The 5 Best Road Bike Helmets of 2022

Road bike helmet – Buying guide, Opinions and Comparison

When practicing any sport, it is necessary to have a high degree of security, much more so if it involves disciplines that involve risk and speed. So if you practice cycling, you must have a helmet that provides protection to the cranial area and the face. So if you are going to buy one, it is convenient that you make a comparison between the available options, as this will make it easier to find a model with adequate characteristics. Although there are various designs, there are two road bike helmets that are usually most promoted by users. The first is the Asvert Moon, a double protection helmet made with high quality and resistant materials, with an adjustable system and ventilation slots that improve perspiration. The next option is the Catlike Kompact’O model, a helmet available in various colors and sizes. In addition, it is a prototype that provides maximum protection, being lightweight and suitable for men and women.

The 5 Best Road Bike Helmets – Opinions 2022

If you enjoy cycling in any modality and want to improve your safety with a helmet, you should keep in mind that although there are many models, not all of them may be suitable to guarantee the protection of sensitive areas of the face. For this reason, we present a list with the five models that lead user preferences, in which we explain the main characteristics of each of the options.

1. Asvert Moon

With a weight of 275 grams, this model is recommended for those who are looking for the best helmet for road bikes. On this occasion, the manufacturer Asvert presents a modern design for men or women, with properties that make it suitable for road, MTB or mountain biking.

It is equipped with a mountable visor and rear adjustment that adapts to the shape of the head. In addition, it is available in various colors and sizes so that the user can select the one that best suits their appearance and style. It’s made from solid, robust materials like PC and EPS, which are lightweight so won’t slow the rider down.

The model stands out for having several ventilation slots along the structure, which improve breathability and reduce air resistance. It is also equipped with foam on the chin that absorbs sweat and provides comfort.

Although there are a variety of designs and models on the market, the Asvert Moon is usually recognized as the best road bike helmet at the moment, because it has an adequate protection system. Thus, it is convenient that you know its pros and cons.


Weight: Although safety is important, it is also important not to reduce performance and speed, this helmet being suitable for it, due to its light weight of 275 grams.

Structure: This model is equipped with a resistant structure and several ventilation channels that improve perspiration.

Protection: It is designed with a double protection of PC and EPS foam to increase the safety of the cyclist.

Modality: The helmet is equipped with a visor and rear adjustment to adapt to the shape of the head. Both attributes make it suitable for the road and mountain mode.


Strap: The strap that adjusts to the level of the chin does not adapt properly to the shape of the chin.

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2. Catlike Kompact’O Cycling Helmet

To make a successful purchase, you need to make your choice between the best road bike helmets of 2022. Thus, it is appropriate that you know the characteristics of this model from the manufacturer Catlike, which competes together with Aero.

It is a 249-gram helmet, available in various colors and three sizes, so that you can select the one that best suits your style. It is equipped with a multi-position system through a wheel, which controls the retention diameter of the tape to provide stability and comfort.

The helmet is made of resistant materials, combining EPS foam and PPE, both of which are lightweight and insulating. In addition, it is equipped with an anti-insect net and reflective stickers for night outings. Its design is compact and of reduced volume, with 21 ventilation slots and internal fins that adapt to different cranial shapes, being convenient because it does not reduce speed or dexterity in the cyclist’s performance.

Catlike is a recognized manufacturer in the world of cycling, being considered the best brand of road bike helmets due to its design and protection system. Here the main advantages and disadvantages of their model.


Adjustment: The model has a multi-position adjustable system on four levels, through a wheel that allows you to change the diameter of the tape.

Structure: This is a model made of solid, durable and robust materials, but at the same time they are light and recyclable.

Ergonomics: It’s not just a protective helmet, it also provides comfort through high-density foam and comfort-providing padding.

Ventilation: This model is equipped with 21 ventilation slots in its structure, which provide greater breathability and sweat output for a fresh internal environment.


Pads: If you’re a consistent runner, it’s likely that the inner pads wear out on a regular basis.

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3. Bell Star Wars 3D Trooper MS

If you want to know which is the best road bike helmet on the market, then you should pay attention to the characteristics of this model from the manufacturer Bell. On this occasion, the brand offers a design for children that has a children’s format, recalling one of the film classics: Star Wars.

It is a light helmet of 231 grams, with a 3D trooper design in white. It is made with high-grade quality and resistance materials, standing out for being solid and durable. Among its technical properties, it has nine ventilation channels, which improve the flow of air for a less caloric thermal sensation, since through them free sweating and reduction of bad odors are allowed.

In addition, this is a model that has a side-squeeze buckle adjustment, which allows you to control the pressure so that it is loose or tight, depending on the user’s taste.

With the variety of models and designs on the market, you may not know which road bike helmet to buy. For this reason, we recommend you take a look at the positive and negative aspects of the Bell Star Wars 3D Trooper MS.


Design: If you like to stand out, this is a striking design helmet in the shape of a Trooper, an iconic character from Star Wars, being suitable for children.

Adjustment: It has a strap that allows you to control the adjustment of its pressure, so that the helmet is more or less loose.

Resistance: It is made with high quality and resistance materials that provide durability.

Ventilation: It is equipped with nine ventilation channels that provide a better internal thermal sensation for air flow and reduction of bad odours.


Pads: This model does not have replacement pads, so they must be purchased separately.

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4. Queshark Scorpio Works with LED Warning Lights

If you are looking for the best value for money road bike helmet, then check out this model, because it is one of the cheapest in our selection of products. The manufacturer Queshark presents an innovative helmet that incorporates LED warning lights, for greater protection and safety on the road.

This model stands out for having an ultralight design, which will allow the cyclist to develop their sports performance, without losing speed or speed. In addition, it is made with Fusion Microshell and with an aerodynamic structure for mountain road cycling, because it reduces air resistance.

It is available in various colors and two sizes that adapt to different sizes of cranial structure, one between 54 and 58 cm and another between 57 and 63 cm. The model is made of high-density PC and EPS, with ventilation channels for air flow.

The following helmet is recommended by users due to its variety of colors, degree of safety and comfort it provides. In addition, it is considered one of the cheapest road bike helmets.


Protection: In addition to the protection of sensitive areas, this helmet is equipped with an LED light that makes the cyclist notice on the road at night.

Weight: It is made of resistant materials but easy to wear, being a suitable helmet for speed because it is ultralight.

Structure: The helmet has a strong and comfortable Fusion Microshell structure, which makes it aerodynamic and suitable for mountain biking.

Design: This model is available in various colors and is designed with ventilation channels that allow air to enter.


Straps: This model incorporates straps that do not fit properly to the face, being very flimsy.

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5. Giro Vasona GIHWVASP Helmet

If you want a convenient and quality model for cycling, this option from the manufacturer Giro is usually one of the most recommended by users. The vasona GIHWVASP is a helmet with a compact design, specific for women. It is available in various matte and striking colors such as pink, blue, white, gray and black, all with delicate details in feminine tones.

It is a lightweight model that stands out for not reducing capacity in sports performance, since its weight is only 299 grams. Its structure is made with a molded polycarbonate shell, with an inner layer of high-density EPS lining that protects sensitive areas. In addition, it is equipped with an easy-to-install removable visor.

Its padding is padded and comfortable. It also has several ventilation channels that allow air flow to provide an adequate temperature between the helmet and the head.

This is a model with a competitive price and feminine design, as explained by users. In addition, it is light, compact and made of resistant materials. Here its pros and cons.


Visor: The helmet is equipped with a removable and easy-fit visor, so that the cyclist can remove it when not needed.

Colours: This is a model that is available in five matte colours, each one striking and with feminine details.

Design: The helmet has a compact design, making it suitable for road cycling. In addition, it has several ventilation channels.

Structure: The helmet is made with a tough molded polycarbonate shell and shock-absorbing EPS liner.


Design: Despite its advantages, this model is suitable for women, not only because of the feminine colors, but also because of the size of the structure that does not fit the cranial structure of men.

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Children’s bicycle helmet


6. Uvex Kid 1 Children’s Cycling Helmet

If you are looking for one of the best bicycle helmets of 2022, in this model you could find qualities that will help your little one to start their first bike rides, as it has a size that can be adapted from 47 to 52 cm. If we focus on its appearance, we can see that it has a fun and colorful design; In addition, its 17 ventilation channels with mosquito nets keep the head fresh and protected from insects that may be trapped in them.

This children’s bicycle helmet has an innovative IAS 3D adjustment system, adaptable to the shape of any head to provide greater protection. It also has a Monomatic closure that can be opened and closed with one hand. Regarding its materials, it is manufactured using In-Mould technology, with direct molding of high-density polystyrene and polycarbonate for the cover, merging two safe elements.

We recommend you analyze the following qualities in detail, as this model could be considered the best bicycle helmet of the moment.


Certificate: It has the CE seal and 1078, making it a helmet that meets European safety standards.

In-Mould: It is made with two materials that are molded together, providing greater safety in the event of a fall.

Pads: For greater comfort, the interior of the helmet has pads that avoid feeling the hardness of the shell.



Easy to remove: It can be easily unfastened with one hand, so you must be careful that the child does not take it off during walks.

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mountain bike helmet


7. Catlike Cycling Helmet

Wearing a safety helmet during a bike ride can make a big difference in the event of a fall. This is why we recommend you invest in the best bicycle helmet, as this accessory prevents you from suffering serious head injuries. Hence, this model may be an option to consider among your purchase alternatives, since its safe, comfortable and lightweight design is easy to carry on any route.

To talk a little more about this element, we will say that the Catlike bicycle helmet has a ventilation system with large vents that will keep you cool; while its visor will protect your eyes from the rain and the sun. On the other hand, if you are looking for a mountain bike helmet, this model is designed with a polystyrene inner core bonded to the polycarbonate outer shell, which offers protection and durability.

The best bike helmet brand should offer comfort and safety; For this reason, we invite you to read the additional qualities of this Catlike product.



Adjustment: It has a system of resistant straps that guarantee a total and secure fit on the head.

Protection: It has an internal mesh that protects the head from insects that may be trapped in the ventilation grills.

Design: The helmet has an aerodynamic design, which breaks the wind when moving at high speeds.



Cost: Its price can be a bit high compared to other helmets; however, the quality and safety it offers justify the investment.

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road bike helmet


8. Shinmax Adult CE Certified Bike Helmet

The Shinmax brand introduces to the market a road bike helmet with a modern and practical design, as it comes with magnetic goggles and a visor that can be easily removed and attached, protecting your face from dust, wind, rain and sun. You may also be interested to know that the case of this product is made of good quality durable PC and polycarbonate material. The interior is covered with EPS foam, a quality that minimizes impacts, protecting the head from any blow.

The dimensions of this helmet have been well chosen to adapt without problem to the circumference of the head. In turn, this product has 7 vents that allow air to circulate. We do not want to forget to mention that it has CE certification; that is, it complies with European standards of safety and well-being, since its effectiveness was tested under some measures.  

To learn more about this element, we present the following advantages and disadvantages.


Magnetic Goggles: Thanks to the feature of 3 magnets located on the helmet shield, the magnetic goggles can be quickly attached and removed.

Weight: It has a light weight of 290 gr, which will not be a burden for the head.

Adjustable regulator: It has a rotary knob that allows you to adjust the circumference of the head to different diameters.


Accessories: The product does not come with extra glasses, in case the original ones deteriorate. However, they can be replaced with others of the same model that the manufacturer offers.

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women’s bicycle helmet


9. Uvex Air Wing Cycling Helmet

Choosing a good brand of cycling accessories and items could help you make the right purchase. In this sense, Uvex has extensive experience in the manufacture of sports products, such as the case of the Air Wing women’s bicycle helmet, which has a sports format specially designed to keep the wearer comfortable and protected. Among other qualities, this product is developed with NIC technology that adapts millimeter by millimeter to the shape of the head in all directions, thus guaranteeing user safety.

In our list, this model is positioned as the best price-quality bicycle helmet, as it has an accessible cost while offering good impact resistance, due to its manufacturing with In-Mold technology, through two layers; an exterior made of polycarbonate and an interior made of EPS foam. We do not want to forget to mention that this helmet has a Monomatic closure with torsion-proof opening protection against a fall.

Being one of the cheapest products, we have detailed some pros and cons, which you should know.



FAS System: It has an easy-to-adjust strap system, with continuous regulation, that keeps the helmet stable on the head.

Washable: The lining of the helmet can be removed and washed, it also has an antibacterial finish.

LED triangle: Provides the possibility of inserting an LED light into the Uvex triangle, for night walks.



Cost: The price is subject to the variety of colors available, since it can be raised depending on said quality. 

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urban bike helmet


10. Abus Urban-i V. 2 Road Cycling Unisex 

The Abus brand urban bicycle helmet is a safety accessory for those users who want to enjoy the benefits of cycling. In the specific case of this model, we can say that it has a Zoomlite adjustment system, which correctly secures the helmet to the head, allowing good adaptability and stability.

Being a good alternative when opting for a road bike helmet, this product has intense reflectors and an LED light, which can be used on night rides for greater safety. In terms of design, its sporty style is attractive, while its shape allows your head to stay cool and protected thanks to its 12 intake vents and 5 air outlet holes. Finally, we can add that it has an anti-insect mesh, so you don’t have problems with bees or mosquitoes that may get trapped in it.

Safety is one of the main aspects to consider when cycling; For this reason, learn more about the qualities of this product.



Adjustment: It has a practical and rotating system, which allows a precise adjustment, when placing it on the head.

Closure: The straps have an innovative Fidlock method, which is an easy and safe to use magnetic closure.

Reflectors: The helmet has a large reflector on the back and two on the sides to prevent accidents.


LED: The LED light might not be as powerful. However, the other qualities overshadow this detail.

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Girl’s bicycle helmet


11. Uvex Kid 2 Unisex Youth Bike Helmet

Mostly the first interaction we have with a bicycle occurs during childhood, for this reason, to keep our children protected, it is vitally important to get a helmet that provides them with safety and comfort during their learning and journeys. Hence, when wondering what is the best bicycle helmet for girls, in this model you can find features that meet the standards, alleviating worries.

This girl’s bicycle helmet has a lightweight design, as its entire structure weighs 185 grams. Despite being lightweight, it is made with a polycarbonate shell and an EPS foam lining, through In-Mould technology, thus being shock resistant, as it maximizes impact absorption. In this sense, the model we are analyzing is not only compact, but also easily adapts to the contour of the head, thanks to its adjustable Uvex IAS system.

Each feature of this product is worth reviewing in detail; therefore, we invite you to know the pros and cons that are attributed to it.


LED: The helmet offers the possibility of inserting an LED light for greater safety.

Lining: Both the inside of the helmet and the strap that fits under the chin have a foam pad that prevents injuries or chafing.

Ventilation: It has 8 vents, which keep the little one’s head cool during hot seasons. 


Design: The shades and pattern of this model limits it only for the use of girls.

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baby bicycle helmet 


12. Alpina Ximo Bicycle Helmet

Children have a fragile head, therefore, it is necessary to avoid any injury from a fall while riding your bicycle. The Alpina brand has a baby bicycle helmet available in its range, which in addition to having a durable triple shell, made with Hi-EPS materials, to guarantee protection and comfort; It is also a product adaptable to your pocket, as it is one of those good and cheap models that are worth investing in.

To be considered as a good alternative when it comes to keeping the little ones in the house safe, this helmet has an Ergomatic anti-torsion buckle system, adjustable “Y”-shaped straps in the area of ​​the ears, and a slider, that together allow a three-dimensional stable fit on the head. On the other hand, it has 12 ventilation openings strategically distributed to filter the air, keeping the sun’s rays away.

To make a good choice, it is advisable to carefully analyze each of the characteristics of the products that have caught your attention.


Hi-EPS shell: The inner shell is made of Hi-EPS, a material that has microscopically sized air chambers, capable of absorbing the intensity of the impact.

Edge Protect: It has a polycarbonate plate that covers the lower edges of the helmet, increasing its durability.

Reflective stickers: The helmet has reflective stickers on its surface, which contribute to its visibility at dusk.



Cost: The price of the product varies according to the color, as some have a higher cost than others.

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enduro bike helmet


13. Bell 4forty Adult Unisex Helmet

This Bell bike helmet is designed to withstand demanding, high-intensity sports. As for ventilation, it is quite comfortable, as it has 15 openings that allow air to flow easily to keep your head cool during walks in the sun. In addition, it comes with a visor that can be easily removed and mounted.

On the other hand, this enduro bike helmet offers good resistance when in contact with solid surfaces, since the outer shell is made of melt-molded polycarbonate with an EPS foam lining, which combines durability and resistance with a good finish. Another quality is its innovative minimalist floating adjustment system, which is made up of a small rubber overmolded sphere that is easily rotated to adapt the size of the helmet to the circumference of the user’s head. Finally, we can add that the straps are anti-torsion, so they will always remain correctly positioned.

If you are wondering which bicycle helmet to buy for mountain biking or other extreme sports, check out the list of pros and cons of this model below.


Protection: The front pad wicks away moisture, acting as a brake that keeps sweat away from the eyes. 

Security: It has a rigid In-Mould case, with a Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS).

Weight: Given its characteristics, we consider it to be a comfortable and light helmet to carry, since it weighs 324 grams.


Reflectors: This model does not have reflectors that maximize visibility in dark environments. However, they can adapt.

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» Review information from previous years

Kask Mojito 912006 Grande

Con un peso de menos de un kilo, este modelo del fabricante Kask suele ser recomendado como el mejor casco para bicicleta, así que es conveniente que consideres sus características. Se trata de un modelo disponible en varios colores y estampados, para que selecciones el que mejor se adapte a tu estilo.

Además, cuenta con varias tallas para ajustarse a diferentes fisonomías. Dispone de un sistema de protección con interior acolchado y tecnología que proporciona absorción y amortiguación de golpes, especialmente por impactos en carretera. El casco dispone de un diseño moderno y correa ajustable a la altura de la barbilla.

Está fabricado con materiales de alto grado de calidad y robustez como el poliestireno y policarbonato. Además, este casco resalta porque dispone del desarrollo de un avance en materia de ventilación, denominado In-Mold, que proporciona ventilación y reducción del sudor a través de 26 canales de aire.

El Kask Mojito 912006 es considerado comúnmente como el mejor casco para bicicleta del momento, porque dispone de una combinación de calidad, con un elevado sistema de protección y un diseño moderno. De cualquier modo, debes analizar sus pros y contras.


Diseño: Este casco está diseñado con un estilo moderno y práctico, disponiendo también de varios canales de ventilación.

Colores: Con este modelo además de seguridad, se obtiene un estilo definido porque el ciclista podrá seleccionar entre una amplia gama de colores.

Protección: La marca ha desarrollado una tecnología interna que amortigua los golpes y disipa el impacto, para reducir los riesgos por lesiones.

Ventilación: El casco dispone de 26 conductos de ventilación que permiten

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