Grohe Grohtherm 800 Reviews

Main advantage:

Its beautiful chrome design accompanied by the comfortable dimensions and weight available in its structure, will let you enjoy an easy-to-install product. Likewise, the technology present in this faucet will allow you to regulate the temperature of the water without problems.

Main disadvantage:

To mention one drawback about this shower faucet, the flow rate it offers could be higher. But this will also be determined by the water pressure you have in your home.

Verdict: 9.9/10

Shower faucets are a fundamental product in the bathroom and this model has a lot to offer to provide you with the practicality you need every day.

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Main Features Explained


If you are remodeling your bathroom and you are in search of those ideal accessories to make your stay in it the most comfortable and appropriate, you should not overlook the choice of the best shower faucet available on the market, since that this plays a fundamental role when taking your daily shower.

In this sense, we invite you to take into account the design that the model that most attracts your attention could offer you, since it must be to your liking, as well as practical and functional so that you can enjoy proper use at all times.

It should be noted that the Grohe brand has the Grohtherm 800 model available, characterized by the beautiful finish it has, which is completely chrome. Also, the installation method is possible by mounting it on the wall so that you can enjoy a special style in your shower.

As for the size of this shower faucet, the dimensions are 38.1 x 12.1 x 8.1 centimeters, while the total weight is 1.13 kilograms, which makes it an easy product to handle, to carry. installation without any inconvenience.


Some shower faucets stand out among so many models available on the market for the technology they offer to provide you with a good user experience, as is the case with the Grohtherm 800 model. In this sense, you should not only look at the price of the product but also at all the features that can make its use as comfortable and safe as possible.

It should be noted that the Grohe brand has available for you a faucet with turboStat technology, which allows you to have precise control of the water temperature to take your daily showers. Thanks to this quality, you only have to use the GROHE EasyLogic regulation ring to select how hot or cold you want the water, taking into account that its use is very intuitive and easy.

Another advantage of this shower faucet is its EcoJoy function, the purpose of which is to reduce water consumption by 50%. In other words, you will only have to use the water saving button strategically located on the structure of the product, to enjoy this function without sacrificing the performance of the shower or the comfort that you are having at a given moment.


According to the opinions of many users, a faucet of this type must not only have a beautiful design and the best technology available, but also have an adequate level of protection to keep even the smallest of the house protected. before any incident that could occur.

In this way it is important that you consider the fact that this model has a protection system called SafeStop Button which provides you with the security you need to avoid skin burns. In this way, said safety function is set at 38 degrees Celsius, thus preventing both you and the children who may be at home from raising the temperature too much, thus causing skin injuries such as burns or severe irritations.

It is important that you know that you will be able to carry out a fairly easy configuration, being able to choose between temperatures above 38 degrees Celsius, always depending on your needs at all times.

Among other details, this faucet has marks on its structure that will allow you to easily interpret the temperature you want to use to shower. Thus, it will be much easier and safer for you to be able to choose what type of temperature you want, being able to turn said lever confidently.

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