Opinions about LG GSL361ICEZ

Main advantage:

This LG refrigerator stands out because it offers you a practical and useful dispenser that provides fresh water, ice cubes, crushed ice and, thanks to its independent system, you do not need plumbing work. In addition, it is an efficient and saving appliance.

Main disadvantage:

With a weight of 117 kilos, it is advisable to previously choose the space for its assembly in the kitchen, since it is a robust appliance that could need help to move it.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It has an efficient and silent compressor, since it only generates a noise of 39 dB. It is also a refrigerator that offers great storage capacity.

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Main Features Explained

Quality and energy saving

LG is a recognized South Korean brand with a worldwide presence, which has built its reputation for manufacturing high-quality products. Therefore, if you are looking for one of the best American refrigerators on the market, you could consider the LG GSL361ICEZ as an excellent option; since it is a piece of equipment that allows you to save on your electricity bill.

To do this, it has LG’s exclusive Inverter Linear Compressor, which works through a linear piston instead of a conventional reciprocating drive. Thanks to this, it generates less internal friction, resulting in a significant reduction of up to 32% in energy consumption. In addition, given its high quality, it is an LG compressor that offers you a 10-year guarantee.

Likewise, it has LED lighting. These types of lights not only provide a long lifespan, they are also more energy efficient. Likewise, they emit less heat; which favors the food to be kept fresh for longer.


Modern American refrigerators, like this model, also include advanced features. In this sense, it is equipped with Total No Frost technology, thanks to which you can store and preserve the freshness of food in optimal condition.

It is a system that cools and distributes cold air evenly in all areas of the refrigerator, thus ensuring that food is kept in better condition for longer and regardless of where it is.

Likewise, another of its outstanding functions is that of Moist Balance Crisper; a system that evaporates excess moisture from the food, condensing it on the grid and preserving the balance inside the container up to 20% better.

In addition, with this model you can enjoy a fresh water and ice dispenser, without the need to carry out construction work for plumbing installations. Thanks to its independent system that includes an easy-to-refill container, it is a refrigerator that you can mount anywhere in the kitchen; where it suits you best and according to the available space.

Likewise, for greater convenience, the ice maker is located in the door corresponding to the freezer area and at an easily accessible height.

Design and capacity

Given its design, capacity and efficiency, more and more households are opting for an American refrigerator. In this sense, LG offers these appliances at a highly competitive price; hence, models like the GSL361ICEZ have mostly positive opinions.

It is a product that offers two large vertical doors that favor easy access to the interior, so that you can store food in a comfortable and easy way.

Likewise, thanks to its dimensions of 179 cm high x 91.2 cm wide, it is a recommended refrigerator to meet the needs of a large family; so it offers you a capacity of 591 liters divided into 197 for the freezer and 394 liters for the refrigerator.

Its distribution gives you 4 compartments in the freezer and two shelves on its door; while the refrigerator has 4 shelves on the door and 4 internal compartments. By this, you will be able to store and organize your food in a more intelligent and efficient way.

Unlike other conventional models, all its shelves are made of tempered glass. A material that provides firmness, durability and greater resistance to breakage. Likewise, its external part has anti-fingerprint stainless steel finishes, which favors elegance and easy cleaning.

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