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Baby Bottle Sterilizers – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

When you have a baby at home, one of the most important items you should have is a bottle sterilizer, since parents do not want and should not take risks regarding the hygiene of the containers where they feed their little one.. And it is that, after giving them their milk and washing the bottles, you must sterilize them to eliminate germs and avoid possible illnesses to your child. In the market we find many options that range from electric models to the basic ones to use in microwaves and have the bottles ready in less time. Of these products we can highlight the Nuk Vario Express, which uses hot steam to eliminate any microorganism in a short time. In addition, it has an indicator light and automatic shutdown. On the other hand, we have thePhilips Avent SCF285/02, an electric steam option that allows you to disinfect wide and narrow neck bottles in its 6-minute cycle with automatic disconnection.



Opinions on the best bottle sterilizers

Hygiene in your baby’s utensils translates into a benefit for his health and peace of mind for you, so we recommend you review the following products, rated as the best sterilizers according to users, so you can choose the one that suits your needs.

Nuk Vario Express

Keeping the baby’s utensils sterilized is a sign of love, as you take care of their health and well-being by providing clean and bacteria-free bottles. An outstanding product in this category is the Nuk Vario Express, a sterilizer that acts with hot steam to eliminate any microorganism present in bottles, spoons, pacifiers, jars and other accessories used daily by the baby. 

This device has a capacity for 6 bottles of different sizes, since it has six bars for its placement. In addition, it comes with a basket and a clamp to remove the bottles safely.

But, you also have the option of leaving the covered utensils inside the sterilizer and these will remain protected for up to 24 hours. And you don’t need to worry about wasting energy, because the Vario Express has an automatic switch-off, thus promoting efficient consumption.

The characteristics of this product allow some users to consider it the best bottle sterilizer of the moment. That is why we mention its pros and cons below.


Size: The sterilizer measures 22.5 x 27 x 29 cm, and its compact format helps save space during use and storage. 

Capacity: This device can simultaneously sterilize 6 bottles and different accessories such as pacifiers, spoons, teats, among others that can be accommodated on the grid.

Design: The modern appearance and functional design of this product improve the user experience, as it is ergonomic and intuitive.


Maintenance: The sterilizer should be cleaned regularly, as residual sugars from the milk in the bottles accumulate in the device and caramelize, giving the appearance of rust.

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Philips Avent SCF285/02

This sterilizer is distinguished by being suitable for bottles with narrow and wide necks, so you can place different breast pumps as well as accessories used by your baby in this Avent model. It also has a 3-in-1 system, which allows you to adjust the sterilizer to three different positions to disinfect pacifiers, plates and cutlery in its two lowest positions, while in the highest you can place up to 6 bottles at the same time.

This device has a 6-minute sterilization cycle with automatic disconnection that eliminates 99.9% of germs, according to the manufacturer. For these and other properties, it is among the best bottle sterilizers of 2022, since it is a functional and easy-to-use product, without taking up much space in your home.

Avent has stood out in the market for its line of baby items, which is why many customers consider it the best brand of bottle sterilizers. For this reason we have selected this model to summarize its pros and cons.


3 in 1: The sterilizer has a 3 in 1 function, being able to adjust in 3 different heights. The first is suitable for disinfecting pacifiers, while with the second you can sterilize dishes, cutlery and breast pumps. For its part, the highest position allows you to place up to 6 bottles.

Cycle: This model has a 6 minute cycle, during this time the water vapor will act and eliminate germs by 99.9%. You will have sterilized bottles for 24 hours and then it will automatically disconnect.

Wide and narrow neck: Due to its design, this sterilizer is suitable for bottles with wide and narrow necks, as well as pacifiers, breast pumps and other items you use to feed your baby.


Humidity: Some users express that when they take out the bottles or other items, they come out very wet so they must be drained very well before using them. However, they highlight its functionality.

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Chicco Sterile Natural 3 in 1

For those parents who want to know which is the best bottle sterilizer, many users recommend the Chicco Steril Natural 3-in-1 model, which stands out for its COMPACTeco system, which allows you to save 25% of time and energy.

This sterilizer is quick to use, so it has a 5-minute cycle and automatic shut-off, where it kills 99.9% of germs and offers 24-hour protection for accessories. Likewise, it has a capacity of 6 bottles and, in addition, other items such as breast pumps and pacifiers can be disinfected. This model is also compatible with all bottles and accessories of the brand.

If you still don’t know which bottle sterilizer to buy, we recommend that you check out this model, which has properties that make it a good option for sanitizing the accessories you use to feed your child. Here we summarize its pros and cons.


Function: The sterilizer has a 3-in-1 function, so its size adjusts to the accessories you want to disinfect. Having three sizes, the total, the compact and the microwave.

COMPACTeco system: This model includes a system that saves up to 25% energy and time, being able to eliminate germs from articles in just 5 minutes and with 24-hour protection.

Compatibility: The sterilizer is compatible with all Chicco bottles, breast pumps, pacifiers and other accessories.


Size and weight: This model measures 42 x 48 x 12 centimeters and weighs 2.2 kilograms, so it takes up a lot of space in the kitchen and is heavy when cleaning it, according to some customers.

Metal plate: Other users comment that after using the sterilizer, the metal plate where the water is placed is stained with lime. But, with vinegar and water the stain comes out.

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Hartig + Helling 98923

Many users consider this to be the best value for money bottle sterilizer, as it is suitable for up to six bottles, even if they are wide-necked up to 7 cm, and is priced according to its functionality.

In addition, it incorporates an energy saving system, consuming only 500 W. This electric model also includes an on/off switch with a rotating thermostat button to adjust the temperature. For its part, the sterilization time for bottles and their accessories is 11 minutes.

The device comes in a set that includes the sterilizer with basket and bowl, as well as tongs to remove the bottles when they are still hot.

Although this is one of the cheapest bottle sterilizers on the market, it has several features that we describe in the next section so that you can learn more about this model and that corroborate its usefulness.


Capacity: This sterilizer allows you to eliminate bacteria from up to six bottles, even if they are wide-necked and with their accessories, since it includes an efficient-sized basket and bowl.

Tongs: The sterilizer includes practical tongs that will allow you to remove the bottles, even when they are hot, so you can cool them and drain them out of the device.

Cable: The length of the power cable of the sterilizer is 1 meter. Likewise, the equipment incorporates a compartment in the lower part of the basket so that you can store it when you are not using it.


Inside of the bowl: Several users express that the inside of the bowl is not stainless steel, so it can deteriorate faster than others.

Space: For many customers, the sterilizer’s 33.5 x 23.1 x 23.1 dimensions make it take up a lot of space in the kitchen.

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Dr Brown’s 156896

Among the cheap sterilizers in this summary is the Dr. Brown’s model 156896, a compact and lightweight sterilizer, designed to be used in microwaves of different sizes, since it measures 26.5 x 17 centimeters.

Also, this model includes the sterilizing basket with its lid and tweezers so you can take out the bottles when they are hot without burning yourself. The sterilizer has the optimal size so that you can disinfect up to 4 standard bottles if you place them lying down or 4 wide neck bottles if you place them upright. For its part, the time it takes to sterilize is between 5 and 8 minutes, depending on the voltage of your microwave.

If you still have doubts about which model to choose, we recommend reviewing the positive and negative aspects of Dr. Brown’s 156896, in this way you will be able to know if it is the right one for your needs.


Set: The equipment comes in a set that includes the sterilizing basket with its lid, as well as some tweezers with which you can remove the hot bottles without the risk of suffering a burn.

Different bottles: This model is suitable for different types of bottles, whether they have a wide or narrow neck. Likewise, it is compatible with the different brands that are on the market.

Price: It is the second cheapest sterilizer in this roundup and has properties that make it a smart and long-lasting investment.


Large: Several users recommend measuring their microwave before making the purchase, since they consider that the sterilizer is a bit large, especially because of its handles that are not within the measurements.

Sterilization time: Unlike other sterilizers on the list, this one takes 5-8 minutes to fully disinfect the bottles.

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Tigex Express

Con una cesta que incorpora soportes, este modelo también destaca por desinfectar hasta cinco biberones con sus accesorios en tan solo 3 minutos al usarse en un microondas de 1000 W. Asimismo, este modelo es considerado por muchos usuarios como el mejor esterilizador de biberones porque incorpora empuñaduras laterales para evitar quemaduras cuando lo manipules.

La cesta del esterilizador también puede ser usada como escurridor para los biberones y, gracias a su forma, el vapor se difunde de manera uniforme hasta el centro de las tetinas, permitiendo una esterilización óptima que dura hasta 24 horas, si el aparato permanece cerrado. Así que es una opción adecuada si necesitas darle de comer a tu bebé y dejar los otros biberones preparados rápidamente. Además, por sus dimensiones puede ser usado en microondas de diferentes tamaños.

Para muchos clientes este modelo es el mejor esterilizador de biberones del momento, pues reúne diferentes características que lo hacen una buena inversión, algunas de ellas las resumimos a continuación.


Rapidez: Para tu comodidad, este esterilizador puede desinfectar los biberones de manera adecuada con solo colocarlo dentro del microondas por 3 minutos.

Capacidad: Su cesta permite colocar de 4 a 5 biberones de manera simultánea, incluyendo sus accesorios. Esto te permitirá esterilizar la mayoría de los biberones que use tu bebé y así tenerlos listo para la próxima hora de comida.

Duración: Si se mantiene cerrado el aparato después de haberlo puesto en el microondas ofrece hasta 24 horas de esterilización de los biberones. Así no tendrás que preocuparte de volverlos a desinfectar si no los has usado.

Dimensiones: Por sus medidas de 27 x 27 x 16 centímetros, este esterilizador es adecuado para diferentes tamaños de microondas, desde los de menor capacidad hasta los más grandes.


Biberones pequeños: Varios usuarios comentan que en este modelo solo entran biberones pequeños. Sin embargo, destacan la rapidez con que los desinfecta.

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