The 8 Best Crampons of 2022

Crampons – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

There are many models of crampons on the market and each of them has different technical specifications, so not all equipment is suitable for the same type of shoe or terrain. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful in the selection process to avoid future setbacks. Docooler 14 points are semi-automatic crampons with a strong manganese steel frame. In addition, they have a quick adjustment method by means of a nylon strap and a buckle closure. For its part, the Unigear 18 point model offers a structure with a rubber ring, velcro closure and excellent performance on mud, snow or rocky terrain.

The 8 Best Crampons – Opinions 2022

To get the best crampons, you need to leave rushed purchases in the past and review the following selection that we have prepared for you. In this way, it will be easier to acquire equipment that really meets your needs in each of the crossings and that also adapts to the type of footwear you have.

semi-automatic crampons

1. Docooler 14 Points Serrated Pliers Ice Climbing Crampons

Docooler is a manufacturer with a strong track record, whose products have managed to capture the attention of buyers due to their quality. On this occasion, it presents mountaineering equipment, which according to specialized critics could be the best crampons. 

For the elaboration of the frame, manganese steel was used, a material resistant to corrosion, semi-rigid and non-deformable. In addition, the binding system allows the absorption of a large part of the impacts, while the anti-balling mechanism prevents snow from adhering to the lower area of ​​the structure.

The design of these semi-automatic crampons incorporates a total of 14 spikes, two of which stand out at the front, so the equipment is recommended for glacier-type hiking. In addition, the rivets are made of stainless steel, the robust nylon strap is orange, its format is compatible with several sizes and it incorporates a storage bag.

By acquiring this model you will probably be wearing the best crampons of the moment, whose positive and negative characteristics we explain below.


Bag: A storage bag has been incorporated so that you can carry the crampons safely.

Strength: The magnesium steel used to manufacture the frame offers strength, durability and flexibility.

Straps: The adjustment strap has been made of robust nylon fabric that fits correctly to the foot.

Last: The structure has an adjustment mechanism for different shoe sizes.


Spikes: The spikes are a bit short, which could be a drawback by preventing them from digging into the ground well.

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light crampons

2. Unigear Light Snow Ice Crampons 18 Points

This model has managed to position itself among the best value for money crampons, being considered by buyers as one of the cheapest. Its design with 18 1/2-inch tines and made of stainless steel is quite simple, but despite this, it provides great grip on different rocky, muddy and snowy terrain. In addition, this material stands out for being non-deformable, resistant and easy to wash.

It is important to mention that these light crampons will not generate any type of complications when putting them on, since they are quickly fixed thanks to their TPE rubber ring, a polymer that is characterized by being anti-tear and flexible. 

In the same way, it incorporates a velcro closure that allows a comfortable adaptation according to the shape of the shoe. On the other hand, we have that these cheap crampons weigh only 440 grams and have been provided with a practical transport bag.

Among the best crampons for 20 euros, that is, among the cheapest, you will find this model, which is also light, resistant and has been made with high-end materials.


Spikes: Its 18 stainless steel spikes allow a correct grip on rocky, snowy and muddy terrain. 

Closure: The closure is by means of a velcro strap and allows you to adjust the fit according to your needs. 

Transport: Thanks to the built-in transport bag you can carry the crampons comfortably and safely.

Ring: The upper ring has been made of flexible rubber, which facilitates a better adaptation to the shoe. 


Aesthetics: Although its aesthetics can sometimes be considered rudimentary, the effectiveness of its grip on the surface cannot be denied.

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automatic crampons

3. Singing Rock Crampons Fakir II Automatic

If you are familiar with the main brands of sporting goods, you will know that Singing Rock is a manufacturer with a great track record and market position. Its line of automatic crampons has managed to capture the attention of buyers due to its simple, resistant, adjustable, light and safe design. The 12 tines of this model have been built in stainless steel and 10 of them are distributed vertically on the sides, while the remaining two are at the front.

Regarding the length of the structure, you can easily adjust it for shoes with a size range from 39 to 47. The best thing is that you will not need to use any tools for this. However, it is important to ensure that the shoe is rigid, as well as incorporating a crampon compatible design. As can be seen, this model has great attributes, so it is not surprising that it is one of the best crampons of 2022.

Singing Rock is considered by many users to be the best brand of crampons, so you may want to check the pros and cons of this model.


Spikes: Its 12 spikes distributed vertically and in the frontal area improve the grip when stepping.

Design: These automatic crampons have an aesthetically simple design and a secure closing mechanism. 

Adjustment: The structure can be easily adjusted, adapting to a shoe last from size 39 to 47.

Weight: Its light body will not make you tired or uncomfortable when walking.


Bag: The absence of a storage bag enhances the deterioration of a conventional bag due to the sharpness of the spikes, so it is recommended to purchase it separately.

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Petzl Crampons

4. Petzl Crampons Vasak

These Petzl crampons have been designed based on a traditional format, but with some modifications that give them a complete adaptation to the current needs of athletes. The structure has a total of 12 well-sharpened spikes, which allow a perfect grip on the surface both on climbs and on classic glacier-type routes, without the need to incur any technical style of movement. 

In addition, it is important to highlight the innovative “Flex Lock” system, a mechanism arranged for the strap closure area. On the other hand, we have the weight of these Petzl Vasak Crampons, which corresponds to approximately 810 grams and is light. Likewise, the crampons have a wide adaptability for boots with a last of size 36 to 50. 

Similarly, you will be interested to know that the product has UIAA certification, which refers to the quality of the manufacturing material, especially for mountain and climbing activities.

With this model you will achieve good performance during your journeys, due to its adjustable and safe design, whose advantages and disadvantages we discuss below.


Certification: The crampons have UIAA certification, which guarantees the safety and resistance of the materials.

Adjustment: The structure adjustment can be made for boots from size 36 to 50.

Spikes: This model has 12 spikes distributed on the sides, toe and heel for a correct grip on the ground. 

Closure: You will be able to close the strap quickly, safely and easily, thanks to the incorporation of the innovative “Flex Lock” system.


Cleaning: Snow accumulates very easily, so crampons are a bit uncomfortable to move around easily.

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Salewa Crampons

5. Salewa Alpinist Walk

With so many brands and models, you may find yourself a little undecided about which are the best crampons, so it is worth continuing to review the proposals that the market has for you. One of them is the Salewa crampons, designed for snowy technical crossings in which the contact of the spikes with respect to the rocks is almost non-existent. 

In this sense, we could say that it is equipment designed especially for terrain with a large layer of snow. The built-in 12-tine system has been constructed of steel, offering strength and stability. In addition, these pieces ensure a correct grip. 

Among other particularities of this innovative model of crampons, we have its closure by means of straps and a wide level of compatibility with various types of climbing or mountaineering shoes. In the same way, said structure is suitable for boots with a flexible, semi-rigid or rigid sole, as commented by the manufacturer.

This model is a good option for those looking for mountaineering equipment that adapts to any type of footwear, whose technical specifications can clarify your doubts about which crampons to buy.


Spikes: Its 12 steel spikes offer stability and a good grip on snowy trails.

Compatibility: These crampons are suitable for any type of climbing boot, so they are considered versatile.

Closure: You can easily adjust the strap thanks to the adjustable strap arranged for closure.

Cleaning: Cleaning the picks is very simple, since you will only need a damp cloth and a dry one. 


Use: The equipment is suitable for terrain with a dense layer of snow or ice, but its use on rocks is not recommended, in these cases you should choose another model.

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strap crampons

6. Toogoo Strap Type Crampons Ski Crampons 

This time the Toogoo house presents us with strap crampons made of stainless steel and rubber rings for a better fit to the outside of the shoe. Similarly, the adjustment system made up of a nylon fabric strap and closure by means of a metal buckle stands out. 

In this sense, you will enjoy wide compatibility with any type of boot, due to said adjustment system. In addition, it is important to mention that the design has 10 spikes that adapt to rocky, snowy and even glacial terrain.

On the other hand, we have the incorporation of a hexagonal type key to carry out a quick adjustment of the dimensions of the structure. Thus, you can regulate from 20.5 to 31 centimeters. Similarly, we do not want to forget to mention the storage bag attached to the purchase package, made of green waterproof fabric and black front zipper.

These crampons could interest you, because they adapt to any type of rocky, snowy or glacial route. Here are its main pros and cons. 


Bag: A zippered bag is attached so you can safely transport the crampons.

Hexagonal key: Thanks to the incorporation of a hexagonal key you can quickly adjust the length of the structure.

Spikes: Its 10 spikes made of stainless steel provide stability when stepping on and are easy to clean.

Closure: The polyester strap offers resistance while the closure buckle provides security.


Snow plow: The snow plow is made of plastic and not rubber, so it may not be as efficient when performing its function.

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Crampons Grivel

7. Grivel Ramponi G12 New Matic Mod. RA074A02 Nero

These are semi-automatic type Grivel crampons suitable for glacier, snow and technical mountaineering. Its 970-gram structure is quite light, so you can move around without causing discomfort due to its weight. In addition, they offer a high level of resistance, stability and durability, since both the structure and its 12 well-sharpened spikes have been made of stainless steel.

Similarly, they incorporate an upper ring for adjustment on the outside of the shoe in flexible polymer and a nylon fabric strap with buckle closure. On the other hand, the “Antibott” system stands out, which prevents the accumulation of snow on the front and rear tines, as well as the UIAA quality certification applied to the materials. 

Finally, we must mention the adjustment mechanism for the length of each of the crampons, which allows it to adapt to shoe lasts from size 36 to 47.

These semi-automatic crampons will provide you with comfort and safety on each of your journeys, so they are a good option to consider on your shopping list. 


Size adjustment: Its adjustable length allows it to be adjusted for boots from size 36 to 47, which represents a wide range.

Spikes: Its 12 well-sharpened stainless steel spikes help to achieve a secure grip on the ground.

Antibott: You won’t have to worry about snow buildup on the toe or heel due to the Antibott spike system.

Certification: The UIAA certification applied to the materials refers to their quality, so they could be efficient and durable.


Bag: As it does not include a storage bag, it is necessary to make an extra investment to acquire it separately.

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Camp Crampons

8. Camp 4 Ramponcini Ice Master

The Camp crampons have managed to surprise buyers thanks to their lightweight, resistant design that is easy to put on shoes. It is a structure made of tempered steel and composed of a total of 12 small spikes, which will allow you to move safely on snow or ice. Also, these crampons incorporate soft and flexible polymer in the upper ring and a steel chain.

Among other specifications to mention, we have its compatibility with different types of shoes of various sizes. This is due to its quick and easy adjustment and closure system by means of a velcro nylon strap. 

In addition, these ultralight crampons have been provided with a practical rigid storage bag, made of synthetic fabric, with a removable zipper and a small grab handle where you can insert them to transport them comfortably. Thus, you will prevent the spikes from damaging the items contained in the backpack.

If you are looking for complementary equipment for ice surfaces, you should review the advantages and disadvantages of acquiring this product from Camp 4.


Bag: A rigid bag with zipper and handle is attached for a safe transport of the product.

Adjustment: Its length is suitable for shoes of different sizes, on a small, medium or large scale.

Spikes: The 12 steel spikes are small, which gives the crampon strength and stability.

Closure: The closure of the nylon strap is quick and easy, thanks to the fact that it incorporates velcro.


Use: The small size of the tines is suitable for surfaces with ice or snow, but the model is not recommended for mountaineering.

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Shopping guide

If you want to buy crampons that really suit your needs and the style of shoe you have for your mountaineering activities, you should review the following guide to buying the best crampons.

Construction materials

When reviewing any comparison of crampons, you will find the manufacturing materials among the main aspects evaluated by buyers prior to purchase, since the durability of the product will depend on their quality. Similarly, there is the issue of flexibility and resistance.

The frame and tines are typically stainless or manganese steel, as well as brass or aluminum. The important thing is to confirm its thickness and try to ensure that it has some type of certification. Thus, you can be sure of its resistance to the elements.

For its part, the upper ring is usually made of flexible rubber so that it adapts to the shape of the shoe, while the strap can be made of polyester or nylon, so that it provides resistance and can repel water. This is quite convenient, since if it absorbs the water generated by some precipitation or by stepping on a puddle, the rope would become heavy and this would make the athlete uncomfortable.


Due to the structure with sharp spikes that crampons have, it is necessary to transport them inside a bag or case specially designed for them. In this way, you will not have to worry about the damage that the points may cause to the other elements contained in the backpack.

In fact, more and more manufacturers have begun to include these types of accessories in the purchase package, which improve the storage and transport experience of the equipment. Although, in some cases, its incorporation could influence how much the product costs, it is also true that in the long term we would be making a good investment, because by purchasing the bag separately the cost could be much higher. 

In any case, the important thing is that you make sure that the case has been made of robust textile fabric so that it offers a higher level of protection so that it does not deteriorate in contact with the picks. Likewise, confirm that it has a secure and easy-to-remove zipper, which prevents the loss of the equipment during the trip. Do not forget to review the incorporation of a grab handle, which facilitates transport.


The system of spikes incorporated into the structure of the crampons is a fundamental aspect for the proper functioning of the equipment. In this sense, you should always keep in mind that both the grip and the stability obtained when moving will depend directly on the size of these tips. Likewise, its resistance and level of sharpness of the metal will influence. For these reasons, no matter how cheap the product to be purchased is, it will always be necessary for its tines to offer these characteristics.

When reviewing the proposals of the different brands, we will find a great variety in the number of incorporated spikes: these can be between 10 and up to 18. Similarly, the format can be small and increase, depending on the type of jacket. Let’s remember that short tips are suitable for snowy or icy surfaces, while larger ones benefit climbing with a deeper and denser layer of ice. In this way, the grip is much more stable. We cannot forget that some types of tines have been designed for muddy or rocky terrain. Thus, the selection is a task that you must carry out according to the needs of the routes that you usually carry out.

Fit and closure

Both the method of adjustment and the closure of the crampon are characteristics of great importance, which you must evaluate to avoid inconveniences when moving over different terrains. In this sense, you will need to check that the structure has some type of regulation mechanism for its length. This, in general, is adjustable according to the last. For example, there are crampons that are suitable for shoes from size 36 to 46. Similarly, you cannot fail to verify if the structure requires that the boot incorporate a special tab in the toe or heel area for the coupling of the mechanism. adjustment. Of course, this will be necessary if the crampons are automatic or semi-automatic.

On the other hand, there is the issue of closure. As you may know, this type of equipment integrates a strap that surrounds the upper part of the shoe, whose purpose is to always keep the structure in place. To do this, said tape must have a secure and quick access closure, as is the case with metal buckles or Velcro. Both are the options most used by manufacturers.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use crampons?

Crampons are part of the equipment to move on snow or rocky terrain that requires extra security, so they are a very helpful element for mountaineers. It is a piece adaptable to footwear and made up of a series of spikes that will help you to secure yourself to the ground with greater stability when climbing. Its selection is made based on the shape of the foot and the type of footwear, being necessary that you make sure that the manufacturing materials are high-end and the adjustment method is safe. For its placement, you must adjust the crampon to the format of the shoe or boot, for which you will have to verify compatibility with the type of crampon. Then, put the shoe on top of said structure,

Q2: How to tie strap crampons?

To tie your crampons, you will have to have previously placed the boots on each one and identify the respective fastening strap, which is fixed on one of the sides of the structure. Direct the strap towards the pointer and insert it through a tab arranged in that area. Immediately pull the strap to fit it properly. Then, you will have to insert it from the inside out, through a second diverter that is located in the heel cup, so that you can slide the strap over the top of the instep. This will re-insert the strap onto the original pin. In this way, it would only remain to adjust the buckle.

Q3: How to walk with crampons?

There are several techniques for walking with crampons, such as the “duck” technique, which is suitable for climbing on slippery terrain. For her, you will need to open your feet to take giant steps, strengthening the lower part of the plant with greater force. Also, if you are on a steeper surface, the “American” style will be indicated. You must extend the foot to create a safe support and continue to throw the other foot consecutively, using your steps as anchors. On the other hand, there is the “French” step, which is indicated for when the snow is a little hard. In this case, you will only have to take steps in a zigzag pattern.

Q4: How to put the crampons in the backpack?

The crampons must always be inside a transport bag that has been made of nylon or polyester fabric, since they are robust and resistant fibers. In this way, the spikes will not go through it and will not damage the backpack or the items contained in it. Then, you must place the bag with the crampons inside the backpack, but in an easily accessible place. 

Q5: How to adjust semi-automatic crampons?

Adjusting your semi-automatic crampons is a fairly simple task. The first thing you should do is pay attention to the compatibility of this structure with respect to the design of the shoes, since not all mountaineering shoes are suitable for this type of crampon. Next, carefully place the toe of the shoe on the footpeg of the crampon and fit the heel cup to the back of the frame. In this way, you will be able to close the built-in locking mechanism on the upper of the shoe provided for this purpose.

Q6: When to use crampons or snowshoes?

Both crampons and snowshoes are two types of mountaineering equipment that complement each other, so you should have both on hand. Crampons will help you on climbs on uneven surfaces, while snowshoes are suitable for more even surfaces, where crampons could cause discomfort and even make walking difficult. 

Q7: How to clean the crampons?

To clean your crampons you will only need a damp cloth and a dry one. With the first of them, you will have to remove the dirt accumulated on the spikes, while with the dry one you will be able to remove excess moisture to prevent corrosion. You can apply some type of professional product, but make sure that its components do not deteriorate the metal with which the structure of the crampon has been made.

Q8: Which is better: automatic or semi-automatic crampons?

Both crampons offer good performance, so it cannot be said that one is better than the other. However, you should pay attention to the issue of compatibility with boots, since semi-automatic crampons require a specific shoe that incorporates a tab on the back for the closing mechanism to engage.

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