Baby toys of 6 months

What is the best toy for a 6-month-old baby?

Playing is a necessary activity for children at any age, but mainly after the age of 6 months, since it is during this time that babies begin to interact with the world, learning basic physical and cognitive skills for life. In this sense, it is important to select a good toy that helps its development, while providing fun. Therefore, we present a selection with 10 of the best toys for 6-month-old babies.

1. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Portable Musical Toy

Precautions: It is a toy made of hard plastic, so children could accidentally hit it. In this sense, it is recommended that an adult be nearby during the game to increase the safety of the baby. It is also indicated for children from 3 months of age.

Main features: This is a new musical toy that has a design similar to a music box, so it offers a large button that allows you to switch between different melodies. It also has a white frame and colorful stickers that are attractive to babies, plus it is shock resistant for durability. On the other hand, it incorporates a grab handle with the design of a caterpillar, which makes it easier to transport.

Functionality: Offers 7 different classical melodies for added functionality. In addition, the front screen can project lights of different colors to attract the attention of children. On the other hand, the body of the caterpillar is made up of colored beads that can move easily.

Educational value: Helps develop babies’ motor skills. In addition, the sounds emitted allow them to be more attentive and identify the source of the melodies, which improves their concentration.

Maintenance: Dirt could accumulate between the beads and edges of the musical device, so it is advisable to clean the toy periodically with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to remove bacteria.

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2. Fisher Price Balancing Pyramid Mattel FHC92

Precautions: The manufacturer indicates that the recommended age of play is 6 months and older, as smaller babies could be injured by holding the hard pieces, so caution is recommended.

Main characteristics: It is one of the cheapest toys to give to the little ones in the house and it is also one of the most interesting sets, because it is made up of a white base and blue, green, yellow, orange and red rings. It is important to mention that each ring has a different size and the upper ring has a transparent area that allows you to see the colored balls inside, which increases its attractiveness.

Functionality: The objective of the game is to correctly stack the hoops in order of size and color, so it is appropriate to play with parents. Also, the upper ring works as a rattle for greater functionality and the base swings to increase the degree of difficulty of the game.

Educational value: Helps improve babies’ fine motor skills and develop their sensory skills. In addition, it is a toy designed to make children feel curious and surprised during the game, helping them to understand the concept of the size of different objects.

Maintenance: The 4 lower rings can be submerged in warm water to disinfect and the upper piece can be cleaned with a cloth moistened with alcohol, which helps keep the set free of bacteria.

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3. CubicFun Sensory Balls for Babies 6 Months

Precautions: It is important that there is an adult present while the baby plays with the pieces, since the ball that works as a rattle is made of a plastic structure, so it could hurt the baby if it accidentally hits it.

Main features: If you are looking for a good online offer to give to the smallest of the family, then this set of 7 sensory balls can be a great alternative. In this sense, the pieces are small and made of soft, light and non-toxic materials, which increases the safety of the game. In addition, each ball has a different and bright color, which is visually very interesting for babies.

Functionality: When 6 of the 7 balls are squeezed, fun sounds can be created to attract babies’ attention, increasing its effectiveness. Also, one of the balls works as a rattle that when shaken can also create a soft sound.

Educational Value: The balls have concave and convex shapes to help develop babies’ tactile sense as well as their ability to grasp objects, promoting cognitive growth and strengthening fine motor skills.

Maintenance: The pieces of this set have grooves on the surface that could collect dirt during use, so it is advisable to clean them with a disused toothbrush dipped in alcohol, in order to eliminate bacterial agents.

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4. Tumama Stacking Blocks for Babies 6 Months to Chew

Precautions: According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, this set is suitable for children from 3 months of age, since younger babies may not have the physical capacity to hold the pieces correctly, so they could accidentally hit the blocks.

Main features: If you are looking for one of the best toys for a 6-month-old baby in 2022, then it is convenient that you learn more about this set of stacking blocks, since it is made up of 10 pieces of different colors, which are very attractive to children.. Plus, they’re BPA-free blocks for added safety.

Functionality: Each block is printed with the figure of an animal, a letter of the word Tumama Toys, the numbers from 1 to 10 and the numbers in points, which provides different game possibilities. In addition, they are made of vinyl, so they are suitable for being placed in the water during the bath and also serve as a gum scraper to increase their functionality.

Educational Value: These blocks help develop baby’s hand-eye coordination by allowing them to explore objects visually and tactilely, stimulating their major motor skills.

Maintenance: They are easy to clean blocks, since they can be submerged in hot water to help disinfect their surfaces. Similarly, it is advisable to store them after each game to avoid losing the pieces and maintain order in the home.

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5. Stotoy Musical Activity Learning Table

Precautions: It is a large table that could be robust and hard for very young babies, so the recommended age for use is 6 months and older.

Main features: This toy can be an original idea to give to a 6-month-old baby or for his first birthday, since it is a blue and green table that has multiple activities on its surface for greater entertainment. In addition, it has smooth edges that favor the safety of the child.

Functionality: It is an interactive music and lighting toy that has 6 game areas; a mirror lion, an alphanumeric book, a fish-shaped spinning wheel, a mini piano with the notes Do Re Mi, colorful gears and a central drum, adding to the functionality. On the other hand, the legs can be assembled and disassembled to use as a table or hang on the crib.

Educational value: It allows the child to express their musical, artistic, numerical and constructive abilities from an early age. Also, it can be a good choice for parents to interact with babies in an interactive game.

Maintenance: The set has internal circuits that cannot be in contact with moisture, so it is recommended not to wet its surface in any way. However, you can clean it with a cloth dampened with water to remove dust and other dirt.

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6. Actric Musical Study Table Toy for Babies

Precautions: This set is not recommended for children under 6 months, as very young babies may not understand the usefulness of its functions and may be injured by the structure, which is counterproductive. Similarly, it is recommended that an adult be present during the game for greater protection.

Main features: This interactive table can be an interesting gift to give at Christmas. It has a blue and white structure with multiple buttons and attractive designs at the top. It also includes a yellow giraffe, a colored piano, a red guitar, a wheel and an animal book for added versatility.

Functionality: Pressing the buttons on the top activates different types of melodies. As if that were not enough, it has a central sphere with a clock that, in addition to sounds, can also emit lights, which increases its functionality and keeps the child entertained.

Educational value: Helps improve children’s visual and listening skills, while fostering their interest in music. Likewise, it stimulates their creativity and strengthens their fine and gross motor skills.

Maintenance: The surface can be cleaned with a damp cloth to help remove dust. If what you need is to remove bacteria from the surface, you can spray the cloth with a little alcohol to increase its disinfectant effect.

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7. CubicFun Dinosaurs Musical Baby Toys with Light

Precautions: It offers rounded edges to protect the baby, but it has a plastic structure that weighs approximately 689 g, so it may be too hard, robust and heavy for children under 6 months. Also, it is recommended to play in the presence of an adult for greater safety.

Main characteristics: It can be a great alternative to give to a baby during a special date, since it is a green and blue figure that will capture his attention. It is important to mention that the front wheels have a non-slip coating to keep the dinosaur stable in the same place while the baby plays with it. For added safety, it’s made from BPA-free plastic, so it’s non-toxic.

Functionality: It has 6 side buttons to play and learn. By pressing them the dinosaur can make sounds, such as ABC, 123 and names of fruits, vegetables and animals, which increases its functionality. Also, the dinosaur’s crest is illuminated with soft lights for added appeal.

Educational value: Helps in the cognitive development of babies, since it offers activities to practice their fine motor skills. Also, in the company of parents, older babies can understand the meaning of ABC and 123, as well as shapes and colors.

Maintenance: By having electronic mechanisms, it is recommended that the structure is not in contact with water at any time. In this sense, it is recommended to clean with a cloth moistened with alcohol to help disinfect without damaging the toy.

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8. Aovowog Baby Toys 6 Months Plus Musical for Boys

Precautions: The toy returns when pushed, so it could accidentally hit the baby if his face is close. In this sense, it is important that the child plays under the supervision of an adult to guarantee her protection.

Main features: This is one of the most interesting baby toys, since it is a giraffe with a circular base that never falls when it is tilted or hit. It also has a cartoon design in yellow and blue colors that provide greater appeal. On the other hand, it measures 12.5 x 5.5 cm, making it a compact toy that children can easily hold.

Functionality: It offers 6 central buttons with 5 operating modes, capable of playing sounds of horses, elephants, cats, frogs and ducks, as well as a children’s song, a popular song and the numbers from 1 to 10, which provides greater versatility. In addition, the head area lights up to attract children’s attention.

Educational value: Promotes the development of the muscles in the baby’s arms and helps improve hand-eye coordination, since when the toy moves the child can chase and hold it, which stimulates their basic motor skills.

Maintenance: At the time of use, dirt could accumulate between the wheels and the structure of the giraffe, so you can help yourself with a cotton swab when cleaning the toy.

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9. Fisher Price Interactive Learning Book Mattel FRC69

Precautions: It is an appropriate toy for babies from 6 to 36 months, since younger children may not understand how to use the book, which would decrease its durability. Similarly, it is most appropriate to play in the company of parents, to help babies understand the words in the book.

Key Features: If you’re looking for one of the best toy brands for 6-month-olds, then this songbook from Fisher Price is worth checking out, as it offers 6 pages of song lyrics, each with attractive, brightly colored illustrations. On the other hand, the structure has a top handle that allows the child to carry the book everywhere comfortably.

Functionality: Includes 6 songs, among which are La arañita small, Uno dos coge el pelota, Row your little boat, El pastelero, among others. In addition, it has 3 side buttons that light up when pressed and can emit the sound of letters, numbers and shapes.

Educational value: This toy helps develop the child’s vocabulary through the teaching of phrases, songs and letters. In addition, it encourages sensory development and the ability to surprise, thanks to music and brightly colored illustrations.

Maintenance: It is important not to dirty the surface of the pages, as this could reduce the durability of the illustrations. For maintenance, you can use a dry cloth to help you remove dust.

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10. VTech Toby Puppy Electronic Rattle With Light And Voice

Precautions: The manufacturer indicates that it is an appropriate toy for children from 0 to 24 months, however, it is recommended that the baby play with it in the presence of the parents, since the structure can be heavy and it is made of plastic parts and metal with which the child could accidentally hurt himself.

Main characteristics: This model can be a good purchase option, since it is a rattle dog made up of 6 areas of different textures and colors. In this sense, the lower part has a compartment with balls that sound when shaken and the 2 ears are made of colored fabric, so they are soft to the touch for greater safety.

Functionality: This toy just by being shaken can play more than 20 songs, melodies and phrases to educate children, among which are some animal sounds, which favors its functionality. Plus, the puppy’s cheeks have lighting for added appeal.

Educational value: The toy offers different textures to help develop the sense of touch and sight. In addition, it encourages their curiosity and attention span, thus facilitating the understanding of the cause and effect relationship.

Maintenance: It is advisable to avoid contact of the toy with substances that could stain, since the ears are made of fabric and are not removable. For maintenance, you can remove dust and other types of dirt with absorbent paper and a little alcohol.

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