Honeywell THR840DBG Reviews

Main advantage:

The ease of assembly offered by this thermostat and its Eco function are its most valued advantages; since you will be able to carry out the installation yourself without major problems and you will also be promoting energy savings.

Main disadvantage:

Although it is a model that comes with a user manual, the instructions in Spanish are missing. However, it has an intuitive handling and its installation has been easy for many.

Verdict: 9.8/10

Users appreciate the ease of use, its functional design and also its large, clear, backlit LCD screen. For this, it is considered one of the best thermostats.

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Main Features Explained

echo function

Acquiring a thermostat will allow you to efficiently control the temperature of the air conditioning system you have and will help you achieve a more comfortable environment on winter days; avoiding, above all, unexpected temperature variations. For this reason, models such as the Honeywell THR840DBG go beyond the function of regulating the temperature, since this is one of the thermostats that is equipped with the Eco function.

Thanks to the easy handling of the Eco button, you can configure the device to reduce the internal temperature of your home in a timed way (up to 24 hours maximum), and thus, you can lower energy consumption. This saving mode is complemented by the “Time Proportional and Integral” (TPI) controls, specially designed to provide maximum energy efficiency. For this reason, the boilers work more efficiently and favor a strict control of it.

This function is especially useful when you leave home and do not want to turn off the device in the bitter cold outside. For which, you could configure with the Eco button a reduction of approximately 5 or 8 degrees Celsius, during the hours that you will be away. During this time, the device does not activate the use of the boiler, assuming an energy saving mode and optimizing electricity consumption.

Design and versatility

This device presented by Honeywell offers a modern and timeless design that combines with any room, as well as being discreet and small in size. To do this, it has a square format and dimensions of only 9.2 x 3 x 9.5 cm; Likewise, it is presented in white and is made of resistant materials.

It is a non-programmable device, which favors its easy handling. For this reason, you will not have to worry about having to program a complex menu or having to deal with functions that could be a bit confusing or messy for most people.

It is a simple, practical and functional thermostat and although it does not have a Wi-Fi connection for control through tablets or Smartphones, this detail does not affect its operation, since its configuration can be done in its control panel at the appropriate time and without major setbacks. In addition, its cost is not a problem, so given its functionality and efficiency, it has a good price-value ratio.

Likewise, thanks to its versatile technology, it offers optimal performance when it comes to controlling the temperature in various air conditioning systems, regardless of whether it is hot or cold; such as regular boilers, combi boilers, zone valves, electric radiators, electro-thermal appliances and also fan-coils.

Ease of handling and control

This thermostat was conceived with people who prefer efficiency and simplicity in mind. It is a device that offers easy handling, since it is not programmable; so it is not necessary to be an expert in the field to be able to configure it correctly. For this reason, many in their opinions consider it one of the best thermostats of the moment.

It comes equipped with an easy-to-use control panel: one button to increase or decrease the temperature, one for power on and off, and another is the Eco button; You can choose within a setpoint range that goes from 5 to 30°C. Likewise, you can conveniently configure the start and stop time, according to your needs.

In addition to all this, it is a thermostat that is equipped with a large backlit LCD screen, which gives you large digits with precision and clarity; which favors an easy interpretation of the readings in relation to the climate parameters. Likewise, it is powered by 2 AA batteries of 1.5 volts; although it must also be properly connected to the heating system by means of a two-wire cable.

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