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Broom Vacuum Cleaner – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The time spent cleaning every space in your home can take just a few minutes with a practical and powerful broom vacuum cleaner. This powerful device with a vertical design comes with innovative features that make it, today, much more than a simple vacuum cleaner and garbage container. Among the most outstanding models is the Cecotec Conga RockStar 700 X-Treme Ergoflex that has a brushless motor for a longer useful life. In addition, it offers 3 operating modes for greater versatility. Another surprising one is the Rowenta Air Force Extreme Silence RH8929WO, which is a cordless vacuum cleaner that develops its efficient operation at ultra-quiet acoustic levels.

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Knowing that buying a broom vacuum cleaner is thinking about more than an additional accessory, we present the best 9 alternatives so that you can choose the one that suits you best with its suction capacity, suction power, extra features and price.

Cecotec broom vacuum cleaner

1. Cecotec Conga Rockstar 700 X-Treme Ergoflex Broom Vacuum Cleaner

This Cecotec broom vacuum cleaner has 430 W of power for good performance. In addition, it has Digital Brushless technology, which works with a brushless motor, which increases the suction speed and favors a long useful life.

It offers the Turbo function to perform a more thorough cleaning on carpets and uneven surfaces. You can also use it as a handheld vacuum for greater convenience. Similarly, it can be raised overhead to efficiently vacuum ceilings, ledges, or other high surfaces.

On the other hand, after 4 hours of charging, it offers a range of 65 minutes, enough to clean different spaces without having to recharge it. As if that were not enough, it has a folding structure that allows you to fold the device and access more easily to narrow places.

If you are looking for one of the best broom vacuum cleaners of 2022, then it is recommended that you consider some of the pros and cons of this model before choosing.


Performance: It can generate a power of 430 W, which in turn provides a suction power of 24 kPa.

Battery: It incorporates a 2500 mAh and 25.9 V battery, capable of providing up to 65 minutes of autonomy.

Operation: Offers 3 modes, Eco, Daily and Turbo, for greater versatility.


Noise: It is recommended to use the equipment during the day, since it produces 83 dB, similar to the noise level heard inside a train car.

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Rowenta broom vacuum cleaner


2. Rowenta Air Force Extreme Silence RH8929WO Broom Vacuum Cleaner

The concept of this Rowenta broom vacuum cleaner adheres to the traditional broom function with a motorized brush that shows very effective suction and cleaning power. However, its Silence technology makes this model stand out from many others, becoming the best acoustic level broom vacuum cleaner. 

Quite simply, the sound produced when cleaning is ultra-quiet and does not exceed the decibels of the voice that is generated in a calm and normal conversation. So silent work and without having to be plugging and unplugging when changing places make it a great option. 

To add more advantages to its use as a cordless broom vacuum cleaner, it comes with a 25.2 V lithium-ion battery that, by meeting a maximum charging time of 6 hours, offers you continuous and uninterrupted work for 55 minutes. 

This cordless cyclonic technology vacuum cleaner offers, along with its silence and autonomy, other important features to be valued. 


Surfaces: Works very well cleaning and extracting dirt particles on both carpets and hard surfaces.

Delta head: The head of this vacuum cleaner is designed with a triangular shape at its tip that allows it to clean in the corners. 

Tank: Its waste tank is very easily inserted and disengaged from the vacuum cleaner. In addition, its opening is simple for easy emptying.


One function: Unlike other vertical vacuum cleaners on the market, this model offers only the broom function.

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Bosch broom vacuum cleaner


3. Bosch BBH218LTD Readyy’y 2 in 1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 

A cordless broom vacuum cleaner practically gives you mobilization and easy access to any space in the home. With this model, you won’t have to worry about being aware of how far the cable reaches to unplug and look for another outlet nearby. The Bosch broom vacuum cleaner has a battery that can be recharged for autonomous operation and independent of electricity for 40 minutes. 

This metallic chocolate 2-in-1 works great on all types of floors when used as a vertical broom with its HighPower motorized brush. When this brush is very dirty, you can easily take it out with your hand to clean it. 

In the same way, a handheld vacuum cleaner that is easily and quickly extracted is integrated into its body. In addition, its narrow mouthpiece becomes a great ally that fits in all corners. 

Its chocolate-colored model is one of the cheapest versions of this vacuum cleaner that accompanies its operation with other features. 


Battery: Its lithium battery is made to last and with a short charge it will give you 40 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning time.

Bagless: It has a tank capable of storing 0.3 liters of powder and then emptying it in a very simple way.

Light: It is a light broom vacuum cleaner that allows you to handle it comfortably with the help of the joint between the body and the head. 


Colors: You get the benefit of its price only with the purchase of the chocolate-colored model. Otherwise, the cost increases in its blue, gray or red versions.

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Corded broom vacuum cleaner

4. Meiyou Vacuum Cleaner Broom Handheld Corded Suction

Not every corded stick vacuum cleaner has to feel uncomfortable or not very functional, and the Meiyou model is the best example. There are 6 meters of cable that give you ample freedom of movement to vacuum every corner of the room where you are and after use, its cable winding system allows you to keep the vacuum cleaner extremely tidy. 

Quite simply, there will be no dirt in your path that does not disappear with this powerful corded broom vacuum cleaner. It offers you practical and diverse forms of use that include using it as a vertical vacuum cleaner with the ground brush or handheld with its special brush or crevice nozzle. 

In addition to its power to suck up pet hair, carpets and even liquids, its cost positions it as the best price-quality broom vacuum cleaner on the most recommended list.   

The advantage of being among the cheapest is also accompanied by other aspects that make your purchase very attractive. 


Suction: It is a very powerful suction vacuum cleaner thanks to a motor that reaches 600 W and is capable of rotating up to 30,000 RPM.

Rotation: You can pass it under any table or piece of furniture thanks to the rotation from left to right or up and down that the base of its body allows. 

Noise: Using it is not a torment for the ears, since the noise it generates is less than 70 decibels. 


Filter: You must be aware of the amount of dirt that the filter collects while you use the vacuum cleaner. If it is exceeded in quantity, it becomes blocked and can cause overheating of the motor.

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Dyson broom vacuum cleaner

5. Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum Cleaner 

When you are looking for the best broom vacuum cleaner, it is impossible not to look at Dyson products. Especially when it is recognized as the brand that developed the first and best bagless broom vacuum cleaner in the world.

This model amazes with 15 cyclones capable of generating such powerful centrifugal forces that they not only separate the dirt from the air, but also trap bacteria and allergens from the environment in its filter. It achieves this thanks to its incredible suction power with its digital motor capable of reaching a speed of up to 110,000 RPM.

Plus, being light in weight, with a center of gravity in the handle, and cordless operation allow you to comfortably clean from floor to ceiling. Apart from all its competitive features, this Dyson broom vacuum cleaner is classified as energy efficiency class A.

Being present in more than 82 countries in the world and having more than 5 thousand engineers, Dyson can be listed as the best brand of broom vacuum cleaners. Let’s see more pros of your product.


Brush: The Direct-drive brush with rotating head has nylon bristles to loosen dirt from carpets, rugs and hard floors.

Handheld: If you need to clean in a corner or difficult place, it can be quickly transformed into a handheld vacuum cleaner.

Battery: The charge of its nickel, cobalt and aluminum battery allows a general suction work of 40 minutes without memory effect.


Price: Without a doubt, its cost is out of the range of cheap and affordable vacuum cleaners on the market, becoming an exclusive purchase. 

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Taurus broom vacuum cleaner


6. Taurus Ultimate Lithium Broom Vacuum

Whether you use your Taurus vertical cordless or handheld vacuum cleaner, its 650 ml capacity dirt container will allow you to thoroughly and completely clean your carpet, wooden or tiled floor, as well as furniture, upholstery and any corner. 

Thanks to the swivel joint capacity to move the head 180º, in addition to the lighting that your Turbo Brush has, there will be no trace of dust that you cannot see in the dark, even under furniture. As an important addition, there is no doubt that its ergonomic soft-touch handle is pleasant for its user. 

Both its Cyclone system technology and HEPA filtration work in coordination to optimize the work of this vacuum cleaner. The Cyclone system separates dirt from the air, and the filter very effectively retains dust and mites.

The combination of a good price and all the details it has to offer can easily make it the best broom vacuum cleaner of the moment.


Easy assembly: Each accessory or part needs only one click to be assembled or disassembled without any problem.

Use: Its long-lasting battery allows a continuous use time of up to 30 minutes vacuuming.

Support: It has a wall support to install where you can leave the vacuum cleaner tidy or place it to charge.


Strength: Perhaps, when there is dense dirt to vacuum, its strength is not enough to remove it at once and it has to be passed through the same place several times.

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Xiaomi broom vacuum cleaner


7. Xiaomi Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Broom Vacuum Cleaner

You should not be fooled by the elegance of its white color and the light weight of this broom vacuum cleaner. It is a device of power and outstanding characteristics with which neither dust nor mites will survive in its path. There are 9 cyclones responsible for separating dust and allergens and 5 levels of filtration that eliminate dust by almost one hundred percent.

With the Xiaomi broom vacuum cleaner there will be no place that cannot be reached or suction power that cannot handle dirt. She has a powerful motor capable of spinning and reaching 100 thousand RPM. You can do your cleaning by running the vacuum cleaner in normal mode, however, if you find it difficult to vacuum, simply activate the MAX mode, which gives 4 times more power for a period of 6 minutes. 

So, if you are looking for which broom vacuum cleaner to buy, ergonomics, weight and other relevant aspects make this option one of the best.


Accessories: Among its accessories you can find the nozzle and brush for delicate surfaces when you use it as a handheld vacuum cleaner. 

Charge: You place it on its wall mount to recharge and you can use it for up to 30 minutes at a time. 

Noise: You can make this a very quiet vacuum cleaner in low noise mode where it does not exceed 72 decibels. 


Plastic: The plastic material of its general construction makes the tank a bit fragile and to treat with care.

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Hoover broom vacuum cleaner


8. Hoover H FREE 100 HF122RH Cordless Stick Vacuum

The red and titanium gray colors stand out in the design of this cordless stick vacuum cleaner that can easily go from broom mode to handheld use. If you are going to use it in this last way, you should know that its accessories come on board in an integrated way. 

For example, when detaching the handle to vacuum the floor, you just have to slide it forward and the brush nozzle to clean furniture or shelves is ready to be used. The other special nozzle for corners or very small and narrow spaces is located inside the handle that has a tab that you open to remove the nozzle and place it with a click.  

This Hoover broom vacuum cleaner with cyclonic technology is part of those innovative and efficient products of the brand that successfully achieve the taste of its users in every corner of their home.

In addition to its cordless use, 40-minute autonomy and integrated accessories, it has more features that make it one of the best. 


Power: You can vacuum by choosing either of its two modes. The continuous one for general vacuuming and the turbo for a deeper one. 

Lights: The main motorized brush has three outlets on the front for its LED light to see in the darkest areas. 

Deposit: The capacity of your deposit is one of the largest. They are 0.9 liters that will help you not have to constantly empty. 


Pets: Hoover has a special vacuum model for cleaning pet hair. If he does it with this one, he could get tangled up in the brush. 

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Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

9. Samba Upright and Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

It is a vertical cordless vacuum cleaner that allows you to move freely through the space to easily clean different surfaces. In addition, it includes a thin nozzle that is used to vacuum in narrow areas, such as between the sofa cushions or under the bed.

For better finishes, it has a 180° rotation Turbo brush. In this way, you can tilt the device comfortably and easily. On the other hand, it has a front LED light to more easily see dirt in dark places.

Also, it incorporates an 800 ml Cyclon Twin Spin tank, which can be emptied at the touch of a button. In this way, you do not have to be in contact with dirt. As if that were not enough, it offers a lightweight and compact design that is easy to transport and store.

If you need a versatile and easy-to-use broom vacuum cleaner, you may be interested in this 2-in-1 device. Let’s take a closer look at its main features.


LED: It incorporates a front LED light to more easily visualize the dust particles on the ground.

Tank: It offers a removable 800 ml tank, which allows dirt to be easily released for greater practicality.

Accessories: It has an upholstery nozzle, a brush with hard bristles and another with soft bristles, which increases its versatility.


Power: It has 150 W of power, which could be little compared to other similar models. However, it is enough to suck up small particles.

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Shopping guide 

Using this guide to buy the best broom vacuum cleaner successfully will make your purchase happy every time it is used. The alternatives of prestigious and innovative brands on the market are many, so practicality and functionality that adjust to what you need in your home, office or vehicle should prevail in your selection.


Making a comparison of broom vacuum cleaners from the perspective of their design becomes many details to take into account, meaning a decision of innumerable alternatives. The first feature to consider is whether you want a bagged or bagless vacuum. 

Although there are still traditional bagged vacuum cleaners on the market, it is undeniable that much of the traditional has been replaced by more practical elements. Bagless vacuum cleaners have a container where all the dirt falls and is emptied to be reused without the need to buy spare parts. 

Another classification that you should take into account depending on how convenient it is for you are corded, cordless or battery-powered vacuum cleaners or robot vacuum cleaners. If we start with those with cable, for some it can be annoying to plug and unplug while working or having to roll up to store. 

The battery ones have a great advantage in this regard, but their power is usually less powerful than that of corded vacuum cleaners. If you opt for the compact and innovative of a robot vacuum cleaner, you should remember that it only covers floors, since it is impossible for you to program it to operate on curtains, upholstery or window frames.


In reference to how much each option costs, it has a lot to do with the model you choose. It must be clear that when design is said, reference is not only made to color, but to the different features and accessories it offers to optimize its diversity of functions. 

An example is the models that only operate as vertical vacuum cleaners to clean floors of various materials with brushes or rollers. They can bring adaptable terminations that allow their handle to reach the ceiling or high areas. There are also those that work as handheld vacuum cleaners. 

These are achieved as elements that fit or disengage from the body or are attached to the handle and, to see them, you have to release or detach the handle. They are useful for vacuuming furniture, upholstery and small spaces. Finally, the vacuum cleaners known as floor cleaners are becoming more and more popular, since they do the work of vacuuming, cleaning with water and drying in the same pass. 


Power is one of the most important characteristics, since without suction force, effective vacuuming is not achieved. There are three things to evaluate when you go to compare between the vacuum cleaner options that you like the most. You should be aware of the letters W, V and kPa. 

The W indicates the watts and the V the volts in motor power and its work performance. For its part, kPa refers to kilopascals and is the termination that will accompany the number indicating the suction power, that is, the higher the number, the more force in the vacuum.

In the same way, there are some vacuum cleaners that offer you cyclonic systems and that have become the maximum in the use of vacuum cleaners. These systems achieve an effective centrifugation that separates the air from dust and allergens, promising to return purer air than the one that entered.

This is achieved with the number of revolutions that the motor is capable of executing and which is expressed as RPM or revolutions per minute. Therefore, these three letters are also significant in the description of the product.


In addition to cyclonic technology and its achievement of maximum filtration, there are other systems that also make their contribution to the optimum performance of a vacuum cleaner and that, without a doubt, affect how economical or not it can be. So you need to evaluate price in reference to the technological benefits it offers. 

Among the wide range of models on the market, you can find those that describe the capacity for articulation between the handle and the broom brush, where some are more practical than others in terms of the direction and angle of flexion they achieve. 

Another highly valued advantage is the technology that ensures that your vacuum cleaner does not exceed 70 decibels and thus does not produce annoying noise when used. Also, the rechargeable batteries stand out, which, depending on each model, offer minutes of autonomy for continuous work without interruptions.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a broom vacuum cleaner?

If you bought it with cable, you will only have to plug it in the closest place to where you plan to vacuum. However, this depends on the number of meters of cable that comes with the vacuum cleaner. It checks that the pieces are well placed and you start the job that usually takes little time thanks to the power in speed and suction.

If it is a wireless one, the first thing you have to see is if it is charged. By itself, it lasts a maximum of between 40 and 50 minutes and if you don’t charge it before using it, the work will be incomplete or the suction power will hardly be felt. 

Q2: How powerful should a broom vacuum be? 

The higher the power, the more performance and better suction force. A good power is from 1100W, but a really powerful vacuum cleaner is between 1800, 2200 and up to 3000W of power. 

Of course, this changes in cordless vacuum cleaners, since they are available between 200 and 800W. However, with that power they are capable of cleaning small houses, dust and germs very well. 

Q3: How does the mopping broom vacuum cleaner work? 

In reality, its operation is not very different from when you pass a broom vacuum cleaner just to vacuum. However, there are some that scrub the floor after vacuuming it and others carry out both activities almost simultaneously.

Where the difference does lie is in the preparation before the action. The broom head has a tank that you must fill with water and the detergent suggested by the manufacturer. It goes away normally, and the brush and its microfibers take care of the rest. At the end of the cleaning, you take care of getting rid of the used water and that’s it. 

Q4: Which is better, a robot vacuum cleaner or a vacuum broom? 

If you love technology and innovation, you will enjoy how a robot vacuum cleaner works. You can activate it through a remote control or an application programming it for the task and time that you want it to be done. Its compact design will move along the ground with sensors that make it identify walls and obstacles so it doesn’t hit you. 

Although its cleaning is fast and effective when you are not there or, even, if you are there reading or doing any other activity, you will have to have a broom vacuum cleaner to clean when you want more power, insist on an area that accumulates a lot of dust or, simply, do not spend that much on an artifact. 

Q5: How to charge a cordless broom vacuum cleaner? 

It is known that after having discharged the vacuum cleaner using it, the charging time comes, which is usually quite between 4 and 6 hours. Depending on the model, you may or may not have to remove the battery to put it through the charging process. 

If it comes with a wall mount and you have placed the vacuum cleaner near a power outlet, you can recharge it right there. In general, these vacuum cleaners come with their charger or charging port to use them and obtain an adequate recharge of the battery without the possibility of any damage.

Q6: How to empty a cordless broom vacuum cleaner? 

The fact that they do not use bags, without a doubt, is one of the most valued aspects of modern cordless vacuum cleaners. They have a built-in reservoir that varies in milliliter capacity, depending on the make and model, and determines how often you need to empty it. 

However, most have the same way of operating and ease of emptying. Take it directly to the bin and there on it, push the tab or actuator to open the lid of the container, in this way, everything will fall inside and that’s it. 

Q7: Which is better, corded or cordless stick vacuum cleaner? 

It all depends on what you want, whether practicality or power. It cannot be argued that a cordless vacuum cleaner is much more portable and practical, since you completely reach the area you want to vacuum or change between one room and another regardless of the length of the cord or that you have to plug and unplug. 

On the other hand, the charging time with the usage time of cordless vacuum cleaners does not really correspond. Usually the charge ranges between 4 and 6 hours, and the autonomy time that is achieved is between 25 and 55 minutes maximum. This is something you don’t have to worry about when using a wired one. Also, its undeniable wattage power outperforms cordless ones.

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