Black Diamond Trail Reviews

Main advantage:

Its structure made of resistant and flexible aluminum makes the cane suitable for any athlete who wishes to use it during any time of the year, since its height adapts to the size of the person.

Main disadvantage:

The size of the grip can be very small, which could cause discomfort, since it would require more effort than normal. But this will vary from person to person.

Verdict: 9.7/10

They are a pair of trekking poles suitable for use on different types of terrain. Its design provides comfort, confidence and security at every step. In addition, their affordable price, coupled with their functionality, make them one of the most recommended for trekking and other modalities.  

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Main Features Explained


The Black Diamond Trail trekking poles are characterized by a simple but functional design, capable of varying to easily adapt to different environments, people and types of surface, to provide greater utility. 

Many opinions coincide when they state that they are ideal poles not only for moving on flat terrain, but also that they have an optimal grip and fastening system, which guarantees a safe support when climbing very steep areas, which allows mobility. with greater freedom. 

In the same way, they are very useful pieces that can be used during any season of the year, even on snow, because, to travel snowy roads with greater confidence, they include a pair of plates that, in addition to providing stability on this surface, prevent the poles get stuck between the rocks. 

Its slim structure made of the highest quality aluminum, with some flexible parts, makes the poles strong and robust enough to withstand and adapt to the different changes in weather conditions that may occur during the same day. 

On the other hand, one of the greatest advantages that make the Black Diamond Trail trekking poles a versatile and dynamic piece of equipment is its adjustable length, since it can be divided into three segments to facilitate movement, as well as storage and transfer.

Construction materials

Another of the properties that make the Black Diamond Trail one of the best trekking poles of the moment is the quality of its construction, since it is made of aluminum in much of its extension, a metal that provides robustness, durability and resistance, qualities that every good trekking pole should offer. This feature usually makes the cane a little heavier, but it is still flexible and comfortable to use. 

In addition, the poles made with this material are distinguished by having a cheaper price than those made of carbon fiber. However, this does not detract from their advantages, since they are of proven quality and fulfill a very similar function. 

On the other hand, the Black Diamond Trail poles have their upper end covered with foam. This material adapts comfortably to the shape of the hands to provide a better grip on the cane without it slipping, whether or not gloves are used, as the foam facilitates the absorption of moisture caused by cold or sweat. of the hands 

Likewise, canes with foam-covered handles are more recommended for use in high-temperature environments, since the thermal properties of this material allow hands to be kept warm, which favors movement.


The Black Diamond Trail trekking poles have a thin structure that has a design known as telescopic, because its height is adjustable, since these poles are adjustable according to the size of the person and can be adapted to the required measure. 

The length of each pole reaches 1.40 cm with the mast fully extended, while, when kept folded, its length is reduced to just under 63 cm. They also have an innovative adjustment and security system called “Flick lock”, which allows their size to be adapted between three segments depending on the type of displacement. In addition, this mechanism makes it easy to fold them to store and transport more comfortably. 

Similarly, the handle has 360° padded straps to ensure better support around the wrists and, on the bottom, the poles include metal rosettes to facilitate movement on snow-covered terrain. This pair of poles has an approximate weight of 490 g and is available in a design that combines the colors red and black in some of its parts.

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