Opinions about NCM Moscow

Main advantage:

The bike’s built-in motor offers high-end power corresponding to 250 watts, which is quite suitable for mountain routes, as its work force increases progressively when facing a slope.

Main disadvantage:

If moisture is left in the folding areas for too long, the surface may corrode, even though the frame is chrome metal.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This is a 27.5-inch MTB bike with pedal assistance and a series of high-quality components incorporated, to offer a better user experience without damaging the environment.

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Main Features Explained

Das Engine Kit

NCM is a brand with a history of six years, which has managed to position itself among the best, despite having little time in the market. Its equipment incorporates cutting-edge technology and the promise of improving the condition of the environment through its bicycles, seen as a type of sustainable transport and on the rise.

A good example of this is the Moscow MTB Bicycle, which, according to the opinions of those who have purchased it, is a product capable of facing any scenario, thanks to its high-end motor. In this sense, you will obtain a safe and powerful driving at all times.

NCM Moscow is an electric bicycle that has been provided with a Das Kit x15 250-watt rear-wheel drive motor, which, as specified by the manufacturer, does not incorporate brushes and, thanks to its torque, offers a progressive increase in the power.

In this way, you will be able to go from a flat road to a steep slope without any fear, since the work force of the motor of this bicycle will increase up to a maximum of 25 kilometers per hour, without generating an annoying noise, since the motor will not work forcefully.

Battery and autonomy

If you are thinking of purchasing an electric bicycle, you will have to take into consideration some aspects of interest related to the power supply of the motor. It is about the technical specifications of the built-in battery and the autonomy time that it is capable of offering for pedaling assistance.

The NCM house MTB bicycles have energy accumulators that adapt to the usage needs of different users, because they offer high performance and long life, due to the fact that they can be easily recharged.

This model is no exception, since it has been provided with a 48-watt DeHawk battery, with which you will get an assisted route with autonomy for between 40 and 120 kilometers maximum.

In addition, it is important to mention that the battery can be easily removed to be recharged by connecting a USB cable with its respective AC adapter. Likewise, the port built into the energy accumulator will allow you to link your smartphone, to power it during the tour.


It is quite common to find a small monitoring screen on electric bicycles together with a control panel made up of some buttons. Of course, this could vary depending on the brand and model purchased. In any case, the important thing is to verify the existence of both elements in the equipment you want to buy, so that your driving experience is more enjoyable and safe.

If we review the catalog of the NCM house, whose designs enjoy great prestige and popularity, we will find that the Moscow model is recommended by a large number of brand followers as one of the best MTB bikes. Also, if you are looking for economy and quality, this product is the ideal one, since it offers you a completely intuitive and safe control system at a competitive price.

This bicycle incorporates a spacious DAS – KIT L7B type screen in the handlebar area, which is characterized by offering backlighting and large digits, so that you can quickly read the speed and distance acquired. In addition, on the edge of the screen you will find a series of duly identified buttons, to carry out the control of the pedaling assistance functions. These buttons have been strategically placed on the left side, which will allow you to access them without having to let go of the handlebar.

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