Delta Dore TYBOX 117 Reviews

Main advantage:

One of the greatest advantages offered by this device is that it has an LCD screen that offers values ​​of great interest regarding air conditioning, such as the state of the boiler, the chosen programming and the room temperature.

Main disadvantage:

The product includes a user manual that has been impractical for many, since it does not have clear instructions on handling and programming the device.

Verdict: 9.6/10

It is a practical and functional thermostat that allows you to air-condition your home without having to spend a fortune. For this reason, many users consider it a good purchase option.

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Main Features Explained

temperature setpoints

When we talk about ambient temperature we refer to the temperature that a closed place has. For this, a range is established in which the air should feel neither too cold nor too hot, especially when wearing household clothing. In this sense, to achieve comfort inside the home, the interior temperature could range between 20 and 25 °C, depending on the values ​​presented by the external environment.

For this reason, a pleasant temperature in the winter time is essential and Delta Dore TYBOX 117 is the thermostat that could provide you with optimal air conditioning in your home, according to your needs. To do this, it offers you two selectable temperature levels, so you can opt for the comfort mode in order to maximize the heat in your home on days when outside temperatures drop the most. Likewise, when the weather improves and it is not necessary to increase the heating, you can use the economy mode. With this program you preserve the comfortable environment while saving on energy consumption; which will be reflected in the payment of your invoice. 

Programs and functions

In many countries the use of thermostats is essential given the low temperatures that are reached when the winter cold arrives. For this reason, it is convenient to have a device that is responsible for air conditioning the home without major complications. In this sense, this device offered by Delta has automatic operation to program it according to your climatic requirements.

It has a programming that allows you to go step by step, so you can make adjustments of 15, 30 and 60 minutes and control the thermostat from 0 to 40 ° C in intervals of 0.5 degrees, according to your needs. It is also equipped with the antifreeze function, which is especially useful when temperatures drop from 15 to 5°C. Similarly, this device offers an automatic system that changes the time depending on whether it is winter or summer.

Likewise, you can conveniently schedule it when you go on vacation, thanks to its integrated calendar. In addition, it offers you a customizable program that allows you to choose a weekly or daily program and according to the manufacturer. 

On the other hand, it is a device whose module is powered by 2 LR03 alkaline batteries (included), which offer an autonomy of up to 2 years and to facilitate its assembly, it has a NO/NC 2A inverter dry contact output.


The best thermostat you can look for for your home should not only offer adjustable programming for your heating needs, but also offer an affordable price and easy installation. This model has these additional advantages, which is why users in their opinions recommend it as a functional device with a good cost-value ratio.

It is a modern programmable thermostat, with a timeless and discreet design that adapts to the decoration of your home. It is a device made of resistant white plastic and equipped with a large LCD screen, which favors the visibility of different parameters, such as temperature, programming and also the status of your boiler; all this thanks to its monochrome background and large digits.

Likewise, it has a control panel made up of 4 buttons positioned on the right side of its screen and a larger and easily manageable selector, located in the lower central part of the module. Through this panel you can make all the adjustments and programming that you need to make, so that your home has a comfortable indoor climate for the whole family.

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