The 9 Best Timberland Boots of 2022

Timberland Boots – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Timberland is an iconic brand in the market, whose line of boots offers the highest quality standards not only because they incorporate certified and often sustainable raw materials, but also because each of the different models have modern designs, precise and well-crafted finishes. Proof of this is the Timberland Euro Rock Hiker model, a shoe that preserves the traditional design line, but with some modification in the cuts, which gives it a modern touch. Another good purchase alternative are the Timberland Premium Chukka boots, which have a traditional cut line in yellow Nubuck leather and a sole with grooves that optimize traction.

The 9 Best Timberland Boots – Opinions 2022

Timberland has a fairly extensive catalog of boots, so selecting a specific model could be a bit of a messy task. For this reason, we present nine Timberland boots that, according to the buyers’ option, could be the best of this year.

Men’s Timberland Boots

1. Timberland Euro Rock Hiker Mens Boots

If you are looking for Timberland boots for men, the invitation is to review this model made of yellow Nubuck leather, which is characterized by having a pleasant touch and providing a high level of protection to the feet, due to its nature. robust. In addition, said material has adequate flexibility, which allows it to adapt to the natural shape of the foot.

On the other hand, this product is recommended among the best Timberland boots, due to its injection molded rubber sole, which is resistant to wear. Likewise, thanks to the drawings on the back, it provides a good grip on uneven surfaces, dry or wet pavement, among others. 

Likewise, there is the midsole integrated in the well-known EVA rubber, whose composition is softer than rubber and, therefore, has the peculiarity of absorbing the pressure generated in each one of the steps.

Named as one of the best Timberland boots of the moment, we find this yellow model with a medium cane on the shopping lists. Here, the details.


Midsole: The impact when stepping will not generate fatigue in the plant, because the midsole cushions the pressure.

Sole: Its rubber sole is resistant and provides an adequate level of traction.

Lining: You won’t have to worry about chafing, thanks to the soft fabric lining.

Adjustment: You will be able to adapt the shoe to the shape of the foot, due to the lace-up adjustment system.


Templates: The templates may seem flimsy, but it all depends on the user’s taste.

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2. Timberland Sprint Trekker Mid Chukka Boots Mens

With these men’s Timberland boots, safety when moving will be guaranteed, since the footwear is made with a combination of high-quality materials that resist weather changes, abrasion and protect from minor impacts against the pavement, rocks or trunks.

Dark green Nubuck leather was used for the body of the boots, while the tongue and interior have a breathable mesh lining and light padding, designed to prevent chafing and maintain free air circulation.

For its part, the two-centimeter rubber sole with a flat heel has channels that improve traction and, at the same time, prevent slipping on different terrains. In addition, the built-in closure system is by means of laces on the instep, which allows adjusting the opening of the mouthpiece and the fit of the shoe on the foot.

These are low-cut Timberland boots aimed at the male target, whose pros and cons we present below.


Adjustment: Thanks to the lacing system you can adjust the fit by simply pulling the strings simultaneously and knotting them.

Traction: Its rubber sole with channels prevents unexpected slipping when stepping on wet and irregular terrain.

Lining: The inner lining keeps the foot fresh and free from chafing.

Reinforcements: Reinforcements are incorporated into the heel, responsible for improving the level of stability in the foot.


Tongue: The tongue is a bit narrow, so it doesn’t completely cover the inner area of ​​the pins.

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Women’s Timberland Boots

3. Timberland Inch Premium Waterproof Chukka Boots Women

This is a model designed in 1973 that, due to its high level of quality in terms of design and manufacturing, managed to position itself in the market and transcend through the years, being today recognized as one of the best boots Timberland from 2022.

It is a shoe that combines an injection molded recyclable rubber sole with a system of channels, which improve traction when stepping so that it is not an inconvenience to move safely in the mountains or in the city. In addition, these Timberland boots for women have been provided with a more flexible midsole, whose function is to cushion the pressure of the plant when stepping.

It is also interesting to mention that the seams of all the joints of the footwear have special sealing technology, which, together with the vulcanized sole, enhance the impermeability of the product.

Thanks to this model, Timberland has been considered the best brand of boots. Here, more details regarding its preparation.


Seams: The technology of sealed seams incorporated enhances the waterproofness in the shoe.

Sustainable: This is a sustainable product, because a percentage of recyclable rubber is used to manufacture the sole.

Exterior: Its nubuck-type leather exterior offers resistance to wear and protection to the feet.

Laces: Synthetic laces provide durability, resistance and waterproofness.


Stiffness: The boots might seem a little stiff at first, but after a couple of uses you will notice that they start to give.

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4. Timberland Keeley Field Boots Women

With these women’s Timberland boots, you can experience a feeling of comfort and protection in your feet, since the interior of the shoe incorporates a special canvas lining, responsible for covering the seams of the joints. In addition, it provides a pleasant touch, which prevents the appearance of blisters on the skin due to chafing. 

For its part, the body of the shoe has been made of genuine Nubuck leather, which easily adapts to the natural shape of the foot, thanks to its flexibility. Likewise, it is an easy-to-clean material and capable of resisting both abrasion and humidity.

The sole is made of light rubber with horizontal channels and a flat heel, being characteristics that optimize the movement of the person and provide an adequate level of traction when walking. Similarly, it is worth commenting on the lacing system arranged on the instep, designed to offer a quick adjustment.

Let’s explore the positives and negatives of these Timberland women’s knee-high boots.


Laces: Its synthetic laces dry quickly in case of precipitation or spillage.

Nubuck leather: The footwear adapts anatomically, thanks to the softness and flexibility of the Nubuck leather.

Upper: The high upper slightly immobilizes the heel and ankle, favoring foot stability.

Sole: Its rubber sole with horizontal grooves provides a good grip on wet or uneven surfaces.


Color contrast: The color contrast of the sole and the body of the shoe may not be to everyone’s liking.

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Boys’ Timberland Boots

5. Timberland Euro Sprint Junior Classic Boots Kids Unisex Adult

These Timberland boots for boys have the original cut line of the adult footwear, but add some details that give the design showiness and femininity. It is a shiny silver finish on the tongue and upper area of ​​the shaft, and incorporates a ribbon of the same color on the instep, which intersects through the metal eyelets, allowing the width of the mouthpiece to be adjusted according to the anatomy of the foot..

The surface of the footwear was made of Nubuck leather in a light gray tone, which is a material with high resistance to abrasion. In addition, the interior has been lined with breathable mesh, which keeps the foot ventilated and prevents skin contact with the seams, so you don’t have to worry about chafing. For its part, the rubber sole is non-slip and the rubber midsole cushions pressure.

Those who wish to acquire Timberland boots aimed at the female target, whose modern design can be worn on any occasion, will be interested in knowing more about this model.


Cushioning: By incorporating EVA rubber in the midsole, the impact after each step is reduced.

Seams: The double seams used are resistant and add an attractive touch to the shoe.

Non- slip: The rubber sole with medium deep grooves improves traction and prevents slipping.

Perspiration: Due to the textile interior, you will get correct perspiration, for cooler feet.


Straps: The strap built into the instep to adjust the shoe might feel a bit flimsy.

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6. Timberland Davis Square Leather Chukka Junior Unisex Boots

Considered the best value for money Timberland boots, this model stands out, made with Nubuck leather, a material with a high level of resistance against abrasion and deterioration caused by weather agents.

In addition, these Timberland boots for boys have a unisex design, which maintains the cut line of adult footwear. A reinforcement piece is incorporated in the heel part to stabilize the foot when walking, while the interior area has flat seams and a textile lining, which prevent cuts and chafing.

On the other hand, there is the issue of shoe fit, for which a criss-cross lacing system has been incorporated, through the pair of rows of metal eyelets on the instep. In this way, it is possible to easily adjust the opening of the mouthpiece and, therefore, adapt the boots to the shape of the foot without causing discomfort when walking.

Among the cheapest Timberland boots is this model. Next, its main details.


Cane: By having a medium-high cane, you will be able to slightly immobilize the ankle for greater stability.

Closure: Thanks to the instep lacing system, you can easily secure the fit of the shoe by tying the strings.

Sole: Its rubber sole not only offers resistance to wear, but it is also light, to optimize performance when moving.

Chafing: You will not have to worry about chafing, since the interior has been coated.


Last: The last might seem fair, but over time the material gives way and adapts to the foot.

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Timberland boots for men with Gore Tex

7. Timberland Men’s Bradstreet Chukka GTX Medium Nubuck Boot

This model has been the answer for many people to the question of which are the best Timberland boots, since it combines a modern cut line with the resistance of the high-end materials that the brand uses in all its designs. In this way, protection is provided to the sole, heel and ankle of the foot, while the person moves on uneven terrain or in the city.

In addition, these are men’s Timberland boots with Gore Tex, a special membrane placed on the inner lining of the shoe, which blocks the passage of water without sacrificing proper breathability. 

In this sense, you will not have to worry about sudden changes in the weather, since your feet will be dry and fresh all the way. Likewise, there is the rubber sole with non-slip channels and the closure system by means of laces, for a quick adjustment.

If you don’t know which Timberland boots to buy, check the details of this model aimed at the male target.


Channels: The channels of the sole improve traction on wet floors, to prevent slipping.

Surface: Its Nubuck leather exterior provides protection to the foot against impacts against the pavement, rocks or trunks.

Eyelets: You will not have to worry about the eyelets deteriorating, since they are made of stainless steel.

Stitching: The stitching not only joins the cuts, but also decorates the boots.


Weight: The weight of the boots could initially be annoying for some people, but in a few days the foot adapts.

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Girls’ Timberland Boots

8. Timberland Pokey Pine Inc Toddler Girls Boots

If you’re looking for Timberland boots for girls, then you can’t leave this model off your shopping list, as it combines the brand’s high quality standards with a colorful and modern design. In addition, these are the cheapest shoes in this list of recommendations.

For the exterior area, genuine dark green leather was used, which gives the footwear resistance, durability and a pleasant touch. For its part, the interior has been lined with soft and breathable fabric, which prevents chafing on the girl’s delicate skin and keeps it cool.

Also, it is convenient to comment on the practicality when putting on the boot, since on one of the sides it incorporates a zipper, which allows the shaft to be expanded to introduce the foot quickly and easily. Also, on the instep you will have a lacing system to regulate the fit.

These boots have a number of interesting advantages and disadvantages, which we discuss below to make the selection easier.


Sole: Thanks to the channels of the sole, the girl will be able to move through wet or dry terrain.

Midsole: The cushioning provided by the midsole releases pressure points on the sole.

Reinforcements: The reinforcement of the heel area will maintain stability in the foot when walking.

Adjustment: You will have a pair of laces to regulate the fit of the shoe, according to the shape of the foot.


Color: The dark green color of these Timberland boots might not be to the liking of every girl.

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Black Timberland Boots

9. Timberland Euro Rock Hiker Mens Boots

These are black Timberland boots, whose stylized design line, together with a series of well-made finishes in each of the cuts and reinforcements, provide a modern aesthetic that invites you to use the product daily to go to work, study, meetings, shopping trips to the supermarket, among other activities.

The footwear has a rubber sole with moderately deep channels, which provide a secure grip on the ground, while the EVA rubber midsole cushions all the energy generated in each one of the steps.

For its part, the outside of the boots has been made of polished and tanned leather, which allows you to enjoy a soft touch. On the instep, two rows of metal pins stand out, crisscrossed by a cylindrical polyester and cotton cord, which is light and resistant. In this way, it is possible to adjust the shoe according to the natural shape of the foot.

Here are the pros and cons of modern Timberland boots for everyday wear.


Midsole: The incorporated midsole absorbs the impact of the tread, for greater comfort.

Closure: The laces incorporated into the instep offer a quick and precise adjustment of the shoe.

Seams: You will enjoy a resistant shoe, thanks to the series of double seams applied in each of the unions.

Cane: Its medium-high cane will maintain ankle stability, allowing you to move safely.


Width: The width of the sole may seem a little reduced compared to other models, but this does not detract from comfort.

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Shopping guide

Timberland boots are a type of footwear that provides complete protection to the feet with respect to weather agents and obstacles that may arise on the way when hiking or moving around the city. Below, you can review a guide to buying the best Timberland boots.


Knowing the composition of the sole of the footwear that we plan to acquire is of great importance, since it is an area in charge of providing the necessary stability to the foot to move safely on different terrains. Therefore, when starting a comparison of Timberland boots, the sole is one of the first aspects to be evaluated by buyers.

Regarding this surface, it is interesting to know that the original Timberland soles incorporate a percentage of recycled rubber from vulcanized tires. In this sense, we can refer to the sustainability of the product. In addition, due to injection molding technology, it is possible to enjoy a high level of traction, durability, abrasion resistance and waterproofness.

Also, it is advisable to pay attention to the design of the sole, which must incorporate deep channels, suitable to guarantee a better grip on irregular surfaces and with snow. Similarly, other models have been provided with a midsole, which cushions the impact generated when stepping. Finally, everything will depend on the use you intend to give the footwear.

closing method

There are many models of Timberland boots that are considered good and cheap, whose designs incorporate a simple but highly effective closure method to keep the foot stabilized while walking.

In general, these types of boots have a pair of rows of eyelets or pins in stainless steel with a robust body in the instep area. It is a material resistant to moisture, so you will not have to worry about its deterioration due to constant exposure to the elements.

In addition, there are the laces, which can be made of Talsan-type nylon, whose fabric formed on the basis of compressed air makes them light and waterproof, due to their synthetic properties. Also, there are cotton and polyester laces, which provide high performance and durability.

outside and inside

Perhaps the type of material used for the exterior and interior of the shoe could influence how much Timberland boots cost, whose models usually vary in color and in the cuts applied to the sides, instep and heel. However, the high level of quality of the raw material does not change.

For the exterior area, Timberland is characterized by the use of nubuck leather, which is genuine cowhide, which has been previously sanded on its upper face, to offer a soft touch and a consistent finish.

For its part, the interior of the footwear belonging to the purchase catalog of the aforementioned brand is characterized by having a “glove leather” coating, which provides greater flexibility and softness, with the purpose of achieving a better fit to the natural shape. of the foot In addition, in this way annoying chafing is avoided.


Taking care of the Timberland boots you have purchased is a task that cannot go unnoticed, since, despite the fact that said footwear is made with high-quality raw materials, if you allow dirt to accumulate and take root on the surface, it will end up for deteriorating. In this sense, the ideal is to provide the footwear with periodic maintenance, which may not take much time, depending on the needs of each material, depending on the model chosen and its use.

It is well known that nubuck leather is the material used by Timberland for its models, whose maintenance is easier than that of boots made of suede, synthetic leather, among other membranes.

To carry out the cleaning of the footwear, you will have to remove the laces and with a cloth get rid of the dust, dirt and mud accumulated on the surface. Thus, you can apply a special detergent with a soft bristle brush on the nubuck leather, which allows stains to be easily removed.

Remember to remove the excesses with plenty of water and let the boots dry outdoors, but in a place where the sun’s rays are not projected directly onto the footwear, as this could cause changes in color. Also, once the surface is dry, you can apply a special protector spray or cream.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to clean Timberland boots?

To clean Timberland boots, start by shaking off the accumulated dust, for which you will need to carefully rub a soft bristle brush over the entire surface and sole of the shoe.

Then, you must remove the most entrenched dirt and even some existing stain. In this sense, it is essential to use a soap with a special formula, which cleans without damaging the leather or the rubber of the sole. This product should be applied with another brush, making circular and uniform movements. Otherwise, some sections of the boots could get dirty.

Next, proceed to remove the excesses with plenty of tap water and leave to dry for a period of approximately 12 hours in a ventilated space and protected from sunlight, as this could cause alterations in the color of the skin.

Once the footwear is completely dry, all that remains is to polish the surface with a brush, but making much smoother movements than when removing the dust and applying the detergent. Thus, you will return the usual texture to the leather of the boots.

Finish by applying some type of moisture repellent, accompanied by a protector aimed at caring for genuine or synthetic leather, which will prevent dirt from penetrating quickly and weather agents from damaging the surface.

Q2: How to match Timberland boots for men ?

Combining Timberland boots is not a complicated task, since they can be worn with jeans, a t-shirt and over it a shirt with open buttons or a jacket. Likewise, this type of footwear looks good with pants above the knee and also a t-shirt or sweatshirt. In this sense, the footwear can be used with casual and sports garments.

Q3: How do Timberland boots fit ?

Timberland boots fit the foot correctly, since they have a last that maintains the standard measurements, so that the foot is not too tight or too loose. Therefore, to select the appropriate size you only have to know the measurement of the sole of the foot and compare this information with the data in the size chart of the brand.

Q4: How to know if a Timberland boot is original ?

If you are going to buy some Timberland boots and you do not want to be scammed by carrying an imitation with you, then you should be careful when selecting and check some details that only an original Timberland shoe can have.

First, look at the label in the buttonhole area, which must be accompanied by a code placed through an adhesive tape. Also, check under the tongue of the shoe and make sure you have the model number, which, for example, on classic Timberland boots is 10061. 

In the same way, you can access the official website of the brand to know the respective codes for each model. In addition, in the original designs the Timberland logo is added in leather and precise finishes can be seen in the well-crafted cuts and seams.

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