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Padel racket bag – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

To transport your paddle tennis racket comfortably and safely, you will need the help of a paletero. For those who do not have knowledge about this product, they should know that it is a storage device that, in addition to offering you a pocket for the racket, also has adequate space to carry some items for personal use such as shoes, clothing, bottle of water. water, among others. In this way, you can have everything you need at hand. A team that meets these expectations is the Bullpadel 17004 Yellow, made with waterproof polyester textile and provided with a couple of compartments, one of them independent with a removable zipper for the paddle and another central one with interior dividers. Its backpack-type design has padded handles, which you can adjust to adapt to your anatomy. But if what you are looking for is a model for women, Vairo Pro Lady is one of the most recommended, with a nice appearance, quality finishes and several compartments.



The 5 Best Padel Rackets – Opinions 2022

For you who are looking for a padel racket bag, we have made a compilation with the models with the highest positioning in the market. These are five products that are used by users as benchmarks of quality. If you want to know more about them, then you should read the next section.

1. Bull padel 17004 Paletero

Buyers agree that this model made by Bullpadel is the best price-quality padel racket bag, because thanks to its production with high-end materials it can offer a high level of resistance and durability. In addition, it currently stands out among the cheapest.

The design is a backpack type, it has a format of 52 x 29 x 24 centimeters and a pleasant aesthetic. For its elaboration, a robust polyester textile was used, with a waterproof treatment in black with fluorescent yellow. The seams have reinforcements and the zippers are plastic. Likewise, it incorporates a padding system in the area of ​​the handles and in the pocket arranged to store the racket.

Finally, we have the central compartment that has three dividers, in which you can carry some clothing, a pair of sneakers, a bottle of water, some personal hygiene products, the keys and your mobile device in an organized way.

With a compact, lightweight design and high quality finishes in both cuts and seams, you will find this model in the sporting goods market that also stands out among the cheapest, according to what buyers have commented.


Dimensions: It is an ice cream bag with a compact but spacious format of 52 x 29 x 24 centimeters.

Compartments: The product has a side compartment with a removable zipper for you to store the racket and another central one with three internal pockets.

Design: It is a model of backpack-type unisex paleteros, which has a pleasant aesthetic and a robust body.

Fabric: The textile material used for this paletero was robust polyester with waterproof treatment, as well as foam rubber for padding the shoulder pads and the side pocket.


Handles: This model of paleteros does not have grip handles, so you can only carry it on your back.

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2. Vairo Pro Lady

By acquiring this model developed by the Vairo house, you could be taking with you the best padel racket bag. It is a backpack-type product for women, made of polyester textile fiber with waterproof treatment, being a robust, resistant material that you can easily wash.

Aesthetically, the color black predominates, but it also has some details in purple and white, which gives it a striking and feminine touch. The design has a pair of padded handles for you to use as a backpack. In the central pocket you can comfortably carry your clothing, hydration bottle and toiletry bag.

For the shoes, the manufacturer incorporated an outer mesh where you can place them independently, as well as two extra pockets so that you always have your keys and your mobile at hand. On the sides, you will find a couple of zippered compartments for the rackets, one of them thermal.

This model could well be the best paddle tennis racket bag of the moment, according to the evaluations made by the buyers, since its design is resistant, it has several compartments and it is easy to clean.


Design: This model of backpack-type paleteros has a feminine, spacious and resistant design in black with purple and white details.

Fastening: The paletero incorporates two adjustable padded handles, with which you can hang it on your back in a comfortable and simple way.

Pockets: The model has two side pockets so you can safely carry up to two rackets, a spacious central pocket and three outer compartments for shoes, mobile and keys.

Textile: The manufacturer used high-end waterproof polyester for its manufacture, as it is a durable material that you can easily wash.


Size: Among the clients, it was commented that the format of the product is a bit small to carry everything necessary to training.

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3. Babolat RH Club WPT

Babolat is a manufacturer that is positioned among the best padel rackets of 2022, because its preparation meets high quality standards. Proof of this are the finishes on each of the seams, which have been reinforced for greater durability and resistance when supporting weight.

Its 60 x 30 x 33.5 centimeter format is spacious and has a storage capacity of 42 liters, distributed in several zippered pockets so you can organize your paddle, balls, water bottle, shoes and clothing.

For its part, the grip system offers you two options, so you can take it by the short and ergonomic handle or use it as a backpack on your shoulders. Likewise, it is necessary to highlight the textile material used, which on this occasion is a type of waterproof polyester fiber in bright colors such as blue and orange.

When looking for the best brand of padel racket bags, you will find the Babolat manufacturer among the first places. Its products have high-end materials that provide durability and a pleasant aesthetic.


Format: The product has a compact but sufficient format to store what you need, which is equivalent to 60 x 30 x 33.5 centimeters.

Capacity: The product has a capacity of 42 liters, being enough space for you to carry up to two paddles along with the personal items necessary for your training.

Textile: Waterproof polyester textile fiber is the material selected to make this model, offering great resistance and protection in the event of an unexpected spill.

Fastening: The paletero has a double fastening system, so you can use it as a backpack or if you want to transport it by means of the built-in short handle.


Compartments: Some of the users missed the incorporation of a special compartment for the placement of the palette.

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4.Adidas Supernova Control 1.7

Once again Adidas presents us with a product with high levels of quality both in its manufacture and in the materials used, thus answering the great question of which is the best padel racket bag.

The design of this backpack-type model combines black and blue colors, highlighting the emblematic logo of the manufacturer in a white tone on the sides, as well as three stripes on the front face.

The seams are reinforced and have a textile overlay edge, staying hidden and providing a more thorough finish. For its preparation, polyester fiber with waterproof property, soft touch and medium stiffness was used.

As for the compartments, you will have an independent pocket with a robust zipper so that you can store the racket independently and a second space to organize some clothing, a pair of shoes, balls, a bottle of water, among other necessary items. To train.

If you still haven’t been able to decide on any product and are still wondering which paddle bag to buy, then you should review the pros and cons of this model. Its format is spacious, with a pleasant appearance and quality finishes.


Design: It is a spacious backpack-type paletero, with a discreet and pleasant aesthetic.

Compartments: You will have two spacious pockets with independent access through zippers, in which you can store the paddle and everything you need to train.

Textile: The textile fiber used for its manufacture not only provides resistance but also impermeability, a low level of rigidity and softness to the touch.

Seams: The seams of this paletero have been reinforced for greater durability, but they also incorporate a textile edge that covers them, providing a quality finish.


Cost: There are some customers who agree that the cost of the product is high. However, it is an isolated opinion that depends on the buyer.

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5. Head Elite Supercombi Paddle Bag

The Head house is characterized by offering its buyers products with functional designs, made with high-end raw materials and quality finishes. This paddle tennis racket bag is the best example of this, since it has a structure made of waterproof medium-strength polyester fiber, reinforced seams with cotton thread and bordered in textile to provide greater durability.

For the distribution of space, you will have a compartment capable of storing up to two paddles and another suitable for a pair of sneakers, a change of clothes, a few balls, a bottle of water and some hygiene items.

It also incorporates exterior pockets so you can have your keys, mobile phone or a small sandwich close at hand. On the other hand, we have the fastening system, for which you will have two short handles and another pair of padded and larger ones, which will allow you to use the backpack-type paletero.

If what you need is a product with a robust design, made with durable and spacious materials, then this model of padel racket bags may be indicated for you. Read its pros and cons below.


Fastening: This model offers great practicality when moving it, since you can place it on your back as a backpack or if you prefer, hold it from the pair of short built-in handles.

Pockets: This design is quite roomy, as it has two large compartments and some very useful exterior pockets.

Textile: The paletero was made with waterproof polyester, a textile fiber that guarantees a long useful life.

Seams: Each seam has been reinforced with cotton thread and bordered with textile, preventing deterioration due to constant use.


Size: For some people, the format of the product is a bit large, but this is an observation that varies according to the taste and the needs of use of the buyer.

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