The 5 Best Backpacks for Women of 2022

Backpack for women – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

Whether it is to organize personal items on a short trip, carry books or other belongings, it is necessary to use a backpack in which different objects can be stored to transport them easily. If you are a woman, you are surely looking for a feminine design that, in addition to being practical, looks attractive. Although there are currently several designs that have the approval of users, two lead the preferences. One of them is the Neekfox NF001-Purple which, despite its 35-liter capacity, weighs just 410 grams. In addition, it has a design designed to make longer routes more comfortable, as well as different spaces for your mobile, water bottle and other objects. For its part, the Amazon Basics ZH1802045R1A modelIt offers a widely compartmentalized space, as well as good resistance, thanks to its polyester construction.

The 5 Best Backpacks for Women – Opinions 2022

If you are going to buy a backpack, it is convenient that you can choose a model that allows you a high storage capacity and organization of your items. Although there are many designs of backpacks for women, not all of them are suitable, being necessary that you can compare options to rule out those that are not suitable. For this reason, we offer you a list in which we expose the main characteristics of each recommended model.

1.Neekfox NF001-Purple 

If we are looking for the best women’s backpack on the market, we find options like the Neekfox NF001-Purple. This product has an interior space of 35 liters, so you will have no problem placing everything you want inside. Something that is helped by a well compartmentalized space, with large interior pockets and other exterior pockets, smaller and ideal for everything to have its place.

To help you move comfortably, this model has good-sized and properly padded straps, at the level of the best women’s backpacks of 2022. These straps, like the rest of the backpack, are made with very resistant materials and durable. So much so that the product supports up to 40 kilos of weight inside.

As if all this were not enough, the outer material is waterproof, better protecting the content. Ideal so that the rain is not a problem for your belongings.

If you want to move comfortably, we give you some details of this interesting backpack for women, ideal for all kinds of uses.


Capacity: The backpack has a nominal capacity of 35 liters, so it is suitable for your excursions or even to travel with it.

Compartmentalization: It is distributed in different spaces, such as its large interior pocket, exterior pockets or mesh spaces.

Weight: The weight of the backpack is 410 grams, being a good option to move without carrying more weight than what you carry inside.

Straps : The straps are padded and have a wide design, helping you better carry your things wherever you want.

Colors: The backpack comes in various colors for the exterior, to choose the one you like best.


Padding: It is missing that the backpack includes some padding on the back. Nonetheless, the product is still quite comfortable.

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2. Amazon Basics ZH1802045R1A

With the Amazon Basics ZH1802045R1A model we change the approach a bit. And although we are not sure which is the best brand of backpacks for women today, this model is a good proposal for your day to day and could well be part of it.

This backpack has a large main pocket, with an area designed to carry the laptop inside. The second main pocket opens a wide space to store small objects, properly compartmentalized. And in the lower part there is another pocket, ideal for shoes, a towel or anything else.

This proposal, as would be expected from the best backpack for women of the moment, has good comfort. As well as the one offered by the back support or very pleasant padded straps that do not dig into the shoulders.

Take everything you want anywhere with the interesting approach of this backpack from Amazon.


Compartments: It has a good variety of compartments and spaces, where it will be easier for you to place everything you want correctly.

Resistance : The backpack is made entirely of polyester, having a good resistance to use, rubbing and humidity.

Comfort : Thanks to its back support and the quality of the straps, it will be easier for you to carry your things wherever you want, without the straps getting stuck.

Colors : As usual in these products, you have several colors for the exterior, to choose the one you like best when carrying your things.


Zippers: As usual, zippers should be treated with care and ensure that they do not get caught while handling them.

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3. Adidas A.Classic 3S

If you are wondering which is the best backpack for women, the properties of this model from the Adidas manufacturer may help you answer the question. It is a relatively small and simple backpack design, but functional.

The backpack is equipped with two compartments, each with a zipper closure. The first is wide, while the second is located at the front and is used to carry smaller objects.

Although it is recommended for women, its style is unisex and you can choose between two colors: blue or pink, depending on the one that best suits your tastes. The construction of this backpack is robust and resistant.

It is made with a fine composition textile, but with quality and reinforced seams that keep the objects inside safe. Features a top handle and adjustable shoulder straps. Its weight is less than 600 grams.

Backpacks are commonly used products, hence there are many manufacturers and designs. However, due to quality and properties, few are suitable, making it difficult to select which women’s backpack to buy. Before choosing, you can review the basic elements that favor and disfavor the Adidas A.Classic 3S.


Design: This model is equipped with a compact design, small in size, but functional to carry various items. In addition, it has two side mesh pockets.

Color: According to your taste, you can select between two colors: blue or pink, each one with the details that identify the manufacturer.

Ergonomics: User comfort is guaranteed with two adjustable shoulder straps and a top handle.

Closure: The main compartments are equipped with zipper closure, to protect the items inside.


Organizer: This model does not have internal pockets inside the main compartment.

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4. Espeedy Fashion Cat Backpack

If you are looking for the best value for money backpack for women, it may be necessary to take this model from the manufacturer Espeedy into consideration, because it is one of the cheapest options on the market. If you like models with versatile designs, this cat-shaped backpack available in four colors could be to your liking.

It is a small backpack made with a high quality synthetic leather exterior and solidity to support the weight. In addition to its leather construction, metal and Dacron lining have been used in its composition. Due to its structure, it can be carried as a crossed backpack or carried through its upper handle.

It is a compact model with dimensions of 23 cm long, 9 cm deep and 26 cm high. It has two pockets, a large main one and a smaller front one, both with zipper closure.

There are a series of indicators that position a model among those recommended, with weight, resistance and design being some of the contrasting details. The Espeedy cat has several of them, being one of the cheapest women’s backpacks today. Here its pros and cons.


Compartments: You won’t have a problem where to store your belongings, because this backpack is equipped with two separate large compartments.

Closure: Each of the compartments of this model has a closure system through a resistant zipper.

Design: The backpack has been made with an unconventional design that simulates being a feline, it even has ears, nose and whiskers to improve the impression.

Materials: The exterior finish of this model is made of resistant synthetic leather, in addition to being incorporated in its textile and metal construction.


Straps: Although it has several load modes, the shoulder straps are thin and not very dense.

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5. Puma Pioneer I Backpack

If you want a lightweight, resistant women’s backpack model with a practical design to carry your belongings, this option from the manufacturer Puma could interest you, so it is convenient that you consider its attributes. The backpack is usually recommended for its style for sport. However, its casual design can be used for trips, going to school, among other activities.

It has a weight of only 272 grams. It is available in two colors: purple with pink details and black fabric applications, while the other tone stands out for its predominant red, making it an appropriate unisex model.

Its structure is made with two compartments, a main one with a padded pocket for the laptop and a front one for smaller objects, both with a double zipper closure system. The backpack is equipped with two adjustable and ergonomic shoulder straps, as well as the logo in reflective material.

Puma Pioneer I is a recommended option by buyers, as it has positive features that offer high performance and charging functionality. In addition, it is competitively priced. Therefore, it is convenient for you to know its main attributes and disadvantages.


Weight: Despite being a model with large dimensions, its weight is light, less than 300 grams, which does not imply an additional burden for the user.

Compartments: Whether to carry books, clothes or even a laptop, the backpack has two compartments, one of them with special dimensions and padding for the computer.

Ergonomics: For user comfort, the backpack is equipped with adjustable straps and padded back.

Design: The model has a unisex, sporty and functional design that is available in two striking colors.


Size: The backpack has been made with large dimensions, being suitable for travel, but not very compact.

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Buying Guide – What is the best women’s backpack on the market?

When it comes to going to class, going out to the field or carrying our things from the gym, resorting to a good backpack is key. However, diving into a comparison of women’s backpacks and finding the perfect product the first time is not so easy. That is why we have created this guide to buy the best backpack for women, where we give you some guidelines so that your purchase is perfect.

backpack capacity

The first thing we must take into account is the capacity that we are going to need in our future backpack. Fortunately, current market offerings make it easy to find a good, affordable women’s backpack with the exact capacity you need.

The unit used to measure this capacity is liters, although it is obvious that we are not going to carry water inside, only bottled water. The smallest backpacks start at approximately 7 or 8 liters, while the largest can reach 40 liters or more. The former are perfect for carrying day-to-day objects, while the larger ones are the ideal size for when you have to travel and need a large-capacity model or if you have bulky objects to carry with you.

Space distribution

The capacity that we have mentioned above is what the backpack has in nominal terms. However, the distribution of the product may be different, so it is important to check this aspect as well. In general, backpacks have a large space closed with a zipper, which is their main pocket. Some versions, the least, have two large holes. By the way, if you need to take your laptop, look for a model that includes a specific area for this purpose.

In addition to that main hole or holes, we also have models with different secondary spaces. These are usually smaller and include a zipper, offering a tighter space to carry objects such as shower gel, a computer mouse or anything else. Finally, some backpacks include mesh areas of different sizes, where you can carry a water bottle or store a small umbrella, for example.

backpack comfort

We close our tips talking about the comfort of the backpack. Something that does not excessively influence how much the product costs and that makes the difference between a good and a bad backpack for women.

For the backpack to be comfortable, it is important that the back support is adequate, softer as its capacity increases. Something similar happens with the straps for the arms, which should also be padded and have an adequate thickness. If they are very thin, the strips end up sticking in the arms. Also do not forget to verify that the backpack has a handle, for when you do not want to carry it or have to manipulate it before putting it on.

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