Philips HP6540/00 Reviews

Main advantage:

This epilator stands out for its simplicity, but at the same time for its precision. It has two speed modes and, in addition, it comes in a set that includes other interesting accessories, such as an epilator for sensitive areas and tweezers with light.

Main disadvantage:

It is a device that could be considered somewhat noisy, which is why it is convenient to use it in the middle of the day so as not to disturb anyone.

Verdict: 9.7/10

If you are looking for an epilator at a good price, without a doubt, this is yours. Beautifully designed, it is very easy to use and effective, as it pulls out the hair at the root and allows you to show off smooth skin for several weeks.

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Main Features Explained


Its design does not go unnoticed in this Philips model. It is an epilator in which the white color predominates, although it incorporates different golden motifs that make it look much more. Similarly, the power button is gold, so we can conclude that it is a product that takes care of the details to the maximum.

As if that were not enough, it exhibits an ergonomic design with the aim of making handling much easier. Not surprisingly, it has a rounded shape that adapts perfectly to the hand of any user, ostensibly facilitating the task.

By having a somewhat striated texture, the grip is favored and, therefore, the removal of hair. And all this in an epilator that, judging by the opinions of the clients, especially loves for its economical price, within the reach of any pocket.


To achieve the desired result, epilators should ideally have several modes and options. In the case of this model, this is the case. Its operation is very simple, since it only has two speeds. However, for many people they are more than enough.

Specifically, this epilator has a normal speed and an additional one for sensitive areas and with fine hair. For example, if you want to shave your armpits, you can use this second speed so that the discomfort is as little as possible.

Also, the selector is not complicated at all. Just slide it up or down, depending on the speed you prefer, to start your hair removal session as soon as possible.


Another reason that explains why it is one of the best epilators that we can find today is that it comes in a batch with different accessories. In this way, hair removal will be much more complete.

First of all, it is possible to identify a precision accessory that stands out for being wireless. This is a great advantage, because you can use it whenever and wherever you want. If you look closely, it is a thinner device than the main epilator, since its purpose is to act on sensitive areas. It works with batteries and is perfect to take on the road.

In the second instance, the set is completed with some useful tweezers that incorporate a light and mirror. Surely it has happened to you that you have realized late that you have unsightly hair on your eyebrows or on your upper lip. With these tweezers it won’t happen to you again, because, by having an integrated light, you will identify any hair, no matter how fine, in a jiffy. The tweezers come in a small case.


Finally, we cannot forget one of the keys that will allow your epilator to enjoy a long life. Maintenance is essential in this class of electrical appliances, because without it they will probably only last you a few years.

When waxing, it is normal for there to be little hairs that remain attached to the head or the body of the device. To remove them, the epilator is also accompanied by a small brush with which you can clean it after each use. It is important to always do it after using it so that it is in optimal conditions for the next session.

Another interesting quality of this Philips model is that the head is removable and, in addition, it is washable. This means that you can place it under the sink faucet without any fear to get rid of all the hairs that have been embedded. It is, therefore, a practical formula to give it the hygiene that this article requires. Remember that only the head is waterproof and not the body of the epilator, since it is in it that the entire electrical mechanism resides.

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