Opinions about Flex 150×190

Main advantage:

The level of breathability given by the 3D mesh of the upholstery of the sofa cover is a very positive feature, since it prevents the proliferation of bacteria caused by humidity both in the mattress and in the base.

Main disadvantage:

Although this model has great design attributes, it is also true that it has only been manufactured in white, which can leave anyone who wants a different color unsatisfied.

Verdict: 9.7/10

This is a sofa with an elegant, resistant and easy-to-open design, which has been built with solid wood and incorporates a fairly safe hydraulic opening mechanism.

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Main Features Explained

3D upholstery

The folding sofas are functional structures, conceived with the purpose of offering you a storage space inside them and an upper cover for you to place your mattress. Therefore, it is important that this area has a certain conditioning, which allows preserving the good condition of your rest surface.

For example, the Canapé Flex 150 x 190 model incorporates a 3D fabric coating on its lid, a fiber of synthetic origin used by the industry to make sports clothing, due to its high level of breathability. The technology applied to this textile allows the creation of an air chamber between the mattress and the canapé.

Thus, you will leave in the past the worries about the proliferation of bacteria or humidity stains, which progressively end up deteriorating the mattress or its base. In addition, there is the issue of respiratory or skin allergies caused by these microbacterial agents, which will not be an inconvenience, thanks to the free circulation of air due to the dual grid system provided by the fabric. Similarly, the manufacturer incorporated an additional antibacterial treatment to the 3D fibers, which serves as an effective barrier against annoying mites.

opening mechanism

The best folding sofas are not only those that have the most visually attractive design or a fairly spacious interior storage volume. Also, there are other aspects of interest that many times as buyers we let go unnoticed. For example, it is important to pay attention to the opening method provided for the cover of the sofa, which must be quick, simple, safe and easy to assemble. In this way, you don’t need a lot of time to fix the parts. In addition, by using the sofa you can access its interior without any inconvenience.

In the case of this flex sofa, you will be interested to know that it has been provided with a hydraulic mechanism arranged on the internal sides of the structure. Said pieces connect the chest or box of the sofa with its respective lid.

For its assembly, you will only need a screwdriver to adjust the inner plates, which will be the pieces on which we will fix the compasses. At this point, you must be quite careful and not over-tighten the nuts, as you could limit the correct articulation of the hydraulic mechanism of each of them. Then, you will need to place the cover on the compasses and secure them with the screws included in the purchase package, ending with the placement of the clamping arch, in the identified area of ​​the cover.

Design and manufacturing

When thinking about acquiring a folding sofa, it is important that you consider some aspects related to its design, which will allow you to enjoy a durable and safe product in the future. This is how when we talk about design we not only refer to the aesthetic part, but we are also forced to evaluate the raw material used for its construction.

Although it is necessary for the sofa to be attractive in order to add a distinctive touch to the room, it is equally important that high-end materials have been used in its construction. Thus, you will be able to enjoy a base for your mattress that is resistant and highly stable to support your body weight and that of the rest surface.

For all these reasons, Flex, a Spanish company with little more than a century of experience in the rest market, incorporates certified materials into each of its products that have undergone rigorous quality verification tests.

We can appreciate this in its present model, which has a competitive price and, according to the opinions of the buyers, has a design with a modern cut line that combines elegance and minimalism. The corners have been rounded and reinforced. In addition, the presence of 100% solid wood with a thickness of 19 millimeters stands out, which implies robustness.

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