Reviews of Vercelli Enygma

Main advantage:

Designed to enjoy fishing in your leisure time or at a professional level, this rod stands out for its maneuverability, sensitivity and lightness; since it is made of high quality carbon fiber that provides optimal performance in any scenario.

Main disadvantage:

It is not exactly the cheapest fishing rod on the market, since its cost is higher when compared to other similar models. However, your investment is worth it.


Verdict: 9.9/10

It is positioned as one of the best fishing rods, given the excellent reputation it has on the web; so it is a product considered as an intelligent purchase.

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Main Features Explained

Comfort and maneuverability

Initially the fishing rods were made of bamboo. However, with the passage of time and advances in technology, they began to be manufactured in lighter and more resistant materials for various scenarios; carbon fiber being one of the materials par excellence chosen by the best brands. In this sense, the Vercelli Enygma is a fishing rod made of high-end carbon.

The carbon used for its manufacture has passed demanding quality control tests. For this reason, it is a recommended fishing rod for professional fishermen, either as part of their equipment in the practice of this sport or as a work tool, since it turns out to be one of the most suitable for fishing in deep waters or in heavy covers., where greater maneuverability and sensitivity are required; qualities provided by this material.

Carbon fiber is a material that stands out in any sector where it is used, given its properties of flexibility, resistance and great lightness; benefits highly valued in the world of fishing, both by beginners and experts. For this reason, it is a fishing rod that provides great comfort when facing the fish in the water, providing security and stability at all times.

lightness and sensitivity

Lightness is a great quality that must be present in every fishing rod. For this reason, in addition to the well-known qualities that carbon brings to this model, we must also add lightness as one of its main virtues. Weighing only 522 grams, it is a rod that provides easy handling even in high-risk situations.

This model could be the favorite fishing rod of the vast majority of professional or beginner anglers, as it can cope with all fishing situations and environments. The reason is that the Enygma, in addition to being made of carbon fiber that increases its lightness, if we compare it with other fiberglass models; It is also equipped with a solid hybrid toe cap, equipped with Specialist Sensi Tip technology.

For this reason, it is one of the best fishing rods of the moment, since it is capable of transferring the vibrations of the bites of the fish (even the smallest) on the hook through the rod, with which you will be able to obtain a significant increase in sensitivity in this aspect.

In this sense, it could be the one indicated for fishing small species such as crappies or bluegills, where greater sensitivity is needed before their light or soft stings.

functional design

Regardless of its price, there are many positive opinions from fishing lovers who value this fishing rod. Therefore, if you want to enjoy this sport to the fullest, this could be the model you are looking for. It is a rod equipped with a surfcasting design, which in addition to allowing fishing on heavy decks, also favors fishing from the shore of the beach; This type of fishing is well known and relaxing, which is why many practice it as a hobby in their spare time.

Its hybrid toe cap has reinforcements at its ends, in order to provide greater resistance at the time of the fight with the fish. Likewise, it has a reel seat made of high hardness graphite and its rings have stainless steel, a material known for resisting humidity and for its long useful life.

Its 4.12 m backbone has metal bushings that reinforce each section. Additionally, it has a Fuji LC Low Rider and KT Alconite ring mount, which efficiently improves the output of the line, since it has the first inverted ring. It also offers an ergonomic grip on its handle and in addition, with the purchase you will receive a practical padded case for storage.

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