15 month old baby gifts

Our picks for the best 15-month-old baby gifts

After their first birthday, babies enter a stage of activity in which it seems that their energy does not run out and it is in this phase of their childhood that parents must offer them the greatest stimulation to help them in their cognitive, sensory development. and motor. In our list we present some suggestions for you to buy your child or the baby in the family that special toy that will enhance their abilities.

Maikehigh 1600310001AB

You can stimulate your baby’s motor skills with this simple play tunnel from Maikehigh, a set with 3 dynamic stations that will allow the little one to carry out different activities, an ideal gift for his birthday.

From entering the store, going through the tunnel and reaching the pool, the little one will test their abilities while being in a safe environment to have fun. This set stands out for having a folding design, easy to assemble and disassemble. It can be used as a pool of balls, which you must purchase separately. It has been designed with bright colours, ideal for the playroom or children’s room.



You can take it to the park, the beach or the garden because its Pop-Up design allows for easy folding, and it also includes a practical bag for storage. Its tulle design allows adequate ventilation and good visibility of the child. We cannot forget to mention that it has a resistant finish and is washable.

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Mega Bloks  Mattel CNG23

If you have already given your baby several sets of the classic building blocks, you can give him an original gift and buy him this functional block collecting wagon, which combines the classic push car and construction games to end the session collecting the blocks by developing thus the sense of order and cleanliness in the little ones.

Its design in primary and vivid colors capture the visual attention of the baby. Includes a bag with 20 pieces to assemble and build different scenarios. For its handling, it integrates a drop-down handle that is easy to use and comfortable for children and is available in a pink edition if you are looking for a more feminine design for your daughter.


The large wheels give it greater stability to drive the wagon in different spaces and the handle integrates a small section to build on it and be able to move the building wherever your child wants, stimulating their fine and gross motor skills.

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Small Foot Company 2022348

Eco-friendly toys are still going strong in a market full of technology and interaction, and if you’re looking for interesting gifts for your baby, this Whack the Bird game seems like a good option.

Made entirely of wood, this toy has a compact design, measuring just 19.5 x 12 x 12.5 cm and weighing 522 g. It works on the principle of the seesaw, when hitting a bird another one appears. The child will develop their motor skills, concentration and will understand the cause-effect relationship at the same time that they achieve coordination between their eyes and their hands.


It is a durable and resistant toy due to its manufacture in wood, whose paint finishes are of excellent quality in all its elements, according to the opinion of the users. Several customers find it an entertaining game for young and old children alike.

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Hape  0HPE0305

Musical instruments are a hit to give to a baby for Christmas or any other occasion, but it is even more special if it is accompanied by other educational activities such as this xylophone from Hape.

This box consists of a removable xylophone on which three balls are placed and when hit with the hammer each ball falls and slides through the instrument producing a pleasant musical melody. With this toy, children develop their motor skills and understand the cause-effect relationship of each hit they give to the balls.

Its measurements are 24 x 15 x 13.5 cm and it weighs 1.36 Kg. It is worth mentioning that the structure is entirely made of wood.


It has a robust and resistant design, capable of withstanding the blows that little ones give it. The xylophone can be removed from the frame and used independently. It has a nice finish with bright and attractive colors for babies.

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Dorriso Beanie

Keeping babies warm with beautiful and comfortable clothes is possible. As an example, we have this Dorriso set that combines a hat, scarf and gloves with prints in a variety of colors to choose from. Everything is made of soft and easy-care knit fabric.

The garments are made of high-quality materials that provide warmth and allow the skin to breathe. In addition, the sets can be chosen in 2 sizes, so that they fit correctly to the complexion of the little one. On the other hand, because the gloves are linked together with a cord, it is difficult for these accessories to get lost, as is often the case.


It is a colorful and very pretty set, with decorative motifs that are attractive to babies. In addition, the product has achieved good opinions due to its quality, the resistance of the materials and its finishes. Without forgetting to mention that it fulfills its main function of providing warmth whenever it is necessary.

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Androni Giocattoli 06994 

Pull-along toys are some of the favorites for children at this stage, because they allow them to walk forward and look backwards to increase their spatial awareness. That is why we recommend this wheelbarrow for children, one of the cheapest and most traditional gifts on our list.

Made entirely of strong and durable plastic, this wheelbarrow includes a practical set to build sand castles, so it is ideal to take it to the beach or to play in a sandbox in the park, so you can transport all your toys with ease. Its handling is favored by the plastic wheels and the handle to pull it.


The material is of excellent quality and its dimensions are manageable for a small child. In addition, due to its functionality, this toy will accompany the little one for many years since it will become one of his favorite cars.

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Top Bright Activity Cube

15-month-olds love to explore and discover, as well as interact with toys that offer a variety of options. For this reason, this can be a good alternative if you are looking for gifts for Three Kings, since it offers 5 types of activities in the same toy that, in turn, is compact and colorful.

On the faces of the cube are gears, basic and advanced level mazes, a clock face, and figures to insert. With all this, the child can develop multiple skills when interacting with the toy; These include attention span, problem solving, precision of fine hand movements, and hand-eye coordination.


The toy is mainly made of wood, which gives it a nice smooth texture. In addition, it is very colorful, so it can effectively attract children’s attention. Similarly, thanks to its design, the interior cavity is useful for storing the upper labyrinth and promoting order in the child’s room.

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My First Sound Book The Jungle

Books designed for babies are ideal for stimulating the cognitive development of the little one, stimulating sight, touch, hearing and favoring the learning of words. For this 2022 you can spend time with your baby reading her first sound book, The Jungle edition, an original gift on our list.

This hardcover book includes 14 pages with fun illustrations of jungle animals, the sound is activated on the last flap and the child will be able to hear the sounds of each animal by moving his hand over the drawing, stimulating the understanding of the causal relationship. -effect.


It is a didactic toy that combines a love of books and learning words, at the same time that the baby learns to associate each sound with the animal that emits it. A manageable and inexpensive book, but with great educational value.

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Fisher Price Robot Robi

Imitation is one of the most effective didactic processes for the development of babies, which is why Fisher Price has designed this robot to motivate little ones to imitate movements, dances, words and phrases in a fun way that works with 4 AA batteries.

This doll has three game modes that adapt to your baby’s age to carry out activities according to their development. In the dance mode, Robi moves his hips and children tend to imitate him, in the learning and games function, your baby will learn the numbers, letters and colors, and in the record and remix mode you can record the child’s voice or yours and the doll will make a funny song.


The lights on the doll’s tummy are attractive to the baby. It includes different activities that promise hours of fun and numerous benefits, among which the development of gross motor skills, visual perception and linguistic development stand out.

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Bammax Bicycle without pedals

For the little ones to acquire balance, leg strength and coordination, the use of ride-ons is a widely recommended activity. In this sense, the Bammax pedalless bicycle is designed to adapt to the height of 15-month-olds and, due to its materials, it is a product that is resistant to use and at the same time light.

On the other hand, the distribution of its bearings offers stability to the little one and the design of its frame is ergonomic and comfortable. Also, you might be interested to know that the ride-on can be chosen in various shades of color, according to the preferences of the child.


The bicycle weighs only 1.8 kg, so the baby can easily manipulate it, transport it, if necessary, and therefore acquire a certain autonomy in the use of the toy. In addition, its design is very stable and helps to develop muscular strength, while also acquiring other important skills for children.

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