Opinions about Joma Regate

Main advantage:

The cut of each shoe is made in a precise and meticulous way, thanks to the Injection Print system. In addition, compared to previous models, they are now able to more efficiently transmit the movement of the foot to the outside through the sole.


Main disadvantage:

The size may be perceived as larger compared to other models of the same brand, which is an aspect to take into account when making the purchase.


Verdict: 9.9/10

They are resistant shoes, designed for players who need great flexibility, as well as for those who want to avoid injuries.

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Main Features Explained


cut and design

You can see that the upper of these futsal shoes not only has a modern design in bright colors, but is also made of high-quality microfibers, including Injection Print technology. Through this, resistance is added to the fabric and greater lightness. 

Likewise, the tongue adapts completely to the foot, allowing you to play for several hours without worrying about accidents or having to make adjustments. For this reason, these shoes are suitable for those players who do not have a light weight and wish to acquire an ergonomic, avant-garde and technological product. 

In addition, the Joma company is known for bringing trendy sports products to the market at a good price, and its shoes have popular designs that allow its users to achieve good performance when playing.


Among the opinions of the players, it can be seen that an important characteristic is that their shoes have a sole that adjusts to the weight and can cushion footsteps. These are some of the properties that the soles of these shoes have, as they are made up of two layers. The first is made of Phylon, which absorbs shocks, and the second is made of rubber with flex lines, which help give the foot greater mobility. 

On the other hand, the set of these layers makes the sole not completely flat, which can help prevent injuries such as Plantar Fasciitis or ankle problems. In addition, they contribute to the tread being completely on any type of terrain.


An important feature that the best futsal shoes must have is that they have a comfortable interior for the feet. Another property that these shoes also have; because its interior is made up of different nylon linings so that they do not widen due to movement. 

In addition, they can be used when not playing, as they are just as comfortable as ordinary shoes, so they allow you to walk through the day easily and start playing when you want. Finally, it should be noted that nylon allows adequate perspiration to occur; so there will be no need to worry about bad odors and sweat trapped inside said footwear.

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