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Pellet Stoves – Buying Guide and Comparison in 2022

During the winter season it is advisable to have heating equipment that can offer an adequate temperature in our home. But before buying one in a hurry, you should stop to review the multiple purchase options that the market has for you. In this way, you will be able to define some quality indicators such as materials, power, dimensions, operation, among others. Additionally, you can check the opinions of users and use those experiences in your favor. Among the most outstanding pellet stoves is the Eva Stampaggi 98017-10, which has a power of 7.5 kW to heat the space quickly and efficiently, in addition, it has a channeling operation that directs the heat to more than one space in the home, which increases versatility. A second outstanding model is BRONPI Elsa, with a cylindrical, robust and aesthetically elegant structure, which also has intuitive operation by means of a remote control.

Opinions on the best pellet stoves

If you have already decided to buy a pellet stove, then you are most likely aware of the diversity of brands and models present in the competitive market. In order to help you in such an important search, we have decided to present you with some recommended products below.

Ductable pellet stove

Eva Stampaggi 98017-10

It is a ductable pellet stove, which means that it has two outlets to direct the heat produced, thus allowing you to heat more than one room in the home, which is practical during the winter season.

In this sense, it offers a heating volume between 70 and 150 m², so it is capable of providing a comfortable temperature in large rooms. It also has a power of 7.5 kW for better performance.

In terms of design, it is made up of a rectangular Slim structure that measures 110 x 72 x 34 cm, so you can easily install it in any room without taking up too much space. As if that were not enough, it is made of pink varnished steel, which favors resistance and attractiveness. Similarly, you can get it in a white presentation.

If you need an efficient stove to use during cold times, you may be interested in this model from the Eva Stampaggi brand.


Power: It has a power of 7.5 kW, so it can heat the space in a short time.

Scope: It offers a range of 70 to 150 m², making it suitable for large rooms.

Finish: It has a glossy pink varnished surface, which can be an eye-catcher in any room.


Holder: The door holder may get hot after a few minutes of use, so it is recommended to use protection when holding it.

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Maxlor Burn-12 C

Maxlor is a manufacturer that has managed to quickly position itself in the market, receiving positive comments from those who have purchased its products. This is due to the high levels of quality present in each of them, with this ductable pellet stove being a good benchmark.

It is a heater with a simple design, in which its rectangular body stands out with front smoke outlet through a grille. In addition, the combustion module door has an easy-to-adjust mechanism and a robust glass area, so you can see the flame at all times. This way you will be able to create a cozy atmosphere, in any room where you install the device.

This ductable pellet stove has a casing made of galvanized aluminum with burgundy and black thermal paint, its weight is 82 kilograms and a small non-slip base is attached to the bottom for greater safety.

With a discreet design, but with great performance when heating the different rooms of your home, you will find this model from the Maxlor house. Here its pros and cons.


Weight: The structure of the equipment has a weight of 82 kilograms, which is easy to handle.

Smoke outlet: The casing incorporates a front smoke outlet made up of a grid system.

Door: The door of the combustion area has a transparent tempered glass, so you can easily see the flame.

Design: The stove has a rectangular design, robust and with quality finishes.


Flimsy: There are those who comment that the case is a bit flimsy and can easily deteriorate.

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Pellet stove in a flat


BRONPI is a manufacturer with a long history in the world of heating equipment, which on this occasion presents its Elsa pellet stove model. It is a corridor heater weighing 98 kilograms, with a cylindrical structure and made of black stainless steel. Its elegant and avant-garde design is suitable for any space in your home.

The equipment has a grid system distributed along the casing, designed to offer an 80-millimeter outlet for the smoke and 40 millimeters to carry out the air suction process. The maximum power acquired by this pellet stove on one floor is equivalent to 7.5 kilowatts adjustable by means of a thermostat, operation is intuitive and programming can be done with the help of a remote control. Also, for those who wish to consult the instruction manual, it is important to know that they must enter the brand’s website to download the file.

This is a model of pellet stoves that offers an elegant design, remote operation and adequate smoke output.


Power: The maximum electrical power of this equipment is equivalent to 7.5 kilowatts, thus belonging to the high range of its category.

Remote control: In the purchase package you will find a remote control, designed to provide you with a better user experience when programming the operation of the device.

Grilles: The grill system designed for smoke outlet offers a diameter of 80 millimeters, while the one for air suction has 40 millimeters.


Instruction manual: Some of the buyers have complained that the instruction manual has not been incorporated, being necessary to download it directly from the brand’s website.

Weight: Its cylindrical structure has a weight of 98 kilograms, so when moving it you must do it with the support of another person.

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Mixed pellet and wood stove

bronpi carol

The Carol model presented by Bronpi is a mixed pellet and wood stove that has dimensions of 88.4 x 103.7 x 43.3 centimeters and weighs 165 kilograms, so its dimensions are comfortable for you to place in your living room to be and enjoy a pleasant temperature. However, you must take into account the location due to the weight it has.

Additionally, it is capable of working in a dual way, that is, using pellets or firewood. It has an efficiency of approximately 92% for the first option; while you will have a maximum of 84% efficiency when using firewood. In addition, the work force that it is capable of exerting when burning pellets is 10.6 kW and, a little more, exactly 15 kW when using firewood.

On the other hand, it has a smoke outlet pipe of 15 centimeters in diameter.

Being a versatile model due to the possibility of working with both pellets and firewood, this model is one of the most outstanding among the other products on the list.


Force: It is capable of exerting 10.6 to 15 kW of work force to heat rooms.

Combination: You can combine pellet and wood to have more power.

Color: The duality of its colors will allow it to be coupled with the decoration of the environment.


Price: The price of this model is one of the highest on the list.

Weight: Having such a high weight, it will make it impossible to move it from one place with your own strength.

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small pellet stove

Eva Heat Rita 901655900 

A small pellet stove is a convenient alternative for any room in the home and this Eva Calor model meets this requirement, so it would be appropriate for you to learn more about its specifications. 

It is a modern and innovative equipment, which has a compact and elegant design that is available in black, with a relief effect. In addition, it has a maximum burning power of 8.8 kW and a minimum of 2.8 kW, with an efficiency of between 85.5 and 90%.

In addition, it has a deposit for pellets of 13.5 kilos and its consumption is estimated between 0.6 kilos and 1.8 kilograms per hour. Depending on its power, the stove is recommended for rooms between 140 and 200 square meters. Likewise, it has a removable ash drawer and, as its structure is made with a steel interior, its weight is 66 kilos, but it is resistant at the same time.

If you liked this model, you just have to consider its pros and cons before making a decision.


Finishes: It has black finishes, with a relief effect for a more elegant touch.

Power: It offers a maximum power level that reaches 9 kW, so it can effectively heat various rooms.

Consumption: Its consumption of pellets is between 0.6 and 1.8 kilos per hour, so it is efficient.

Deposit: It has a deposit with a capacity for about 13.5 kilos of pellets, so it should not be filled frequently.


Control: Does not include remote control. If desired, the buyer must make an additional payment.

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Pellet stove for several rooms


BRONPI brings to the market a multi-room pellet stove with a power of 12.4 kilowatts and low current consumption, corresponding to a maximum of 550 watts. The structure incorporates three smoke outlets with a diameter of 80 centimeters, located at the rear of the casing, on its sides and in the upper area. In addition, it offers a suction area of ​​50 centimeters, resulting in up to 282 cubic meters of heating.

For its manufacture, high-end metal and professional paint with heat treatment were used, so it is a device capable of withstanding high temperatures without deteriorating.

We cannot fail to comment on the integrated double combustion chamber system, robust glass in the door window, regulating thermostat to prevent overheating, remote control for intuitive programming and the possibility of activating a control mode via Wi-Fi.

This equipment has a flat body, avant-garde aesthetics and intuitive operation. More details below.


Power: The maximum power reached after its start-up corresponds to 12.4 kilowatts.

Smoke outlet: There are three smoke outlets and they stand out at the rear of the structure, as well as on the sides and upper area.

Heating scope: The equipment reaches up to 282 cubic meters of heat, being an adequate volume for medium-sized rooms.

Remote control: The stove has been equipped with a remote control that is easy to use.


Wi-Fi: The Wi-Fi kit is not included with the purchase, and must be purchased separately.

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Other products

Group K 2 MOD07

It is a pellet stove that can offer a nominal power between 5 and 9 kW, which translates into optimal performance for heating large rooms of up to 80 m².

Also, it is important to note that it has a large deposit of 18 kg. Therefore, it can consume between 0.6 and 1.8 kg of pellets per hour and is capable of providing combustion autonomy from 10 to 30 hours. In this way, it is possible to keep the stove on for the whole day with a single charge.

Regarding the design, it has a vertical rectangular structure in black with orange sides. In addition, it has a small window on the front to view the flames and includes a practical remote control that allows you to turn the equipment on or off, control the temperature level and adjust the fan speed, which increases its versatility.

If you need a pellet stove that provides you with heat in a short time, it is appropriate that you review this model in greater depth.


Screen: It incorporates an LED screen in the upper part to control the flame, the temperature and the fan, which increases its functionality.

Autonomy: It offers an autonomy of 10 to 30 hours to maintain a warm stay all day.

Performance: It is capable of generating a maximum power of 9 kW to heat spaces of approximately 80 m².


Installation: Does not include the smoke outlet pipe. However, it is compatible with tubes with a diameter of 50 to 80 mm.

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Spectra KBS 119219100

If you want to have the best price-quality pellet stove in your home, it is advisable to check this model from the Spectra house, made with resistant raw material and with a quick and instinctive installation method. In addition, users consider that it is one of the cheapest purchase options. The structure is made of black galvanized brass and a non-slip rubber is added to the base at the bottom.

The format is rectangular, small, light and with a simple but pleasant aesthetic. The sides have a ceramic coating, the door incorporates refractory glass, the handle has an ergonomic design with a cool touch and provides a locking mechanism to avoid incidents with the little ones in the house. Also, it is necessary to indicate that the boiler has a power of nine kilowatts and two levels of air regulation. In addition, it requires wood logs as a heat-generating fuel.

The following is a minimalist model, but with efficient operation, which is positioned among the cheapest stoves on this list.


Base: This model of pellet stove incorporates two feet with a non-slip rubber cover, giving you greater safety on smooth surfaces.

Handle: The handle design is ergonomic and with a cool touch. In this way, you will not have problems when handling it.

Power: The maximum working force of the stove is 9 kW, by means of which you will obtain two levels of operation.

Design: The boiler has a minimalist design in black, as well as some details such as the window glass and ceramic sides, which give it a distinctive touch.


Packaging: One of the customers complained about the packaging of the pieces, since when opening the purchase package one of them was damaged by friction.

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Point Fuoco 9801650

This is a 6300 W power stove that allows you to heat the main room of a house in a few minutes. In this sense, it offers a range of 50 to 120 m², so it can provide a comfortable temperature in large and medium-sized rooms.

For greater durability, it has a structure made up of steel panels, which guarantees the resistance of the stove to high temperatures, in addition, this makes it resistant to shocks. On the other hand, it has a red varnished surface, which provides greater attractiveness.

In terms of size, this model has dimensions of 38 cm wide, 39 cm deep and 89 cm high, making it a compact device that you can place in any room without taking up much space..

A good quality stove should not only serve to heat the space, some can even be used as decorative objects, as is the case with this Punto Fuoco model.


Scope: Offers a comfortable temperature in rooms from 50 to 120 m² for greater versatility.

Design: It has a varnished structure with a red finish, so this model is attractive.

Practicality: It includes a remote control to control its operation while you are on the sofa or in bed.


Weight: It has a weight of 50 kg, so it is heavier compared to other models on the list. Therefore, it is advisable to have help during the transfer and installation.

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Haverland EPE-02A

The products developed by Haverland have great aesthetic and functional characteristics, which serve as a quality benchmark to answer the question about which is the best pellet stove. The design of this corridor heater was made of robust stainless steel, it has a format of 40.4 x 61.2 x 10.3 centimeters and weighs 107 kilograms.

In addition, the black and gray casing is elegant, it incorporates a double door with an ergonomic handle, a small tempered glass window and non-slip feet. Both in the upper front area and on the sides, it has a grid system for air release.

The working power reaches a maximum of 8 kilowatts, being suitable to be used in rooms not larger than 115 square meters. The operation of the equipment is instinctive and you can program it quickly, for which you must use the built-in remote control.

With so many models on the market, deciding which pellet stove to buy can be a bit tricky. That is why, below, we leave you the pros and cons of the Haverland EPE-02A model.


Dimensions: The structure of the stove has measures width, height, depth of 40.4 x 61.2 x 10.3 centimeters, suitable for its placement and simple handling.

Power: The manufacturer equipped this model with a nominal work force of 8 kilowatts, which allows efficient performance.

Remote control: The operation of the device can be programmed by means of a practical remote control included in the purchase package.

Design: The design of this model is characterized by being robust with an elegant aesthetic in black and gray.


Weight: Some of the users agree when commenting that the weight of 107 kilograms of the device is high, being a limitation when moving it from one space to another. However, this perception can vary.

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Guide to buying a pellet stove

If you are thinking of purchasing a pellet stove to improve the heating of your home, you should know that various essential aspects influence the process of choosing and comparing one model to another, which we have grouped together in this guide to buying the best pellet stove., so that you can select a model that really suits your needs.

Shopping guide

Robustness and design

Being a piece of equipment that will generate significant levels of heat, you must make sure that it is robust enough for it. This is evident in the materials used for its manufacture, an aspect that also determines how much it costs.

In general, metals such as steel or brass are used for the stove casing, which are among the most resistant to fire. Also, the design is commonly box-shaped and can be adapted to various spaces, having a door or window from which the flames can be seen inside.

This part of the structure incorporates glass or tempered glass, in order to resist daily use. Another aspect linked to the design is the colors of the structure, where the use of black, grey, silver, brown, in combination with more striking tones such as red, is common. In any case, although most stoves are made to combine with various decorative styles, make sure that the model you choose fits with the elements of the place where you will place it.

Container autonomy and capacity

There are manufacturers that report on the estimated level of autonomy for a certain prototype, so this is another factor that you should investigate when making your comparison of pellet stoves. The autonomy is closely linked to the capacity of the container, which is the amount of pellets that you can place inside so that it maintains the fire continuously for a certain time.

Thus, it is convenient to prefer models that have a good load range, so that you do not have to place pellets inside frequently. In turn, there are models with a minimum autonomy range of 8 hours and a maximum of up to 26 hours, which is an acceptable level, especially knowing that sometimes you do not need to have the heating on for so long.

Size and installation method

Size is an essential element to choose a good and cheap pellet stove, because it influences the rest of the characteristics such as the capacity of the container or the ease of handling, even the options you have to install it. Thus, check the dimensions of the stove, knowing that a larger stove will not necessarily heat a larger space, although this is what every user expects.

In this case, it is important that you know where you will install the stove, to know the space you need to air-condition and thus choose a model with convenient dimensions for it. Regarding the installation process, most of the models do not require an arduous process to complete it, but also inquire about it and value that model that has a simple installation, without the need to involve more people.

Management options and instructions

The handling possibilities of the stove are another factor to take into account. There are models that allow control by means of a remote control, which avoids having to approach the stove on a regular basis. In other cases, certain prototypes incorporate handles that stay cold so as not to bother when opening the door to place the pellets. Hence, it is best to prefer this type of model. Likewise, try to opt for models that have clear and easy-to-follow instructions, as this makes the driving experience simpler.

smoke outlet

Certain prototypes improve the smoke outlet options of the stove, incorporating a grid system, so it is appropriate that you observe this aspect, to avoid the accumulation of smoke inside the space. As a detail, you can find out what is the degree of opening between them, since this supposes a greater or lesser flow of smoke.


As for the temperature, it is essential that the stove you are going to acquire allows you to regulate the amount of heat that is generated. This is usually done by means of a thermostat, so it is convenient to make sure of its incorporation, in order to be able to choose the level of heat required for the type of space where you have installed the stove.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to clean a pellet stove?

Pellet stoves, like the rest of household appliances, will be in good condition if they are cleaned weekly and once a year, in which a professional can clean the area where the pellets go. This will prevent possible future problems. Other than that, this stove does not require much maintenance. Ash cleaning can be done every 3 or 4 days, to guarantee its performance.

The steps to thoroughly clean all the ducts are very simple: first, the ash and debris are removed with a vacuum cleaner. Afterwards, the dust is removed from each of the parts, from the combustion chamber to the smoke extractor, to the ash deposit. This operation can be done twice a year.

Q2: How to reset a pellet stove?

In case of having made an incorrect selection of the combustion program in the pellet stove, it is best to consult a technician, who will access the installer menu with his access codes and will be able to reset the machine. Seeking professional help will prevent major inconveniences with your pellet stove.

Q3: Which is better, a pellet or natural gas stove?

When choosing a heating system for the home, it is necessary to evaluate which ones heat more and consume less. Choosing between a pellet stove or a natural gas stove will depend on the circumstances of each home, the space, the insulation and even its location. Although pellet stoves carry a higher cleaning and maintenance burden, they are cleaner, cheaper and more ecological.

Pellet ones achieve savings of up to 20% compared to natural gas ones, because they use a type of fuel obtained from wood, branches and leaves. Gas stoves are expensive at first due to the cost of installation, but they have the benefit that they reach all areas of the home. In addition, there is little polluting waste and it is a silent energy.

Q4: What is the difference between a wood stove and a pellet stove?

The most used stoves that use bioenergy fuels are wood and pellet stoves. Both are careful with the environment and provide significant economic savings. To choose which one best suits your needs, you should consider the following differences: pellet stoves are more expensive than wood stoves.

On the other hand, wood stoves are loaded more frequently than pellet stoves, since these feed the combustion chamber automatically and the tank must be replenished when necessary. If you are concerned about maintenance, then pellet stoves are the best option because they generate less ash and soot than wood stoves.

Q5: What to do if my pellet stove smells?

Pellet stoves do not smell bad. The smell it gives off is wood, which is the fuel with which they work. If the pellet stove is new, you may notice a smell of paint when it is first turned on. For this reason, it is recommended to ventilate the spaces by leaving the windows open, but you should know that this is normal and, after several ignitions, the smell will disappear. If, on the other hand, the smell is of smoke, it is because the pellets are damp or old.

How to use a pellet stove

There are many types of heaters for your home, but without a doubt those that work with biomass are the most ecological and generate low electricity consumption. If you want to know how to use a pellet stove, the invitation is to read the following summary that we have prepared for you.

Check the instruction manual

Checking the instruction manual is a quick and necessary procedure, with which you will learn a little about the correct operation of the stove, managing to take advantage of the maximum volume of heat generated in any of the rooms of the home. Likewise, you can keep in mind the care at the time of installation and cleaning the structure, avoiding its deterioration and extending its useful life.

Select mounting area

For the selection of the assembly area, you must not only evaluate the dimensions of the structure in relation to those of the room, but you will also need to specify the different smoke outlets of the equipment, so that they are not obstructed by a wall. or furniture present in the room.

Also, make sure that there is an easily accessible power source nearby and that the power cord is long enough to reach it.

Place the pellets or logs

Depending on the selected model, you must identify the compartment assigned for the placement of the pellets, open it carefully, fill it with a generous amount of said biomass and re-adjust the door or lid.

But if your stove is mixed, then you will have a burning chamber for wood, so you have the option of inserting some dry logs in this compartment. Whatever the case, remember to check the closure of the door or lid, preventing the passage of air or moisture.

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