Alesis CompactKit 7 Opinions

Main advantage:

This desktop electronic drum stands out for having 7 velocity-sensitive pads. In addition, it has a USB to MIDI output to connect to your computer and includes a pair of drumsticks, making it a perfect model to start playing instantly.

Main Disadvantage:

The pedals may move forward when you step on them, as they are a bit tricky to attach to the ground. Therefore, this instrument can be a bit uncomfortable for some people.

Verdict: 9.6/10

Whether you are just starting to play this instrument or you are a professional musician, the Alesis CompactKit 7 electronic drum kit is a great alternative, since you can record your own tracks.

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Main Features Explained

Sound and Kits

You want to learn to play the electronic drums but you don’t know what you should take into account when choosing the instrument that suits your needs correctly, we recommend that you look carefully at various aspects and features, such as the sound module. If you pay attention to the opinions of the most experienced musicians, you will realize that this module is a key piece of this type of instrument. Remember that a greater variety of sounds will give you a greater range of musical possibilities, although this will be reflected in the price of the device. This module will allow you to play with the sounds generated by the instrument, letting you edit, create your own sounds and download others that you can incorporate into your repertoire.

Whatever sound you’re looking for, the CompactKits 7 model will let you achieve it thanks to its sound module and its 45 preset drum kits. In addition, it has 5 kit locations to place your own sounds, 265 percussion voices and approximately 100 songs that you can use to play along. We recommend you analyze the different models offered by the market and make a comparison of electronic drums, looking carefully at what functions could be the ones you really need so that the purchase is not disproportionate to the use you are going to give it.

pads and controls

If you are looking for the best electronic drums on the market, it is important that you keep in mind that the Pads are vital components for any of this type of instrument, since they are responsible for emitting the sound you need to interpret a certain musical genre. The pads are laid out in a similar way to how the drums are laid out on a traditional acoustic drum set, so the electronic models are mostly made up of the same elements: a snare drum, hi-hat with pedal, ride, crash, toms1 and 2, a bass drum, Goliath and a pedal. However, in most cases, drumsticks make a noticeable difference in feel and sound quality.

In this sense, the Alesis CompactKits 7 electronic drum stands out for being a desktop model that incorporates 7 drum pads completely sensitive to changes in speed and pulsation, which provide a very realistic sound, also seeking to resemble the sensation of touch and response of an acoustic drum. On the other hand, this model even allows you to play them with your hands, since it has a manual percussion function that is ideal if you need to play ethnic music with bongos, congas, tabla and congas, among other traditional instruments. In addition, it includes two pedals with independent inputs.

touch and connectivity

Before making a large investment of money, keep in mind that these instruments are pieces of equipment that will receive innumerable blows from the drumsticks or hands, so it is very important that you pay attention to the manufacturing quality of their components. Some models have Pads that have a great touch, so, in addition to perfectly resisting a large number of hits, they present a high level of sound realism. This is the case of the CompactKit 7, which incorporates 7 touch-sensitive, variable-speed pads that generate a very realistic sound with a remarkably lifelike response quality. Therefore, you can be sure of getting a good nuance of interpretation.

Likewise, remember that technological advances leave us awestruck every time we realize it and in the world of electric digital musical instruments this often happens. The Alesis CompactKit 7 is an electronic drum set that can be easily and simply connected to a PC or MAC computer thanks to its USB to MIDI cable, as well as responding perfectly to any music software or DAW or digital audio workstation.

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