The 5 Best Ski Goggles of 2022

Ski Goggles – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

Winter gives the possibility to enjoy many activities, among them skiing, but to be able to be on the snow, descend and ascend in the mountains, it is necessary to have equipment that protects from the cold, wind and sun. Part of these implements are ski goggles. If you are going to buy one, you should consider the opinion of other users and establishing a comparison could be the way to acquire a suitable model. Few models have the endorsement of buyers. In fact, two are frequently recommended. The first is the Oakley OO7064-39, one-size-fits-all ski goggles with ample protection that work like a mask, have no frame and are made with high-quality and solid materials, such as injection molded polycarbonate, incorporating an elastic strap. Next, we find the eDriveTech A1, a versatile and unisex model, with properties resistant to fog, scratches and UV protection.



The 5 Best Ski Goggles – Opinions 2022

If you have decided to buy ski goggles to protect your eyes and part of your face, we present a summary with the properties of the five models that are positioned as the best ski goggles, according to the opinion of the user community.

1. Oakley Flight Deck XM

Selecting the best ski goggles on the market is a complex task, but this Oakley model could fit your requirements, so you should know its attributes. The mask is made from high grade quality materials, incorporating polycarbonate and acetate in its frameless structure.

They are recommended for men, on days of intense light or with little fog. Its dimensions are 9.5 cm high, by 18.16 cm wide, so it covers part of the face and its weight is 450 grams.

They have a spherical lens with interchangeable properties, while the shape of the glasses is rectangular. The model is classic with an elastic band in black and the brand’s logo in white. In addition, it includes a protective cover.

Oakley OO7064-39 has quality standards and protects the eyes, being recognized by many as the best ski goggles of the moment.


Properties: These glasses have properties that make them suitable for sunny or foggy days, they are anti-scratch and with UV protection.

Size: The model is available in one size, but it adjusts to different cranial dimensions because the band is elastic.

Weight: The model is relatively light, since its weight is less than 500 grams, carrying it comfortably.

Cover: For greater protection, these glasses incorporate a cover that prevents them from being damaged.  


Replacement: It is possible to change the lens, but the replacement has a high cost, almost the same as a new mask.

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2.eDriveTech A1 UV Protection

Few models are positioned among the best ski goggles of 2022, but if you are looking for one of these, you need to take into account this alternative marketed by eDriveTech. The glasses have removable properties, being possible to change the lens.

They are recommended for women, men or children. They protect the view from UV rays through a double spherical layer, also providing a resistant anti-scratch and anti-fog structure.

The model is frameless, so visibility is increased, incorporating an advanced ventilation system, with openings that reduce fogging and provide better air intake and exhaust. Because they are wide glasses, they allow the use of prescription glasses under the mask. They have removable elastic strap, non-slip strap and soft foam.

There are recognized manufacturers, but not all of them hold the title of the best ski goggle brand, so we leave you the pros and cons of an eDriveTech model that you should know.


Resistance: The model is made of solid, scratch-resistant materials that protect from UV rays due to its double spherical layer.

Visibility: The glasses do not incorporate a frame, hence the panorama is wider and there is better visibility.

Versatility: They are made with an elastic and non-slip strap, so they adjust to different cranial structures.

OTG: If you wear prescription glasses this will not be an impediment, as you can use them under the ski goggles because they have OTG properties.


Size: These glasses allow you to wear glasses underneath, which is why they are sometimes large and annoying for those who do not use them.

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3. Salomon Aksium Access Unisex

If you have not yet been able to determine which are the best ski goggles on the market, then you should pay attention to the attributes of this model from the manufacturer Salomon. The design has a minimalist, unisex style that is compatible with prescription glasses.

In addition, they are lenses suitable for different climatic conditions, since they are equipped with a flash effect that reduces the intensity of light and with the ability to exchange glasses.

Among its properties, the model stands out for having UV protection, anti-scratch protection and a greater field of vision, which reduces eye fatigue. Likewise, it has anti-flow technology that avoids humidity and has soft foam for contact with the skin, resulting in ergonomic glasses.

It is possible that with the number of options you feel confused and do not know which ski goggles to buy. Here you can read the pros and cons of the Salomon Aksium Access model.


Protection: To avoid eye injuries, they are equipped with UV protection and a light intensity reduction system.

Visibility: The glasses have a wide range of vision, making it safer to move on the snow.

Technology: These glasses have flow technology, reducing the fogging effect and allowing air to enter.

Ergonomics: The model is equipped with a double layer of soft foam inside, so they are comfortable glasses.


Case: The glasses do not include a carrying case that facilitates their portability.

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4. Atomic Savor M Photo Live Fit Technology

Recommended for conditions of varied light, this model is one of the options that usually leads the preferences of users due to the fact that they are photochromic glasses, also adapting to various climatic conditions.

The design is equipped with a multilayer cylindrical lens, the first one has anti-scratch treatment, while the inner one is equipped with anti-fog technology. In addition, the glasses have an oversized wide range of vision that provides a peripheral angle, reducing eye fatigue and providing greater visibility of the route.

Its structure is made up of a medium-sized frame and a frame that molds to the contours of the face, preventing mistreatment. Likewise, the glasses have silicone-coated straps to prevent slipping, adapting to various models of helmets.

A convenient model combines quality and protection at a competitive cost. Atomic Savor possesses both attributes. Read its pros and cons here.


Capable: The glasses have a multilayer structure that provides greater protection to the sight and the lens. One prevents scratches, while the inner one prevents fogging.

Technology: According to weather conditions and the degree of lighting, this model adjusts to protect the eyes.

Visibility: The model has been equipped with a wide and peripheral visibility range, thus reducing eye fatigue.

Versatility: Regardless of whether you are a man, woman or child, this model adjusts to the profile of the face.


Lenses: Some people have experienced problems with the lenses, claiming that after a few months the anti-fog effect wears off.

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5. Uvex Skibrille Speedy Pro Ski Goggles

If you are looking for the best value for money ski goggles, this model from the manufacturer Uvex could be the option for you, since it is one of the cheapest goggles on the market.

The model is equipped with a cylindrical screen and a mechanism that prevents fogging. The glasses weigh less than 100 grams, making them light and comfortable to wear because they have a soft foam inner lining.

In addition, the manufacturer has provided the glass of the glasses with a vision protection system that blocks UV rays, without altering the quality of visibility of the panorama. The design of this model is classic, with a flexible strap, suitable for different users because it molds to the face.

Uvex Speedy Pro offers high-end attributes at a competitive cost, protects your eyes and is one of the cheapest alternatives. Know its pros and cons.


Protection: The glass of this model is made with an S3 filter, protecting the view in cloudy or sunny climates.

Versatility: The glasses are equipped with a flexible strap, which can be adjusted to fit the face without damaging it.

Weight: The glasses are light and ergonomic, their weight is less than 100 grams, while they include soft foam inside.

Capable: This model is equipped with a multi-layer structure that offers protection against scratches and prevents fogging.


Case: The manufacturer has not included a carrying case in this model, so it must be purchased separately.

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