The best training routines

Exercise routines are the most suitable basis for training, both in the gym and outside of it. Knowing how these routines work, learning to elaborate them and follow them to the letter is of great help to improve your results and obtain greater performance in your sports activity.

Every good athlete starts their day by reviewing their training plan. Just as the engineer reviews the plans of the work, the athlete reviews the exercises that he has to do according to the established plan and the day of training that he finds himself in. Even the day you have to do training routines at home, it is also important to know what to do and start it.

If you have reached this point and you are not clear about what we are talking about, then you probably do not know how routine-based fitness training works, its objectives and how to approach that training to be in shape. However, you do not have to worry, because this is exactly what we are going to explain to you in this article.

What is a training routine

A training routine is nothing more than a series of bodybuilding or other exercises, which aims to improve the person’s physical condition. These exercises are adjusted to the physical condition of each athlete, to the objectives that they intend to achieve in the short and long term and also to parameters, such as the person’s age or fitness.

The routine character implies that these plans are going to be used in the long term and repetitively. Whether it is a training routine in the gym or a training plan at home, this person will be clear about what he should do to improve his physical condition in a simple way.

The objectives of the training routine

A training routine always has goals. A bodybuilding training plan, for example, usually begins with the development of muscular resistance and then changes the exercises to those aimed at achieving adequate muscle hypertrophy.

If this person has specific goals, training routines with approaches can be proposed, as happens with those who practice certain sports. In these cases, those exercises intended to improve performance in said sport would be included in the routines, increasing performance in sections such as speed, physical resistance or agility, as necessary.

Types of training routine

Once we have established the basis of what a training routine is, it is time to learn about some of the most common ones and what they consist of. Something very suitable to put into practice everything we have proposed so far.

However, if you are thinking of starting a training routine, our advice is to learn as much as you can about it or seek professional advice from a personal trainer. This professional is able to create a personalized exercise plan for your specific needs.

Beginner workout routine

This routine is essential for those who start training in the gym to do it on the right foot. Thanks to this routine, it will be easy to form the base on which to play so that the person achieves their goals, such as muscle hypertrophy, strength development, etc. It is ideal for avoiding excess training and making better use of every effort , avoiding the most common mistakes when you start training, as happens to those who do not use a good gym routine.

workout routine for fat loss

This routine aims to reduce the percentage of body fat and improve muscle building. It can be used at different stages of training, although it is usually applied to people who already have considerable form and are in the hypertrophy phase. This routine is accompanied by a very strict diet, in order to achieve an efficient caloric intake in order to optimize said muscular performance. A contribution that also helps eliminate localized fat deposits in the body.

dumbbell workout routine

The dumbbell routine is ideal for those who do not have time to go to the gym or prefer to exercise at home. It is enough to have a set of these weights and a little space to perform all kinds of exercises, aimed both at strengthening the muscles and increasing strength and endurance. It can also be a good complement for those who use treadmills or stationary bikes to do cardio, thus achieving a much more complete workout without having to step foot on the street.

volume training routine

The objective of this routine is to make volume, that is, to withstand a greater amount of training , thus improving the resistance of the body. A discipline with which we promote that hypertrophy and definition. Again, food is key and goes hand in hand with the exercises in this routine. Precisely that hypercaloric diet is the basis that helps the muscles generate their maximum potential.

workout routines for women

Until now, we have not separated the different routines that we have discussed by gender for a very simple reason: it is not necessary. All the routines that are part of this article can be executed by both men and women. The only differences will be those related to the physical state of the person, as it would be done with any man or any woman when one of these training routines is outlined. So if you see an exercise routine at home for men, you can do it, just by adjusting its demand to your physical level.

The only exception would be the gym routine for women to lose weight and tone the body, which, due to the specific characteristics of the woman’s body, does require certain specific exercises.

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