Opinions about UFESA CE7141

Main advantage:

This coffee maker offers two possibilities for preparing coffee. On the one hand, the user can choose between the traditional system of ground coffee and, on the other, single-dose sachets. In addition, it includes the Turbo function, ideal for making cappuccinos.

Main disadvantage:

If it is not maintained optimally, it is possible that the coffee comes out watery and the water is expelled through other holes than the nozzle.

Verdict: 9.6/10

The handling of this espresso machine is very intuitive. In just a few seconds, you can enjoy a creamy coffee and with the option of the preheated cup, so you can savor it from start to finish. Great value for the price.

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Main Features Explained

Design and manufacturing materials

The first thing that strikes you about this espresso machine is its professional appearance. It is made of stainless steel and has a rounded shape design that will fit perfectly in any corner of your kitchen.

As for its dimensions, the coffee maker has a height of 271 cm, a width of 225 cm and a depth of 309 cm. It is accompanied, of course, by a connection cable that is plugged into the electrical current. This is 80cm long, so you have some leeway if, for whatever reason, the plug isn’t too close to where you’ve placed the coffee maker.

In relation to the weight, it is around 5 kg. Finally, the front part of this machine for preparing coffee, which incorporates 3 buttons, is striking. To turn on the coffee maker, you must press the first. To turn it off, just press the button for around 5 seconds.


Like the rest of the pieces of this espresso machine, the tray is made of stainless steel. It is a tray specifically designed to collect drips, so that the entire surface does not end up wet if, for some reason, some coffee is spilled. Similarly, it incorporates a container for coffee grounds.

An interesting functionality of the tray is that it is a cup warmer. Thanks to this quality, the contrast between the very hot liquid and the warm cup is avoided, so the result is a much more intense and rich flavour.

Given its characteristics, the tray can be cleaned without any effort. This, in fact, is removable and it is enough that you place it under the tap so that all traces of dirt are removed. Being stainless steel, you don’t need to rub too much to make the tray look like it was just bought. Without a doubt, it is a fundamental piece of espresso machines, which is why you must take into consideration its specific characteristics.

Dual function

Among the opinions about this espresso machine, it is common to find references to its dual function. And it is that the user has the possibility of preparing a delicious coffee through two options. In the first place, it is possible to bet on the traditional system of ground coffee. In this case, you must pour the one of your choice in the corresponding place. If you prefer, opt for the monodose system.

Similarly, this model incorporates a metal polyfilter with a filter indicated for one or two cups. This is a quality to highlight, because you can prepare a coffee for two people at the same time and without time to waste.

To obtain the best cappuccinos, use the adjustable Turbo steamer. Activate it and you can heat milk for coffee or get a creamy texture, just like any barista would do. Due to all these characteristics, it is quite possible that we are facing the best espresso machine of the moment.


One of the aspects that we cannot ignore when acquiring one of these artifacts is the power. In the case at hand, it is 1050 watts, a figure in line with the market average. The key to a good coffee is also in the bars. This machine has a 15 bar pressure pump.

These details translate into optimum water heating and, above all, faster. And since we are talking about water, it is necessary to mention that this coffee maker has a tank whose capacity is 1.5 l. This is removable type for easy maintenance.

In view of all these qualities, we might think that the price of this espresso machine is somewhat high, but the reality is that it is suitable for all budgets. Good value for money is guaranteed.

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