Opinions about Xiaomi Mi LED

Main advantage:  

With this smart bulb you will have the opportunity to recreate your spaces according to the type of activity you want to do, whether you want to watch a movie, set a romantic dinner or read a good book, since you can adjust the lighting with dim, clear and dark.


Main disadvantage:

Although you could enjoy voice assistance, you must take into account that it is only compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, therefore, iPhone users will be limited by not being able to use the Siri voice assistant.


Verdict: 9.9/10

If you are looking for a smart bulb with thousands of shades to choose from and easy to use, then this could be your ideal option.

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Main Features Explained

voice control

Smart bulbs give us very attractive functionality and practicality, as is the case with the Mi LED model manufactured by the Xiaomi brand, which has been designed to offer you good light power.

This being the case, we must mention that you will be able to maintain control of this bulb by voice, as long as you have installed the application called Mi Home on your mobile, since it is a product compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, two virtual assistants that could facilitate its use.

In this way, users who use their Smartphones with the Android operating system will be able to turn the light bulb on and off, among other tasks. However, you should know that it is not a Siri compatible device.

Now, being able to make a configuration for this light bulb is easy, fast and safe, since you only have to install the Google Assistant App on your device and then select the Mi Home option from the list that will be presented to you, so that you can go to the My page, where you will be prompted to enter your email, along with your password, to create a profile.

Once the process is finished, you could control the light bulb through the application giving it certain commands by voice, among which the power to ask if it is on or off stands out. You would also have the opportunity to make the light from the bulb change its color to set a certain space according to your needs.

custom lighting

Among so many options, this could be considered the best smart bulb, due to the fact that it provides you with the possibility of enjoying personalized lighting at all times. It should be noted that this task is also carried out through the voice assistant that we mentioned above.

For this option to work properly, you only have to tell the voice assistant how you like the lighting. You could even adjust it if you want from your Smartphone until you can find the type of light that suits your needs at a given time.

It should be noted that some lighting styles are already preset to make it easier and more comfortable for you to find the perfect environment with the touch of a button.

Among some options that you could find we want to mention that there are dark settings, designed to help you enjoy movie nights, enjoying the right lighting to fully immerse yourself in the action of each movie. You can also celebrate a romantic date using different colors that are specially designed to recreate a romantic atmosphere or, even if you are a person passionate about reading, soft and cozy white light will be your ideal option to maintain concentration and not get tired. your sight


In addition to looking at the price of the smart bulb you want to buy, you should also take into account the design it offers you, so that you can determine if it is really what you are looking for to meet your needs.

It should be noted that according to the opinions of many users, the design is very important in this type of product, since knowing its dimensions will help you know if it is compatible with the assembly you already have at home. In addition, by analyzing the material used to make it, you will be able to deduce if it is a durable product.

Mi LED of the Xiaomi brand has a design for easy use where its dimensions are 4 x 4 x 8 centimeters and its total weight is only 99.8 grams, which means that you could take it wherever you want without taking up much space or you could even handle it without any inconvenience because it is so light.

Its appearance, on the other hand, gives it an elegant touch and at the same time contributes to heat dissipation more easily. Similarly, the outer filter is made of highly transparent material that can easily diffuse light. Also, thanks to the fact that the aluminum frame is coated with plastic, this smart bulb model can provide a long lifespan.

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