing ergonomics.

In this sense, you will not have to worry about the lack of modes in the Taurus brand fan, since it has several functions integrated to take advantage of the capacity of the equipment in general.

One of the most useful and practical is the Oscillation mode, which allows you to direct the airflow in various directions, in order to cool a larger space. At most, it can carry the wind to cover a radius of 70°.

Practical functions

The special functions that a tower fan may have integrated can raise its sale price, but, for the most part, having extras in this type of equipment will help you customize its operation, reduce electricity consumption, among other advantages.

Therefore, we have reviewed the Babel model in detail to help you understand it better and determine if it is worth buying before other alternatives and the truth is that it is very viable.

This tower fan, in addition to having a speed selector for the ventilation speed generated by its blades, also has a 2-hour timer that you can program in case you want the equipment to turn off automatically within that period. This is quite useful to prevent you from consuming too much energy or staying on all day by mistake.

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