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Grease Remover – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Keeping the surfaces of kitchen equipment and utensils clean is not easy, due to the grease that tends to deposit on them on a daily basis. Similarly, it happens with other spaces and furniture in the home, offices, commercial establishments and industries; being the grease remover the convenient ally to clean them quickly and efficiently. Thus we can find the Kh7 28420822130062, capable of removing not only grease and dirt from the home, but also stains on clothes. Similarly, the Sidol Professional model, thanks to its formula, leaves equipment and surfaces looking impeccable while protecting them.

The 9 Best Grease Removers – Opinions 2022


Removing grease and dirt from different surfaces, appliances, utensils, and clothes, among many others, can be easy and fast if you use a grease remover product. In this sense, we present below a compilation of the best products available on the market, so that you can choose your new ally in cleaning.

kh7 grease remover


1. KH-7 Grease Remover Sprayer Kitchen Cleaning Product

If you are looking for the best fat remover so that the task of removing fat is easy for you, in this product you could find the right one. This is due to its degreasing power that removes dirt, even the most embedded, not only in the kitchen, but also throughout the home, vehicle and clothes. Thus being the convenient helper for effortless cleaning.

To talk a little more about the Kh7 grease remover, we will say that it comes in a light format, 750 ml, with a practical spray gun, which provides a controlled application without coming into contact with the skin. Thus, for example, to clean surfaces in general, it is simply applied to the desired area, left to act for a few seconds and then removed with a damp cloth, helping to make cleaning tasks faster and easier.

Taking a closer look at this grease remover, it might have qualities you’re looking for. Therefore, you may be interested in knowing its pros and cons.


Versatile: The formula is designed to clean accumulated grease and dirt, on various types of surfaces and textiles that may be in the home.

Presentation: It is a 750 ml bottle, with a practical sprayer, which facilitates handling and application.

Pack: I came in a pack of 6 units, which provides enough product and long-term economic savings.


Concentration: As recommended by the manufacturer, it must be diluted when cleaning polished marble, so as not to affect its appearance.

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2. KH-7 Citrus Grease Remover Bottle

Most grease remover products should be used with gloves, since their ingredients can cause irritation and even burns when they come into contact with the skin. Not so, the Kh7 citrus grease remover, because thanks to its formula you can clean the grease from the surfaces and appliances in your home, easily and without gloves, as it does not irritate the skin.

Kh7 Citrus Grease Remover comes in various forms. On this occasion, it is a 5000 ml bottle, which avoids its periodic purchase. In addition, the translucent container allows visualizing the amount of product contained at all times. And the labeling reflects the relevant information in a simple way, including the instructions for use for cleaning surfaces, equipment and clothing.

This citrus version is characterized by a fresh and pleasant aroma of lemon, which is enjoyed once used.

The best brand of grease remover develops products that make cleaning an easy and pleasant task. As promoted by this product.



Harmless ingredients: Thanks to its formula, it does not irritate the skin, so you can use it without the need for gloves.

Multipurpose: It can be used on surfaces, equipment, clothes, and even in the dishwasher, simplifying cleaning tasks.

Fragrance: The lemon aroma provides a feeling of cleanliness and freshness in the spaces where it is used.


Aluminum: To clean aluminum surfaces, it is recommended not to let the product act and rinse immediately, to avoid affecting the material.

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industrial grease remover


3. Sidol Professional Energetic Grease Remover

If what you are looking for is an industrial grease remover for deep cleaning and care of both equipment and kitchen surfaces, this product for professional use could be suitable.

It is a versatile grease remover, with chemical components capable of dissolving grease on plates, hoods, ovens, grills, stoves, fryers and kitchen surfaces, both domestic and professional.

Among other qualities, it can be applied pure or diluted, depending on the dirt present. In this regard, on the product label you can clearly read the dosage and procedure recommended by the manufacturer for effective cleaning and an impeccable appearance of the different elements of the entire kitchen.

Likewise, you may also be interested to know that the liquid is yellow in color and comes in a translucent plastic container, designed to safely handle and store the grease remover.

Due to its quality and cleaning power, this could be considered the best grease remover of the moment. Know the summary of its attributes.


Formula: For professional use, it allows deep cleaning of kitchens, for their good appearance and conservation.

Performance: Thanks to its 4.85 Kg presentation, and its pure or diluted application, the product can last for several cleaning sessions.

Packaging: The design of the packaging is suitable for safe handling and storage, as it has a functional handle and a stable base.


Protection: Due to its chemical components and power to dissolve fat, it must be handled with protective implements.

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The Miracle Grease Remover


4. Fat Cleansing Miracle

This El Milagrito cleaner can be counted among the best grease removers of 2022, since it is a multipurpose product that dissolves grease deposited on different types of surfaces, in addition to removing stains on some fabrics. Therefore, it can be used for cleaning tasks in kitchens, bathrooms, workshops, and clothes; without damaging and leaving a pleasant aroma.

Delving a little deeper into the qualities of El Milagrito grease remover, we find that it is easy to use. In the case of surfaces in general, it is sprayed directly and removed with a cloth; thus being a valuable aid for quick and effortless cleaning.

The little miracle has more than one presentation, all with the pink color that characterizes it. In this case, it is the 5-liter bottle for industrial use, for those looking to buy a larger quantity of product for a lower unit price.

Let’s break down the pros and cons that this grease remover has to offer below.



Surfaces: It is indicated for use on all types of surfaces, cleaning grease and dirt in any environment.

Clothing and footwear: It can be applied on solid colored fabrics to remove sweat and grease stains, while protecting their fibers.

Presentation: It is offered in a 5-liter presentation, designed for industrial use, a way of obtaining a larger quantity of product at a lower unit cost.


Effect: It should be foreseen not to use this product on fabrics with weak or dyed colors, since it could deteriorate their appearance.

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Agerul grease remover


5. Agerul Fat Remover Concentrate Bottle plus Refill

The concentrated formula of Agerul grease remover softens and dissolves grease quickly and effectively in those places and surfaces that tend to get dirty due to daily use; such as kitchens, tiles, bathrooms, floors, fireplaces, cars, upholstery, clothes, etc. Likewise, it could be a good alternative since it is a profitable product; because with a small amount, either pure or diluted, and without rubbing, an impeccable result is obtained.

This time, it is a 750 ml spray bottle plus a refill bottle of equal volume. At the end of the first bottle, simply by exchanging the spray gun, you can continue cleaning without delay, accurately targeting the area to be degreased.

Likewise, in the case of cleaning by diluting the grease remover, the replacement bottle cap has a practical dosing system to control the amount of product without spilling.

If you are still wondering which grease remover to buy; Below, we bring you a small list of pros and cons for your consideration.



Concentration: The concentrated formula of this grease remover cleans quickly and effectively, with just a little product.

Fragrance: The perfumed fragrance of this grease remover leaves a pleasant feeling of cleanliness in the home environments where it is used.

Pack: Two 750 ml bottles come, one with a spray gun and a spare one.


Materials: To clean aluminum or paint surfaces, it is recommended to dilute the product, so as not to affect the material or its finish.

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Other products

6. Cillit Bang Grease Remover Cleaner

If you are wondering which is the best grease remover for the home, this product could be a purchase option, since it has a new improved formula that offers good results when removing food remains and embedded or burned fat; and the best, effortless.

Speaking a little more about this fat remover, we can say that it is easy to use and is applied according to the fat to be removed. In this sense, the manufacturer recommends an application for surface dirt of 2 to 3 sprays for moderately dirty surfaces and 4 to 5 for difficult dirt; for which the product should be spread with a sponge or cloth and rinsed later with enough water.

On the other hand, if we focus on its design, we can notice the ergonomic shape of the container, which gives a firm grip. Thus, you can comfortably hold this 750 ml presentation that has a powerful trigger and two-position safety nozzle (off – on).

Below, we present a summary of the most outstanding features of the grease remover, in order to help you in your purchase decision.


Multipurpose: Its formula has been designed to be applied to different types of surfaces, utensils, and household furniture without damaging them.

Design: The container of this grease remover has a striking and ergonomic design, which facilitates its handling.

Effect: This grease remover cleans with maximum efficiency, leaving a shiny and traceless effect on surfaces.


Application: When spraying the product, it is recommended that the container be in a vertical position, so as not to affect the power of the shot.

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7. Zotal Home Grease Remover

An advantage of Zotal’s grease remover is that, in addition to effectively removing grease, protecting and sanitizing surfaces and fabrics, it offers an economical cost, compared to other similar products. This is thanks to its 5000 ml presentation, the purchase of which represents savings in the medium term. In addition, the product is available for a long period, saving money and time by not having to go out and buy it frequently. For these reasons, it is promoted as the best price-quality grease remover on our list.

Delving a little deeper in terms of its use, it can be applied to different types of surfaces, appliances and fabrics; such as stoves, extractor hoods, ovens, tiles, pots, clothing, footwear, among many others. Likewise, it is easy to use, since it can be applied directly or diluted, according to the nature of the surface and the material to be cleaned.

In order to help you, we present a summary of the most outstanding features of this product.


Triple action: This grease remover works not only cleaning, but also protecting and sanitizing surfaces and fabrics in the home.

Quantity: Its presentation in a 5-liter bottle provides enough product for several months.

Aroma: The product has a fresh lemon aroma, which leaves a pleasant feeling of cleanliness in the home.



Dispenser: To make the most of the product, and enhance its application, it is recommended to use a container with a spray gun and foam function.

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8. Tenn Brilliant Kitchen Cleaner Gun

If you are looking for a grease remover to be your ally in the hygiene of your kitchen, Teen could offer an effective cleaning, since it not only manages to eliminate the most difficult grease, but also prevents it from becoming embedded in the surface, which facilitates its removal. This, thanks to its formula with repellent action for quick and deep cleaning.

To talk a little more about this product, we will say that it can be used safely on surfaces such as countertops, plates, ceramic hobs and sinks. As well as in ovens, microwaves, fryers and extractor hoods, among other appliances.

In the same way, its practicality stands out, since if it is used to clean surfaces that are not going to come into contact with food, it does not need rinsing, facilitating the cleaning task. On the other hand, we do not want to forget to mention that its container is anatomical and light for a solid grip.

Being considered one of the cheapest grease removers on our list, you might want to read the pros and cons below.


Diffuser: The presentation includes a dual-action diffuser: spray, for general dirt, and foam, for difficult grease.

Shine: This grease remover leaves glass and vertical surfaces shiny, for a remarkable cleanliness in the windows of the home.

Repellent: Its formula with repellent action prevents grease from becoming embedded, for quick cleaning without rinsing.


Some materials: It is recommended not to apply the product on painted or varnished surfaces, as it could deteriorate its tone and gloss.

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9. Asevi Fat Remover Concentrate Spray

Within the cheap and effective fat removers we find this Asevi presentation, characterized by its concentrated formula that thoroughly and effortlessly removes the most difficult fat. In this sense, it can be used in the kitchen and those surfaces where grease and dirt accumulate, such as countertops, ovens, stoves, ceramic hobs, hoods, tiles and kitchen utensils; as well as on shutters, barbecues, car tires, etc.

This is a strikingly designed 750ml bottle with a spray gun for effortless handling and a wide spread of the product in the most difficult areas.

Analyzing the qualities of this grease remover a little more, we do not want to forget to mention that its formula allows the product to be easily removed from the cleaned surface, leaving a fresh and mild citrus aroma; making household cleaning tasks easier and more enjoyable.

Since we do not want you to miss any details of the product, we bring you a small list of pros and cons.



Concentration: The concentrated formula of this degreaser is capable of removing the most difficult grease with maximum efficiency.

Practical: This lightweight 750ml spray bottle is handy for frequent household cleaning tasks.

Fragrance: The citrus aroma that it gives off in its path makes cleaning activities more pleasant.


Fabrics: In the case of delicate fabrics, it is advisable to do a test in an inconspicuous area, as it could deteriorate its appearance.

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Shopping guide


Grease removers are substances that, due to their chemical composition, react on contact with fats and oils to remove them easily from surfaces. Nowadays, this product is used daily, since it facilitates hygiene tasks. In this guide to buying the best grease remover, you can find guidance on the aspects to consider when choosing one.


To make a correct choice at the time of purchase, it is important to know what type of grease remover is on the market. In this sense, there are those for domestic use, which are useful for cleaning homes, shops, restaurants, offices, educational centers, etc. These have a moderate degreasing capacity, since the surfaces do not usually present large accumulations of grease and oil.

Likewise, there are those for industrial use, which are formulated to act more effectively on encrusted fat that is difficult to remove. Thus, we find that they are used in the food and automotive industries, among others; although they can also be used at home. To do this, you must investigate the conditions of use and employment of personal protection elements.


An important aspect that you must take into account when buying a grease remover is the ingredients, which determine the degree of effectiveness of the product and whether or not it can produce an allergic reaction when using it. Generally, these types of products have surfactants, which are responsible for softening the fat and oils present on the surfaces.

Likewise, it is appropriate to mention that some grease removers have powerful chemicals in their composition that are corrosive, such as sodium hydroxide or caustic soda, so their presence implies that they be used with caution, requiring the use of protection implements, such as like gloves and goggles. On the other hand, there are also ecological grease removers, made from different kinds of vegetables, totally biodegradable and without risk to the people who use them.


In the market, you can find grease remover in liquid, gel, foam, or powder form. But, there are two key aspects to take into account: the size and the design of the container. If you are wondering how much a grease remover costs, the answer may vary depending on these aspects.

This is how the small presentation ones are practical and light, providing easy handling and practical application; for example, a 750 ml bottle. For their part, large containers represent savings in the medium term, since they have more degreaser at a lower price per liter of product. An example of this can be obtained with a 5-liter bottle.

On the other hand, those of small presentation, in general, include an application or sprinkling system for a precise application. That is, they can have a sprinkler or spray. Also, to prevent product from being wasted or applied by mistake, some add a safety valve to close or open the diffuser.

Likewise, the small grease remover versions are also ergonomic, for a solid and secure grip. It is a matter of deciding which alternative is more convenient for you, according to the frequency of use, as well as the size and number of areas to be cleaned.

Special features

To make a good choice, you should also consider the additional benefits offered by the grease remover aside from easily removing fat. In this sense, when making a comparison of grease removers, in addition to looking at how cheap the product is, you could analyze other interesting qualities that each manufacturer offers and distinguish their formula from similar ones.

For example, if you are looking for a cleaning agent that is versatile, you could check if you can use it on any type of surface or if you should limit its application to only certain places in the home. By keeping this in mind, you could be sure to take home a product that you could use on wood, aluminum, marble, in the oven, and more.

On the other hand, you should know that there are versions of grease removers that do not need rinsing. In other words, you can apply them and after removing the fat you do not have to focus on carrying out an exhaustive removal procedure of the product. In fact, the film that will remain on the surface can be beneficial in preventing the grease from re-adhering. Other options, on the other hand, must be completely removed after application using plenty of water or a damp cloth.

Another addition to take into account is the aroma, since there are products with an intense fragrance, some pleasant, others not so much; as well as there are those with soft, fresh or citrus aromas. In this sense, the purchase decision may depend on whether or not you are sensitive to fragrances, or if you are looking for a grease remover with a mild and pleasant aroma that you can enjoy while cleaning.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to clean the oven with grease remover?

If you need to clean the oven, it is advisable to first review both the advice related to cleaning the equipment given in the manufacturer’s instruction manual, and the instructions for use of the grease remover to be used. These may vary depending on whether it is a liquid spray, cream or foam degreaser. Similarly, make sure the oven is turned off and unplugged before you begin work.

The cleaning process is really simple, thanks to the degreasing products available on the market today. In general, the first thing to do is remove any remaining food, if any; to then proceed to remove the grids or trays, as the case may be, for separate cleaning.

Next, the grease remover is applied to the inside of the oven, as well as to the grids or trays removed; letting it act for the recommended time to maximize its potential. Once elapsed, proceed to rub with a fiber or cloth depending on the difficulty in removing the fat. Then, in the case of the internal part of the oven, the product is removed with a damp or dry cloth and, finally, the trays or racks are rinsed under the tap, in the event that the product needs to be removed.

Q2: How to make a homemade grease remover?

If you need a fat remover, but you don’t have one, with basic ingredients commonly used at home you could prepare a homemade one. In the same way, it can provide you with effective results similar to those provided by commercial products.

In this sense, you can prepare a solution with lemon and dishwashing soap, which are cleaners capable of removing grease from surfaces; sodium bicarbonate, which has an abrasive effect capable of removing grease adhering to appliances and surfaces; and white vinegar, which facilitates the removal of grease and stains caused by food. 

Thus, to make a grease remover with these components, you will need to mix half a liter of water, 50 ml of white vinegar, 2 tablespoons of dishwashing soap, 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice in a large jar with a spout. It is recommended that you pour the ingredients little by little and in that order, since the mixture effervesces as a result of the reaction between the lemon and the baking soda. Finally, pour the grease remover preparation into a recycled spray bottle.

Q3: How does a grease remover work?

Grease removers, according to their nature (alkaline, neutral or acid) are composed of molecules with both hydrophobic (affinity with fat) and hydrophilic (affinity with water) properties. Therefore, once they come into contact with fats, they act, through a chemical reaction, dissolving or emulsifying them. This effect reduces their adherence to surfaces or fabrics and therefore they can be removed by water.

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