The 5 Best Guitar Stands of 2022

Guitar Stand – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

By having a guitar stand you will have a safe place to place these stringed instruments. If you are interested in acquiring one of these products, it is advisable to review certain characteristics, such as its design, dimensions, installation method, whether it is wall-mounted or folding, the materials used in its manufacture, etc. Since there are many options, we have decided to recommend some of the most outstanding currently. For example, the RockJam Aframe stand is suitable for electric, acoustic and even classical guitars. In addition, it is foldable, so its neck and legs can be folded in seconds, making it easy to store and take it wherever you want. Something that helps a weight of just 900 grams. On the other hand, the Debonice F003DB modelIt is a wall bracket and the package includes two brackets made of steel and ABS plastic, suitable not only for guitars, but also for ukuleles, basses, violins and mandolins.

Buying Guide – What is the best guitar stand on the market?

If you are thinking of purchasing one of these products, we recommend that you make sure you know its main characteristics before buying. This will give you an idea of ​​what aspects to consider when doing your search and will make your choice easier. Next, we present the following guide to buy the best guitar stand, in it you will get more information about these items.


If you are going to make a comparison of guitar stands, one of the main aspects that you must take into account is the type of materials used in its preparation. It is important that these are resistant, so that you can have a good quality product.

To guarantee the durability of the supports, there are manufacturers that make them of metal, such as steel. This material has a high level of durability and resistance, thanks to this they have the ability to withstand considerable weights, without altering their structure. They also manage to stay in good condition for indefinite periods of time.

Another product that is usually used in the manufacture of supports is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic, also called ABS. It has the ability to be resistant to impact and abrasion, in addition, it is rigid and lightweight.

Because ABS is different from the rest of the common plastics, mounts that have parts made of this material or are made entirely of it offer adequate durability.

There are manufacturers that cover some parts of the support with foam, this works as a kind of protective layer that helps prevent scratches and other similar types of damage to the surface of the musical instruments that you place on them. Likewise, this last mentioned material also contributes to the guitars being well adjusted.


By using a stand you will have a place to place your stringed instruments, therefore, they are suitable for keeping any room or music environment well organized.

One of the questions that several users usually ask themselves about this type of product is how much each of them costs. However, before answering this question, it is necessary to know more about its capacity.

Some manufacturers make these products so that they can withstand a considerable level of weight, so you can use them with different types of guitars, as long as they do not exceed the limit indicated in their specifications.

There are certain models that, due to their shape, are suitable for holding various types of stringed instruments other than guitars, including mandolins, basses, ukuleles, violins, banjos, and the like.

Another aspect related to the capacity that we recommend you take into consideration is the dimensions of the support. This will allow you to know more precisely what is the size of the guitars that you can place in it.


Even when you want to buy a cheap guitar stand, it is necessary that you first look at its design and make sure that it is according to your needs.

If you have little space to place your guitar or you have several stringed instruments, an alternative that you can consider are wall brackets, which have arms in which the head of the guitar can be correctly fitted.

Because they are compact, it is possible to place several in the same place, for this reason, they can be useful for those who have more than one musical instrument. In fact, some manufacturers include up to two supports in the packages they offer, so you will have an additional one.

Wall mounts are suitable for use at home, but you should consider that they can also be installed in schools and music stores, so that the guitars are protected and do not take up much space.

On the other hand, if what you need is to have a support that you can take anywhere, then you can opt for those that are foldable. It is usually a metal structure, it is possible to fold it, so you will be able to store it easily in small spaces.

It should be noted that one of the advantages offered by these articles is that they are easy to install, therefore, you will have the possibility of carrying out this process yourself.

In this sense, if you plan to purchase a wall mount, then you should make sure that the manufacturer includes among its accessories all the necessary parts to carry out the installation. The idea is that you do not have problems when you go to do this process.

The 5 Best Guitar Stands – Opinions 2022

Given the variety of options on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right product. For this reason, after reviewing different articles, we have prepared a list with several models considered by some users to be the best guitar stands of 2022. In it, we will present their characteristics, so you can get to know them and determine if one of them suits your needs.

1. RockJam aframe guitar stand 

Among the most outstanding guitar stands on the market, we have the Rockkam Aframe model. This has a versatile structure, on which we can place acoustic, electric or even classical guitars.

All of them are well protected thanks to the good size padded support bars, which prevent anything from moving out of place. It also has a rubberized support for the back, which prevents the area in support from being scratched with use. It is finished off with rubber feet, which guarantee good stability of the whole.

For the rest, the product has a light weight, about 635 grams, as well as a folding format. These features make it easy to handle and transport, so you can take the support with you wherever you want.

Let’s know more details about this support, with which to have adequate support so that your guitar rests when you are not using it.


Stable: The design of the structure and its four rubber feet give the set adequate stability.

Versatile : The product is suitable for all types of guitars: classical, acoustic and even electric.

Protection: The bars of the stand are covered with a very soft foam, so that your guitar does not get damaged or scratched when you place it.

Foldable : Once you are not using it, simply fold it to store it, taking up very little space and being easy to carry.

Rubberized support: In addition to the protection of the bars, it also includes a rubberized area on the rear support part of the guitar.


Height : The product is not adjustable in height, so it is not possible to adjust the angle at which the guitar rests, other than by varying its location on the stand.

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2. Debonice 4 Piece Guitar Wall Mount

It is a package that includes two hanger-type guitar stands, they could be useful for placing several instruments and, if you wish, you can install them in different or strategic places, so that you always have a place to leave your instrument. instrument when you are not going to play it.

This set of supports can be used in the home, classrooms, recording studios and various environments, as it is versatile and takes up little space. Its arm shape allows it to properly hold the instruments, in addition, it does not take up much space, it measures 6.7 x 3.7 cm, for this reason, it is a suitable product for small places.

It is easy to install and its accessories include 4 long screws, 4 plastic screw adapters, with which you can carry out the assembly process correctly.

If you don’t know which guitar stand to buy, perhaps the Debonice F003DB meets your expectations, so we invite you to take a look at its most outstanding qualities.


Quantity: There are 4 stands in the package, so you can put various guitars on them, which is a great advantage for users who have a collection of guitars at home.

Wall: They are designed to be permanently installed on the wall, so they are very useful in homes and music stores.

Screws: For its correct installation you must use screws, specifically two for each support, which come with the purchase of this product, so that you do not have to incur extra expenses.

Foam: It has padded foam on the neck, to avoid the deterioration of the guitar, especially the paint.


Protection: The guitar is separated from the wall, so if it’s windy it could hit it.

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3. Cahaya Wooden Guitar Stand 

Just take a look at the Cahaya EV0110 model to see the change that its design represents compared to metal guitar stands. Specifically, this product is made of high-quality plywood, with a very elegant finish.

This design is suitable for accommodating all types of guitars, but also other instruments, such as violins. All of them are duly protected, thanks to the rubber cover that protects the edges and contact areas of the support. Ideal to avoid scratches during the use of the support.

This innovative approach is finished off with easy assembly and disassembly, once you’ve got the hang of it, allowing you to store the stand wherever you want without taking up space. The only “but” in this aspect is its weight, somewhat higher than other proposals that we have seen on the market, although this is not a serious problem either.

If you still need to know more about this product and place your guitar safely, we leave you some details about it.


Shapes: The new manufacturing system of this model offers more contoured and skillful shapes when it comes to hosting your guitar, regardless of what type it is.

Rubberized support: The entire contact area of ​​the support has a high quality rubber, which prevents slipping and scratches on the instrument.

Assembly : The assembly is very simple, it is enough to fit the two pieces of wood in place so that it is ready to use.


Weight: The support is somewhat heavier than other proposals that we have analyzed, weighing about 870 grams.

Care : Obviously, it is advisable to keep the product away from moisture and direct sunlight, to prevent deterioration.

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4. Sodial Guitar wall mount

According to some users, this is the best price-quality support at the moment, because it is a high-quality product made of strong ABS plastics, this material contributes to its durability due to its resistance.

It is easy to install, the package includes the screws and other parts necessary to carry out the assembly. You can place it on the wall and the space it occupies is small, for this reason, it is suitable for small rooms.

This support, which is one of the cheapest at the moment, can be used in different environments. You will have the possibility of using it to place guitars, banjos, mandolins, basses and other stringed instruments. This support has a foam coating, which protects the equipment you place on it and prevents possible damage to its surface.

According to some people who have bought it, this is the best guitar stand for 2 euros, therefore, we present its main positive and negative characteristics.


Material: It is made of ABS, a fairly resistant plastic, to provide greater safety to your instrument.

Functionality: It is used for guitars of any type, for example, classical, folk, electric and electro-acoustic.

Assembly: It has 4 screws for its correct installation, which come with the purchase of the product.


Size: It is a bit small for a Spanish guitar, however, it does fit, so most buyers are satisfied with their purchase.

Shaft: According to some buyers, the shaft makes the arms of this mount rotate, because apparently it is not well welded.

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5. Mugig Acoustic Electric Guitar Wall Mount

Another alternative that you can take into account is the Mugig H-1 support, this has a load capacity of 7.5 kg and is suitable for holding basses, banjos, ukuleles, Spanish and electro-acoustic guitars that are within the allowed weight.

The support has been covered with sponge, this material helps prevent scratches and other similar damage to the surface of the guitar. In addition, this product is lockable, offering more security when holding instruments.

Another advantage it offers is its compact design, easy to install and suitable for mounting on the wall, which will allow you to mount it almost anywhere.

Among its accessories are included the necessary parts for its installation. It can be appropriate for different types of spaces, even if they are small.

This might be the best brand for guitar stands, as Mugig makes various types of musical accessories, from tuners and metronomes to effect pedals. In the following list we present the most important aspects of the Mugig H-1, a support that has caught the attention of many users.


Space: With this support your guitar will take up less space and at the same time it will decorate the environment where you use it.

Efficiency: Suitable for basses, guitars, ukuleles and other instruments whose neck width does not exceed 5.3 cm.

Security: It offers practical locks that you can rotate up to 90 degrees. These will prevent the instrument from falling forward.


Quantity: The package only includes one stand, so if you have several guitars and basses you will have to purchase more units.

Color: It does not come in other colors so you can choose the one that best suits your instrument, however, its black hue has satisfied many buyers.

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How to use a guitar stand

Guitars, in addition to being very famous instruments, are very delicate artifacts that must be taken care of to prevent them from being damaged due to misuse. Because of this, guitarists have to be aware of everything, how to carry their guitar, how to store it, how to play it, etc. A guitar stand can be exactly what you need to avoid wear and tear on your guitar and also to prevent any accidents like bumps or a big fall. If you don’t know how to use a support, here we will explain what to do.

Open the package carefully

The first thing you should do to start using the support is to open the packaging to remove all the necessary parts and assemble it. At this point, you should read the owner’s manual to find out exactly what parts come with your purchase and make sure they are all in the package. Remember that if you are missing any of them, it is possible that you will not be able to do the installation and that will prevent you from using this product.

Find the right space

Whether it’s a wall mount or a tripod stand, you should find a place that is completely free so that your guitar does not share space with anything else and is protected from other artifacts that may accidentally hit it. If possible, look for smooth surfaces so you don’t have to worry too much about it falling off its tripod.

Install it to the wall

If your bracket is a wall mount, then proceed to install it. You must do the mounting with screws on each side that is indicated and most importantly, you have to make sure that it is completely fixed. Test it by placing weight and verifying that it does not move before placing your guitar, because if it is incorrectly placed, the guitar will not suffer the blow that could surely damage it.

Open the tripod legs

If your stand is a floor stand, then the first step in installing it will be to open the tripod legs very carefully so as not to damage them when doing so. Like the wall mount, it is recommended that you put weight on it to assess if the tripod will give under it before placing the guitar on it.

Integrate the base to the structure

You will only have to do this step if your support is not a wall mount. After you have completely opened the tripod, you will need to integrate a base that will be the place of the guitar when it is there. Some models will let you screw it until it is completely tight and for others it will be necessary to screw this part, it all depends on the support you have purchased.

Put the guitar in position

When you have done all the installation and have made sure that it has a good weight support, then all you need to do is place your guitar on the stand. Remember that for a good grip it is necessary that the guitar is alone and without any type of cover. Set up the guitar, secure each part of the stand frame, and you won’t need to do anything else.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

AmazonBasics Soporte plegable en forma de A

Ventaja principal:

Es un soporte de pie en forma de A, con la posibilidad de colocar en él guitarras eléctricas o acústicas, así que es bastante práctico para utilizarlo en cualquier ambiente, ya sea en escuelas de música, salas de concierto o casas.

Desventaja principal:

Algunos compradores no están conformes con su estabilidad, ya que, según ellos, no tiene un seguro para que el instrumento no se caiga hacia delante.

Veredicto: 9.8/10

Este soporte ofrece tres niveles de anchura, para que puedas colocar en él guitarras de diversos tamaños, ya sean tipo folk, eléctricas, clásicas o flamencas.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas


Una de las cualidades que debe tener un soporte para guitarra es su posibilidad de colocar guitarras de todo tipo. En este sentido, el AmazonBasics GFS80 ofrece un diseño curvo en los brazos, para que puedas colocar guitarras anchas y finas, incluyendo bajos eléctricos.

Es posible colocar bajos debido a que sus cuerpos son finos y similares a los de guitarra eléctrica. Además, esto también se puede lograr gracias a que los brazos tienen 3 niveles de anchura, para que utilices el que se adapte a tu instrumento musical.

Otra característica que hace bastante funcional a un soporte de guitarra es sus gomas antideslizantes en las patas. Estas ayudarán a que el soporte no se deslice cuando coloques la guitarra sobre él. Incluso, no se deslizará en superficies lisas, como por ejemplo, cerámica, granito o madera pulida.


A veces en lo primero que pensamos al momento de adquirir un soporte para nuestra guitarra es su color o tamaño, pero también la portabilidad es importante.

En este caso, el presente soporte tiene un sistema plegable para poder guardarlo y trasladarlo con mayor comodidad. Esto quiere decir que cuando vayas a tocar en un concierto puedes llevarte el soporte contigo en una mochila, sin que ocupe mucho espacio en la misma.

Además, su tamaño se ajusta a maleteros de coche, de manera que puedas llevarlo a viajes largos sin complicaciones. Incluso, es útil para llevarlo en avión, a través de una bolsa de mano. Por si fuera poco, cabe destacar que será fácil guardarlo en algún rincón de tu armario cuando no lo estés utilizando, de modo que no estorbe en tu casa, a menos de que lo desees utilizar en el salón para decorar el ambiente con una guitarra.         


Está especialmente diseñado para colocar de pie, es decir, podrás colocar la guitarra de manera vertical. Este tipo de soporte es diferente que los de pared, ya que son móviles, en cambio los de pared no se pueden llevar de un lado a otro cuando lo requieras.

Aunado a ello, cuenta con una estructura de metal resistente y no es necesario hacer ningún montaje complicado, ni tornillos de sujeción extras.

El presente soporte es de color negro, así que se ajusta a la tonalidad de cualquier guitarra o bajo eléctrico. Por si fuera poco, ofrece protección y comodidad, ya que los brazos están recubiertos de espuma suave, al igual que su espaldar, para que no se raye la pintura de los instrumentos, además, esta cualidad ayuda amortiguar el golpe al momento de colocar las guitarras.

Gim Colgador de Guitarra Eléctrica Acustica

Este modelo podría responder a las dudas acerca de cuál es el mejor soporte para guitarra, pues ha sido recubierto con una esponja que ayudará a evitar arañazos y otros daños similares en la superficie de la guitarra.

Además, este soporte de pared para guitarra tiene un diseño compacto, mide 6,7 x 3,6 cm, por lo tanto, la cantidad de espacio que ocupa es reducida. Gracias a esto es adecuado para lugares pequeños o sitios donde hay muchos objetos.

El paquete incluye dos soportes que podrás utilizar en estudios de grabación, escuelas de guitarra e incluso en las habitaciones de tu hogar.

Mencionamos también que ha sido elaborado en plástico y acero, materiales que se caracterizan por el nivel de resistencia que ofrecen y contribuyen a la perdurabilidad del producto.

Este es uno de los soportes para guitarra más baratos de la lista. A continuación, te presentamos una lista con sus pros y contras, quizá esta te ayude a elegir el producto más adecuado.


Piezas: Se trata de 2 soportes de pared, por lo que es posible colocar varias guitarras a la vez, para decorar ambientes u organizar adecuadamente una habitación o estudio musical.

Diseño: Tienen un diseño ergonómico con bases de 6,7 x 3,6 cm, lo cual es útil para montarlos en diversos percheros o paredes.

Capacidad: Soportan 27 Kg, así que sirven incluso para colgar guitarras pesadas sin ningún problema.

Tamaño: Es útil para guitarras, bajos, ukeleles u otros instrumentos, siempre y cuando el cuello de sus mástiles no supere los 5,5 cm de ancho.


Montaje: Debes tener cuidado al instalarlos en la pared, pues son frágiles y, si aprietas mucho los tornillos, podrían partirse.

AmazonBasics Soporte plegable en forma de A

Está considerado por algunos compradores como el mejor soporte para guitarra del momento, ya que es portátil, fácil de utilizar y su diseño es vertical.

Asimismo, mencionamos que tiene una base con tres patas, una de ellas es más corta que el resto, esta sirve para que el soporte conserve una inclinación y mantenga la guitarra mejor protegida. Cada una de ellas cuenta con goma antideslizante, lo que garantiza un mayor nivel de agarre en diversos tipos de superficies.

Además, es ajustable, por este motivo, podrás acomodar su altura y adecuarla al tamaño del instrumento. Debido a esta característica se trata de un producto versátil que podrás utilizar con guitarras acústicas y eléctricas.

Ha sido fabricado en acero, material de considerable resistencia, por esta razón, es probable que puedas utilizarlo por un tiempo prolongado. Por otra parte, este modelo es ofrecido con una garantía de un año.

Este es el mejor soporte para guitarra del momento, según algunos usuarios en Internet. De esta manera, conocer sus características positivas y negativas más importantes podría ayudarte en tu decisión de compra.


Plegable: Este soporte se puede plegar con facilidad, además, su altura es ajustable, para que vaya bien con guitarras de diferentes dimensiones.

Durabilidad: Fue fabricado en acero, para mayor resistencia y durabilidad ante el uso continuo.

Protección: Para resguardar tu guitarra de arañazos o golpes imprevistos tiene brazos de espuma. Incluso, posee gomas antideslizantes en las patas.

Practicidad: Sirve para guitarras acústicas y eléctricas, ya que los brazos tienen una forma curva, para que puedas usarlo con cualquiera de estos instrumentos.


Tamaño: Debido a que se trata de un soporte de pie resulta más grande que otros modelos fijos, ocupando así mucho más espacio en el lugar que lo utilices. Sin embargo, esto lo compensa el hecho de que podrás desplegarlo para guardarlo y trasladarlo fácilmente.

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