Opinions about Zoom H5

Main advantage: 

This model of voice recorder is suitable for capturing sounds with high quality and precision, because it is equipped with a stereo microphone and two additional microphones that efficiently capture sounds, and it supports the connection of extra microphones.

Main disadvantage: 

The USB charging cable is not included, so it must be purchased separately, although this does not represent a major difficulty.

Verdict: 9.8/10

Considered one of the best voice recorders, the model captures ambient sound and processes it into digital format, with four tracks. In addition, its use is intuitive and its construction is robust.

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Main Features Explained

Construction and design 

Voice recorders are small devices with compact, lightweight and portable designs. In the case of the H5, its manufacturer Zoom follows these patterns to respond to user demands and position itself according to opinions as one of the best. Its dimensions and weight allow you to carry it from one place to another and load it comfortably because it does not take up much space. This makes it a portable alternative, measuring just 20cm tall including the microphone. Otherwise, its size is reduced to about 15 cm.

In relation to its weight, it does not exceed 300 grams and, being light, offers the user the possibility of holding it, moving it and having agility during use. On the other hand, it is made of robust and resistant materials, so that it is presented with a structure made of strong plastic and worked with quality standards to look delicate. In turn, the structure is accompanied by the microphone system, with access buttons and functions that facilitate its use.

This voice recorder is black in color and its factory presentation comes in a hard case that protects it during transport and can be used to store it and preserve its useful life for a longer time.

Recording quality and features 

If you want the best voice recorder on the market, you’ll have to look for more than just looks. This Zoom model stands out for having quality when recording ambient audio and processing it with a low degree of distortion. The developers of this recorder have equipped it with an interchangeable X / Y or condenser microphone, to connect compatible modules and improve audio clarity, with a greater radius of extension when capturing sounds, for sharp precision.

This digital voice recorder has the capacity to store sounds on up to four tracks simultaneously, making it a multi-track type. It has two XLR inputs, microphones and a simulator for guitar amplifiers, hence its use is versatile, both for musicians and concert performers and more. It is equipped with a high-capacity SDCH slot to expand memory up to a maximum of 32 GB.

In addition, thanks to its effects module, the Zoom H5 is a voice recorder suitable for mixing and taking advantage of the editing functions, both in MP3 and WAV formats, since it can record in both, as well as in BWF.

Connectivity and plugins

Although the price of the Zoom H5 recorder may be higher than other models with similar properties, this option surpasses them because it has an intuitive use mechanism, with buttons that allow easy interaction with the device, for the execution of commands and operating system configuration settings. In addition, the response speed is immediate, so when recording, you will not miss a single word or sound after pressing “rec”.

Likewise, it is a device that is enabled with a speaker, so you can listen to the content through the speakers and, in case you want more privacy, it will only be enough to connect the headphones to the Jack/XLR or mini-Jack line input. /mic, which are ports that diversify their use and increase the connectivity and compatibility of the digital recorder with other equipment, as well as microphones from other brands.

The Zoom H5 has Cubase LE software, which is integrated for free and is a very complete one with useful features. It has a maximum SPL of 140 decibels and includes an SD card with a capacity of 2 GB and a user manual that helps to familiarize yourself with the device and give it proper handling to control the recording and the potentiometer, as well as the channel regulators.

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