The best yoga poses for kids

Current events have forced many people to reduce their contact with the outdoors, especially affecting children, who need fresh air and physical activity during various stages of their development. However, there is a practice that can counteract some of these effects from home: yoga.


What is yoga?

Yoga is an activity of spiritual origin designed to link the mind, body and breath with each other. To achieve this, the person must adopt various postures while practicing breathing and concentration exercises.

It has been established that yoga as a physical activity provides multiple health benefits, including lowering blood pressure, increasing coordination, improving posture, helping to stretch muscles and joints, among many other things.

Due to this, it has become a popular practice in various parts of the world, especially in the West. In addition, it should be noted that it can be practiced practically anywhere and you do not need to be an expert to take advantage of the benefits that yoga has to offer.

Yoga exercises for children

Considering that yoga is an activity that can be practiced at home and does not require purchasing expensive equipment or even too much time in the day, here are several easy yoga poses that you can try with your little one to start the practice:


mountain position

One of the first yoga poses that we will know will be that of the Mountain. In it, you must be sitting on the mat with your legs crossed and your spine erect. Now, you have to join the palms of the hands in front to raise them at the same time until they are above the head and count to 10, to return them to their initial position.

warrior stance

The following yoga position is known as the Warrior pose and will improve balance and strengthen your legs.

While standing, take a big step forward with the left foot and then bend the knee, while the right leg is stretched back. At the same time, the arms should be extended: one backwards and one forward, to make a gentle swing from top to bottom.

tree position

Tree pose is done by standing with your legs together and both arms outstretched. Then, the right leg should be bent to support it against the left thigh, taking care to maintain balance. By being firm, you encourage the little one to try to join the palms of his hands above his head while he completes a breathing cycle.

cobra position

This yoga posture requires the child to lie on their stomach, and then rise up by placing their hands under their shoulders. As you do this, he should straighten his legs and gently arch back. With this posture, areas such as the arms, wrists and spine are strengthened.


dog position

This is a position that stretches the entire body and, in turn, is also capable of increasing strength in the arms and legs. To achieve this, the child should be put on all fours with his palms open on the mat and help him to straighten his legs without taking his heels off the ground while raising his bottom.

lion stance

A yoga pose that can benefit even the facial muscles is the lion pose. This position is achieved by sitting with your legs crossed and your palms flat on the floor. Then, with your eyes open, you should stick out your tongue until you try to touch your chin, keeping that position for a couple of seconds and return to your mouth. Rest for 5 seconds and repeat the process 3-5 more times.

flower position

The flower position is intended to treat numb fingers and cramps. Carrying it out, apart, is very simple: you just have to be seated and relaxed, close your fists tightly for 5 seconds and then release them, to gently stretch your fingers backwards. It should be repeated a couple of times and, at the end, shake your hands to relax them.

bridge position

Another of the best known yoga positions is that of the Bridge. To do it, the child must lie on the mat with the knees drawn up. Later, he will raise his chest as much as he can with the help of his arms, which must remain glued to the ground. Once on top, he should clasp his hands behind his back to stretch as far as possible.


cat position

To do the cat pose you have to be on all fours, with open palms resting on the ground, while raising your head and arching your back in and out gently with each breath.

half lotus position

This is one of the many yoga poses for children in pairs and also one of the most popular. It helps improve body posture, stretch the back, improve knee mobility and work the thighs.

To do it, each child should sit with their backs against each other on the mat with both legs crossed. Push your chest forward without taking off the other’s back and raise your hands up in unison until they touch, and then lower them while controlling your breathing.


An additional tip

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