The 5 Best Padel Rackets of 2022

Padel racket – Buying guide, Opinions and Comparison

The search for a padel racket is a process that you should not take lightly, since there are many quality indicators that you must verify so that you can get a model that suits your style of play. So before deciding on a team, you should get the opinion of other buyers and always keep in mind that not all designs are suitable to give you a good performance on the pitch. Wilson Drone is a purchase alternative valued positively by buyers due to its wide flexible area, which manages to concentrate the impact of the ball to give greater force to its output. Likewise, it has a handle that adapts to the anatomy of the hand, providing comfort and preventing it from slipping due to sweating. Another option is the modelHead Graphene Spark 2017, which has a diamond shape, flexibility and allows better control of movements.



The 5 Best Padel Rackets – Opinions 2022

If you have thought about buying a paddle tennis racket, you need to know that there are many brands in charge of designing and marketing them. Although some of them are aesthetically similar, not all of them are adequate to provide the same level of performance on the court. For this reason, we present five highly positioned products made with high-quality techniques and materials.

1.Wilson WRT950300 Racquet

Wilson is a well-known manufacturer in the world of sports. That is why you cannot fail to include this model among your purchase options, since it has managed to become the best value-for-money padel racket, as well as being the cheapest, according to buyers.

The racket has an ergonomic and lightweight design, aimed at advanced level players. Its weight is 355 grams and the handle has a soft-touch cover that absorbs perspiration, preventing it from slipping from your hand when executing movements. In this way, you get adequate control when executing any movement.

The racket incorporates advanced technology with a center of concentration for the impact, giving the ball greater speed. Likewise, carbon fiber and black EVA rubber have been used, which allow it to be resistant and provide the necessary support for shocks.

This paddle tennis racket offers you ergonomics and lightness for adequate control in the execution of movements. In addition, it stands out among the cheapest.


Weight: Its weight of 355 grams offers you great lightness, so you can handle it for a long time without generating wrist fatigue.

Support: The racket handle has a soft and non-slip polymer cover, allowing you to hold it comfortably and without fear of slipping.

Impact: The manufacturer incorporated an impact area in the racket that concentrates the impact of the ball, giving you greater speed at the exit.

Design: It is a paddle racket with an ergonomic design that is aimed at players with an advanced level.


Speed: Buyers have complained about the racket’s slow speed when executing fast movements. However, this is an appreciation that varies according to the athlete.

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2. Head Graphene Spark 2017

The Head house used high-end raw materials and the most innovative manufacturing techniques for this model, resulting in a team that for many buyers is the best paddle tennis racket. The racket has a diamond-type design with which you will obtain an adequate exit of the ball, as well as you will be able to print more power when hitting it.

Its format is compact, light, ergonomic and has quality finishes. The tubular is made of several layers of carbon with a pre-molded technique, the surface has approximately 57 holes that vary in size, which will allow you to enjoy greater flexibility.

Also, the presence of Power Foam-type rubber stands out, which improves control and the sound generated in each touch, thanks to the density of the material and the nitrogen treatment to which it was subjected. In addition, in order to reduce vibration, the manufacturer integrated silicone into the frame and an elastomer that achieves a notable expansion of the soft area of ​​the equipment.

Without a doubt, this equipment may be the best paddle tennis racket of the moment, since the most innovative techniques have been used for its manufacture.


Design: This model of paddle tennis rackets has a diamond-type design, ergonomic and light and with quality finishes.

Tubular: To provide greater comfort and agility in its performance, the structure has been provided with several layers of carbon with pre-molded technology in the tubular area.

Surface: On the surface of the racket you will find a total of 57 holes that vary in size, designed to improve the level of flexibility and provide greater control.

Vibration: A piece of silicone has been incorporated into the frame, in charge of considerably reducing the vibration generated when hitting the ball.


Case: The absence of a storage case has been a disadvantage commented on by users on the web.

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3. Dunlop Titan Padel Racket

Among the best paddle tennis rackets of 2022 is this Dunlop model, aimed at players with an advanced level or for those who carry out professional practices. Its design is aesthetically black with some details in fuchsia, the format is compact and ergonomic.

For its elaboration, the manufacturer used carbon in the frame, fiberglass for the exterior and a 38-millimeter core in Megaflex-type EVA rubber, in charge of increasing the flexibility, cushioning and power of the ball upon impact.

On the other hand, we have the implementation of a technique called Power Bar. It is a guide incorporated into the racket with a gel interior, whose function is to move from the head to the grip area, to balance the weight and thus increase or decrease the force of the blow according to the movement. As for the storage or transport system, you will have a removable zippered cover.

Selecting the best brand of paddle tennis rackets is a bit complicated. However, the Dunlop house and its Titan model are a good alternative that you should keep in mind when purchasing the equipment.


Flexibility: The racket has an inner core made of Megaflex-type EVA rubber, which softens the impact without reducing its strength.

Power: You will be able to control the characteristic power of the ball, since it incorporates a guide with a gel interior that moves from the head to the handle, managing to balance the weight.

Design: The ergonomic, compact and powerful design of this padel racket is aimed at players with an advanced or professional level.

Cover: In the purchase package a protective cover with removable zipper and fastening rope is incorporated, in which you can comfortably carry the racket.


Resistance: According to the buyers, the quality of the surface of the shovel is very weak, since after the third use it fractured.

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4. VIBORA Coperhead Liquid

This product, patented by the manufacturer VIBORA, complies with all regulatory quality parameters. Its design has an ergonomic grip, the weight is light and the materials used are high-end. It is then a team that, according to the evaluation of the buyers, may be the solution for those who are still wondering which is the best paddle tennis racket.

The shape of the racket is diamond type, the tubular is made of 100% carbon, the surface in fiberglass and the core is made of 38-millimeter EVA rubber. In this way, you will enjoy a racket with an adequate level of stiffness, with an area that offers you greater power when hitting the ball.

For all these reasons, its use is convenient for those who want high performance and control when attacking or defending. In addition, it incorporates anti-vibration technology, its weight does not exceed 375 grams and it has a 24-month warranty.

With so many models and brands, knowing which paddle racket to buy can take up some of your time. Next, you will find the pros and cons of a team with great mobility, suitable for attacking or defending on the pitch and with a long lifespan.


Weight: The structure has a weight of 375 grams, which is quite light when executing any movement.

Warranty: The manufacturer provided for this model a warranty valid for two years from the date of purchase.

Resistance: The combination of fiberglass on the surface and carbon on the edges will provide great resistance and a long useful life to the equipment.

Power: Thanks to the 38-millimeter Eva rubber core, you can generate a greater impact on the ball, so you can attack or defend with greater control.


Cost: For some users, the cost of the racket is a bit high, taking into account that it does not include a storage bag.

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5. VARLION LW H Diamond 4

It is a white paddle tennis racket with pink, blue and dark gray details, aimed at the female target. Its design is in the shape of a tear, the surface has a series of holes for greater flexibility, the handle has an ergonomic non-slip grip and the structure of just 335 grams is quite light.

The frame of the equipment is hexagonal and incorporates a tubular made of carbon, the core is elongated and consists of 38-millimeter reticulated foam, which in turn has a cover of several layers of fiberglass, an aluminized treatment and resin patented by the house VARLION.

In this way, you will find an adequate level of power in this racket without losing control of the executed movement. Among other features to highlight, we have the correct absorption of vibrations at the time of impact, as well as the inclusion of a transfer case with a removable zipper.

VARLION LW H Diamond 4 is a model of padel rackets with a light design, pleasant aesthetics and capable of offering you great performance on the pitch.


Weight: The weight of the racket is equivalent to 335 grams, so it is a piece of equipment that you can handle without hurting your wrist due to its lightness.

Design: This model has a pleasant tear-shaped aesthetic, quality finishes and is aimed at the female audience.

Durability: Thanks to the combination of high-end materials such as carbon, fiberglass, resin, among others, you can count on a long-lasting racket.

Cover: In order that you can store and transport the racket safely, the manufacturer incorporated a cover with a removable zipper and a grip rope.


Grip: For certain buyers, the grip area is a bit limited when holding it.

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