The best compact dishwashers

Compact Dishwasher – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When selecting a compact dishwasher, we must define its design and size, since despite being located in one place in the kitchen, it must occupy the designated space and not exceed the specific measurements, so that it does not break with aesthetics. In addition, it is good to choose products that contribute to sustainable energy savings and that also reduce the amount of expenses made at home, both for water and electricity. In this sense, the Bomann TSG 7402 offers 5 washing programs and additional options, which will allow you to adapt its operation according to the type of crockery and cutlery that you are going to wash. In addition, due to its integrated tank, you will not have to use additional water connections. On the other hand, the Bosch MDA SKS62E22EU modelIt has capacity for 6 utensils with 6 pre-set programs, it also includes the ActiveWater and AquaSensor functions, which allow efficient use of water and energy.

The 5 Best Compact Dishwashers – Opinions 2022

Washing dishes is one of the least popular activities in homes, due to the time it takes, that is why dishwashers are increasingly used throughout the world. However, we do not always have enough space, so we must select a small device. In this sense, we invite you to review the characteristics of some of the best compact dishwashers of 2022, so that you can select the model that best suits your needs.

1. Bomann TSG 7402 Mini Dishwasher

Because it is a practical and very easy-to-use solution, this model is emerging as the best compact dishwasher of the moment. It has a size of 43.5 x 42 x 43.5 cm, and its use does not imply making structural changes to your kitchen. In fact, you can fill the 5 liter tank through the device’s special opening, so you could use it even in places without a water connection.

Another aspect highly valued by users is that you can easily choose the cleaning mode, either 60 minutes, to save energy, or fast mode, to have your dishes ready in just 30 minutes. 

In addition, the device offers 5 washing programs, which will help you obtain the expected result and, for efficient cleaning, the product has a double sprayer, which allows the water to reach all corners of the dishwasher.

If you want to know more about this dishwasher, analyze the following summary.


Appearance: Its white design is very easy to adapt to any kitchen and has a modern and beautiful style.

Ease of use: It is a countertop model that does not require installation, so it is useful even if you do not have a water connection.

Washing programs: You can choose from its 5 programs the one that best suits the load you have placed. Thus, you will achieve better results.


Position of the tank: It is not recommended to place the dishwasher under cabinets, since the filling hole is at the back and access could be difficult.

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2. Bosch Dishwasher 48 dB A,70°C

It is a dishwasher designed to be installed on the countertop, since it has dimensions of 50 x 55.1 x 45 cm. In addition, it is made with a combination of stainless steel and Polinox, to offer greater resistance.

It offers 6 washing programs, intensive, auto, eco, delicate, fast and prewash. It has a control panel with a rotary button for function selection, an on/off button and 3 buttons with additional functions. It also has a screen that indicates the remaining time.

It includes the innovative AquaSensor function, which measures the level of dirt to adapt the temperature, duration time and the amount of water needed, thus providing quality results. In addition, the ActiveWater function favors water and electricity savings, which is why it is in the A+ category for energy efficiency.

If you want to buy the best brand of compact dishwashers, so that it gives you the highest efficiency and quality, then it is important that you carefully review the pros and cons of this model:


Capacity: It has the capacity to wash up to 6 cutlery, thanks to the fact that it has a basket with a plate holder and a cutlery basket, in this way you can organize all the pieces.

Programs: It has 6 pre-configured programs with the right temperature to adjust it according to your needs; cold prewash, auto at 45 to 65°C, eco at 50°C, 1 hour at 45°C, delicate at 40°C and intensive at 70°C.

Functions: It incorporates AquaSensor and ActiveWater, which allow you to make efficient use of water and energy, thus achieving higher quality results in less time.


Noise: A user thinks that this model of dishwasher could be noisier than expected, depending on the program you put on.

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3. Candy CDCP 6/ES Mini Height Dishwasher

With a design similar to the Teka model, the Candy CDCP 6/ES dishwasher is another tabletop or countertop model, ideal for places where space below is scarce.

Inside we can have up to 6 complete services, for which we have different programs, among which the eco program stands out, the delicate program for sensitive pieces or the intensive program for especially dirty crockery.

All programs are easily programmable from its wide front grill so you can control every aspect of the wash.

This washing is carried out by means of a global power of 2150 watts, with an energy consumption of about 175 equivalent kilowatts per year. These parameters give the dishwasher an A+ energy class which, although not one of the best, is sufficient for the type of product. All this with a reduced noise level of just 50 decibels in operation.

Candy’s could be the best compact dishwasher for 300 euros today, given its capacity, energy consumption and dimensions:


Consumption: Candy’s compact dishwasher has an annual energy consumption of 174 kWh, which categorizes it as A+ consumption equipment.

Capacity: Its internal capacity has enough space to place six cutlery at the same time and thus save effort and resources.

Programs: It also has washing and timer programs for a late start that you can use whenever you need it.


Noise: It’s a bit louder than the model mentioned above, hitting 51 decibels, though it doesn’t seem to be a cause of bother for previous buyers.

Screen: It also does not have a screen that shows you the cycle information or the remaining washing time.

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4. Siemens SK26E822EU iQ300 Compact Freestanding Dishwasher

This model has varioSpeed ​​technology, so it allows you to wash and dry using almost 50% of the time if we compare it with other similar products. In addition, it has a system that adjusts the washing cycle to the dirtiness of the dishes, thanks to the iSensoric control unit. 

In the same way, it includes an induction motor with an iQdrive system, which allows greater energy efficiency and reduces the noise level to only 49 dB, in order to avoid discomfort during operation. On the other hand, it incorporates the Extra drying function, which increases the drying time and temperature to leave the utensils completely dry.

It has freestanding construction for easy installation. In addition, it includes the AquaStop safety system, which prevents water leaks both in the hose and in the machine, thus reducing failures and increasing the useful life of the product.

If you are looking for a compact dishwasher that offers quality and functionality, this model may be a good option. However, it is advisable to thoroughly analyze some of its main characteristics.


Functions: It has the Extra drying function, which increases the time and temperature to completely dry the plastic parts. In addition, it includes the varioSpeed ​​option, which allows washing up to 2 times faster.

Automatic: One of the benefits of this appliance is that it has several sensor technology, to adapt each program according to the amount of dirt on the dishes.

Silent: It is one of the quietest in this selection, with only 49 dB, so it does not cause too much inconvenience like the old dishwashers.


Capacity: Due to its compact size of 45 x 55.1 x 50 cm, this model has capacity for only 6 cutlery.

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5. Teka LP2 140 Freestanding 6 cutlery A+ Dishwasher

This is equipment with the capacity to wash up to 6 cutlery, for which it also includes 6 washing programs, with different features to adapt it to your daily needs, among which are the fast 30-minute program and eco to save energy, among others.

It has a modern white design that has a digital screen with electronic controls and operation indicators, where you can keep track of the remaining time and the selected program. In addition, it has dimensions of 55 x 43.8 x 50 cm, making it suitable for use in small kitchens.

It offers great energy savings, because it generates an annual consumption of 1820 liters of water, 174 kWh of energy, thanks to this it has an A+ energy classification and only emits 49 dB of noise. On the other hand, it offers anti-overflow security and internal anti-leak protection, which allows it to extend its useful life.

If you are still not sure which compact dishwasher to buy, then here are the highlights of the Teka LP2 140:


Programs: It offers 6 pre-configured programs to adapt it to your convenience; normal, eco, intensive, fast, crystal and 90 minutes.

Efficiency: It has energy efficiency class A+, since it generates a fairly low annual consumption, with 1,820 liters of water and 174 kWh of energy.

Dimensions: This dishwasher is suitable for use in small kitchens, thanks to its dimensions of 55 x 43.8 x 50 cm.


Cutlery: A user indicates that due to the capacity of 6 cutlery, it is not an appropriate product for families with more than 3 people, but for couples or singles.

Capacity: According to the opinion of some users, this model only supports plates with a maximum diameter of 23 cm.

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Buying Guide – What is the best compact dishwasher on the market?

The dishwasher is one of those essential utensils in the home, not only because it saves you the tedious task of dealing with dirty dishes, pots, glasses and cutlery after eating, but also because it saves you time to carry out more important activities. For this reason, it is advisable to analyze the following guide to buy the best compact dishwasher, where we provide you with the most important information before purchasing one of these products.


The design of the appliance is one of the most important points to consider when making a comparison of compact dishwashers, especially when there is not enough space in the kitchen, such is the case of vacation apartments, singles or singles. of reduced dimensions, which are normally used by couples and small families.

Typically, a compact sized dishwasher can be around 55cm wide and weigh around 20kg, making it a convenient and versatile appliance. In addition, they are self-installing and in many cases are specifically designed to be placed on the countertop, however, you can install them in any corner of the kitchen that has a water connection.

The control panel is usually on the front of the door and there are different types, some have touch control, but others offer normal buttons, rotary buttons or a combination of them. Also, there are models that include light indicators with symbols to show the selected function.

Regarding its internal and external structure, most of the models offer stainless steel to prevent corrosion, as well as Polinox, a material made up of a combination of fiberglass and plastic, which works as an acoustic and thermal insulator, in this way they are able to provide greater strength and quieter use.


If you want to select the appropriate capacity of the dishwasher, then you should first take into account the number of people who are going to use it, so it is recommended to select a model with a capacity for 4 or 6 cutlery when it comes to one person. However, a model with 8 cutlery could be the most functional for a couple or a family of up to three people.

The power of its motor also influences the amount of cutlery that a dishwasher can efficiently process, so it is necessary to select one that offers a high level, as it will be able to provide good results. In this sense, it is possible to choose models between 1200 and 2400 W of power.

On the other hand, you should consider the different washing programs available for each model. These are classified according to the level of temperature they use to achieve effective washing. In this case, the lowest levels are usually around 45 °C and the highest at 70 °C. Also, you should know that the most used washing programs are fast, eco, standard, glass and intensive.


Some models offer additional features for ease of use and to simplify procedures.

In this sense, there are dishwashers that are capable of measuring the degree of dirt on the cutlery and adapting their configuration according to the temperature, duration and the amount of water necessary to obtain good results.

There are also models that combine the outlet pressure of the water with the amount used, so they are capable of performing a deeper cleaning in less time and providing less consumption. Others incorporate automatic settings to adapt the washing program to the type of detergent used.

The energy efficiency class is another important issue when considering purchasing a dishwasher, since being a constant-use utensil, the cost of energy, water and even the level of noise generated must be taken into account, so knowing its classification could help you know how much such a device costs.

In this sense, it is necessary to look for equipment with a label that marks the letter A, since these are usually the most efficient and represent greater economic savings, in addition, they are friendly to the environment.

How to use a compact dishwasher

Having the necessary implements designed to save a good amount of work in the kitchen has always been the dream of every woman. Well, in the case of the utensils that end up dirty after the preparation of each meal, you could use a dishwasher especially to carry out a cleaning process, either delicate or intense depending on the level of dirt on them.

That is why it is essential that you be able to manage a series of information aimed at its proper use and easy positioning, so that using it comfortably and without any inconvenience is not a problem for you.

Position the dishwasher

Positioning the dishwasher will be a very easy task to carry out depending on the way you want to do it, since some models give you the option of installing them independently, as well as built-in in some available space in the kitchen. In this way, once you have positioned it where you think best, you can begin to use it as you wish, taking into account that the place must be safe and capable of supporting its weight.

Program your dishwasher easily

Before putting the dishwasher into operation, you must program it to enjoy comfortable and efficient cleaning according to your requirements. In this sense, some models provide you with a list of choices among which the light, fast, ecological or even intensive washing functions stand out in case your dishes are in a very bad state of dirt. It should be noted that, depending on the option you choose, the temperature of the water will also vary as well as the duration of washing to guarantee a job well done.

Take into account the capacity of the dishwasher

To use the dishwasher correctly, you must take into account the capacity that it offers you, because only then can you enjoy a good cleaning of your dishes and cutlery, taking into account that you have acquired a compact model, so you should not be surprised by how as much or as little as you can wash at once.

use the timer

Some models offer you the possibility of using a timer system, ideal for telling it when to start the washing process. Also, you should appreciate the fact that the activation range could occur as fast as one hour and as far as 24 hours, that is, there will be no problem in case you need to leave the house, since it is would activate automatically just when you have decided.

Verify the washing process through the screen

And, as if that were not enough, some much more advanced models include a specialized screen in their front structure so that you can see the time of the washing cycle that you have used, as well as the program that you have activated. In this way it will be much easier for you to be able to keep an eye on what your dishwasher is doing while it is in operation.

The most popular brands

Buying items in the dishwasher category is always a challenge, because this type of item represents a significant investment for the user; This fact forces us to take into consideration all the variables involved. Our initial recommendation is to pay attention to the most popular brands in order to find a quality product with guaranteed performance; That is why we compiled a little information about some of the best manufacturers of the moment for the compact dishwasher category and we share the information found with you.

Robert Bosch founded the company that would bear his name in the German city of Stuttgart in 1886; Today it is one of the most respected and influential companies in the world with 250 business offices and hundreds of thousands of employees spread across the globe. The reach and influence of Bosch products is global, a fact that has allowed it to explore more and more markets and innovate in new areas.

In its more than 130 years of practically uninterrupted action, it continues to be one of the main leaders in technology supply and services worldwide.

The corporate subdivision of the company allows them to cover markets as diverse as automotive technology, consumer goods, construction technology and industrial technology with the latest innovations in the market. As for goods and consumer products, Bosch stands out for offering the user high-performance electrical appliances that always use the most innovative technological systems available.

Balay, for its part, is a company of 100% Spanish origin, which was founded in 1947 in the city of Zaragoza; Esteban Bayona and José María Lairla started the company with only 4 employees and with the great hope of manufacturing and distributing consumer products in the radio industry.

The 50’s and 60’s are characterized by rapid growth of the company, the share market and also the number of employees; Balay had begun his journey creating small electronic equipment, but by the 1970s the first generation of dishwashers and the second generation of automatic washing machines would begin to be manufactured.

Since then the growth has been more than evident, today it is one of the most influential local companies in the economy and whose products are in constant demand, they have more than 4000 employees and at least 5 factories scattered throughout the territory. Spanish. They are manufacturers of essential household appliances such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers and more.

Klarstein is a good option when it comes to compact dishwashers; Well, as you will see, it is a brand that specializes in the manufacture and distribution of products designed for daily activity in our kitchen.

The motto of the brand is that, regardless of the type of food you prepare, you will be able to find the perfect item for you in its inventory; As a company focused on solving the needs of its users, they have thought of all the important aspects and include in their catalog everything from options for kitchens with limited spaces to intelligent extraction systems that allow you to filter and clean the air in your spaces.

Another interesting feature around the brand is the aesthetics around its models, since its developers have created elegant designs with a colorful touch; being both aspects that give a distinctive and youthful touch. Among the main categories of products, kitchen appliances, space air conditioning items, refrigerators, extractor hoods, kitchen robots and more stand out.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to install a compact dishwasher?

To install a compact dishwasher, you must first take into account the fact of having a water and power outlet close to the place where you decide to position the product. Likewise, you will have to verify that the space where you are going to place it has the ideal measurements so that the dishwasher can fit properly.

In addition, depending on the model you have chosen, it may be that you need to place it in a place where the temperature is kept between 5 and 45 degrees Celsius to enjoy proper operation. Later, it will be time to hook the T that corresponds to the drain hose of the dishwasher. For this, the most appropriate thing is that you manage to follow the recommendations given by the manufacturer described in the instruction manual. Finally, you will only have to plug the cable into an outlet and that’s it.

Q2: Where to put a compact dishwasher?

Being a compact dishwasher, its positioning is easier than you thought. Well, it should be noted that different experts mention that any place would be ideal for its installation. Thus, you could position it high, since for some people it seems much more ergonomic when inserting and removing the dishes that need to be washed.

For its part, under a countertop it would not look bad either, you would only have to fasten it with some screws so that it is immobile and level, ready for use. One of the most common places is also the countertop of your kitchen, since we are talking about a compact dishwasher, this will not take up much space and due to its design it may look good aesthetically in the kitchen. Lastly, you could also consider placing this product in a row of furniture, where it might even go unnoticed.

Q3: Which is better, compact or normal dishwasher?

Faced with this question, different details stand out. In this case, there are those who recommend compact dishwashers over normal ones, since they have reduced dimensions and are much more comfortable to position and install.

Also, they are more appropriate for people who live alone, so they do not need to wash many cutlery. Now, if your family is large, and is made up of 3 or more people, a normal dishwasher would not hurt at all thanks to its capacity. In this sense, everything will always depend on the total space you have in your kitchen to position the product and, of course, on your needs.

Q4: Can the compact built-in dishwasher go in the sink?

According to the comments of different users of this type of product, they mention that it is possible to carry out the assembly of a compact dishwasher integrated in the sink. However, they mention the idea of ​​considering some details before carrying out the installation.

In this sense, the first thing you should consider is the fact that the outlet must be far from the drain pipe of the sink. Likewise, experts recommend that it would be best to maintain access to the drain totally independent from that of the sink to avoid water leaks due to poor installation.

» Review information from previous years

¿Cuáles son los mejores lavavajillas compactos del 2022?

El lavavajillas es hoy día un electrodoméstico más en muchos hogares, aunque es cierto que la falta de espacio a veces nos limita poder disponer de él. Para solucionarlo podemos disponer de un lavavajillas compacto, que reduce el uso del espacio y mantiene la funcionalidad de nuestra cocina, facilitando su instalación. Para que sepas más sobre estos productos puedes consultar nuestros consejos a la hora de elegir, así como descubrir los tres modelos de nuestra comparativa de lavavajillas compactos, seleccionados por su calidad y buena valoración por los consumidores.

Empezaremos hablando de la capacidad del lavavajillas compacto elegido. Esta capacidad se mide en cubiertos y cuanto mayor sea, más grande es el espacio disponible en su interior. El hecho de que sea compacto no debe implicar que no tenga espacio, existiendo modelos que pese a ser de este estilo tienen una amplia capacidad, incluso para familias de cierta entidad. Adapta el número de cubiertos a tus necesidades de limpieza y como siempre no te quedes corto.

También debemos pensar en el formato del lavavajillas. Algunos lavavajillas compactos se instalan de forma integrada en la cocina como un lavavajillas tradicional pero ocupando un menor espacio, mientras que otros productos se instalan directamente en posición de sobremesa. Estos últimos obviamente no ocupan espacio inferior pero si eliminar parte del espacio disponible en tu encimera. Evalúa la disposición de tu cocina antes de elegir un modelo u otro.

Por último tenemos que hablar de potencia y consumo. Cuanto mayor sea la potencia de un lavavajillas generalmente mayor será su capacidad y más rápido será su funcionamiento, especialmente en programas calientes. El problema es que más potencia implica más consumo y gasto energético, por lo que es importante apostar por productos ahorradores, con una clasificación energética elevada y que te ayuden a cuidar el medio ambiente y tu bolsillo con un uso adecuado de recursos naturales.

Teka LP 140

Ventaja principal:

Por tratarse de uno de los lavavajillas más baratos del mercado y con funciones de gama alta, podríamos decir que su cualidad más relevante es su relación calidad precio.

Desventaja principal:

Algunos compradores se quejan del ruido que hace este producto cuando lava los platos. Sin embargo, se puede programar con la función de inicio diferido, para que haga su función en una hora que no cause molestias.

Veredicto: 9.8/10

Es un lavavajillas compacto que podríamos recomendar para una compra exitosa, por el respaldo del fabricante, su diseño compacto, su funcionalidad y el ahorro energético.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas

Capacidad y programas de lavado

Cuando hablamos de lavavajillas compactos, hacemos referencia a modelos que disponen de una capacidad para 6 cubiertos. Tal es el caso de este modelo, que cuenta en su interior con esta capacidad, por lo cual es recomendado para parejas, personas solas o familias pequeñas que habiten en un piso limitado de espacio. Sin embargo, a pesar de su tamaño compacto, es capaz de ofrecerte hasta 6 programas diferentes de lavado, con distintos grados de temperatura y duración.

Cuenta desde un programa de lavado rápido que tarda tan solo 30 min en lavar los platos con temperatura de 40°C; hasta un lavado intensivo con 70°C para los cubiertos más sucios. Para el uso diario con un nivel intermedio de suciedad, se recomienda el ciclo de 55°C con 125 min de duración. Cada uno de los programas dispone de la función de inicio diferido, que va desde 1 hora hasta 24 horas, por lo cual podrás programar tu jornada cómodamente.


Cuando no tenemos suficiente espacio en nuestra cocina y no queremos renunciar al placer de tener un lavavajillas, la mejor opción es comprar uno de tamaño compacto, que ocupe poco espacio pero que al mismo tiempo sea práctico y funcional. Estas cualidades definen a ese modelo del fabricante alemán Teka, el cual se distingue por fabricar productos duraderos y eficientes. El lavavajillas LP 140 de Teka cuenta con medidas reducidas de tan solo 55 x 52 x 43,8 cm y su diseño de sobremesa te permite montarlo en cualquier lugar de tu cocina.

Su cuerpo rectangular y robusto pesa 55 kg e incluye un panel digital con una pantalla LCD que te permite visualizar el tiempo restante en cada ciclo de lavado y el programa elegido. Además, por si lo olvidas, dispone de un piloto que te indica cuando debes recargar el abrillantador y la sal.

Potencia, seguridad y ahorro energético

Cuando buscamos un

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