The 9 Best Women’s Perfumes of 2022

Women’s Perfume – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

One of the personal details most cared for by women is perfume, whether for daily use or for special occasions. Currently, in the perfumery industry there is a wide range of aromas, presentations and degree of concentration. In this order of ideas, the Versace Eros Pour Femme perfume could be the one if you are looking for a floral woody fragrance; In addition, it is a sensual perfume inspired by the God of love and with an attractive presentation. Another outstanding perfume is that of Hugo Boss The Scent, whose fresh and youthful fragrance is appropriate for today’s woman.

The 9 Best Women’s Perfumes – Opinions 2022

Considered as a personal stamp, a perfume is for women a way to express themselves without words. To choose one, you have to go beyond just reviewing its cost and packaging. For this reason, we have prepared a comparison with 9 of the best women’s perfumes currently available on the market.

Versace women’s perfume

1. Versace Eros Pour Femme Eau de Parfum

Versace women’s perfume could be the right choice if you are looking for a fragrance that reflects your seductive personality. It belongs to the floral and woody family, thus providing freshness and elegance at the same time.

To the nose you can initially appreciate essence of Sicilian lime, pomegranate and bergamot; followed by an aroma of jasmine, orange blossom and peony flowers. Therefore, it is a versatile fragrance, suitable for day and night use.

Its 100 ml presentation generates long-term performance. Useful aspect if you are looking to make this perfume your daily alternative. On the other hand, its packaging offers you a mythological air, since the face of Medusa is engraved on the front, which is also the characteristic symbol of this firm; which adds style to the product. Also, due to its many positive opinions, it can be an appropriate fragrance to offer as a gift.

As we want to include the best women’s perfume of the moment in our list, we have highlighted the outstanding qualities of this Versace proposal.


Presentation: It is offered in 30 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml containers, so you can choose according to your frequency of use.

Wake: It begins with citrus notes generating a touch of energy and ends endowed with sensuality thanks to its woody fragrance.

Case: It comes in a golden box covered inside with a kind of black chenille, which gives it elegance while protecting the container.



Aromatic notes: You should bear in mind that the trail of aroma offered by this perfume is sweet, which may make some women uncomfortable.

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Perfume for women Hugo Boss

2. Hugo Boss The Scent for Her

The perfumery sector offers a variety of fragrances, so it is best to assess both quality and cost. Hence, this product could be considered as the best value for money women’s perfume, given its affordable price, formula and carefully crafted presentation.

Due to its olfactory notes, this Hugo Boss women’s perfume belongs to the gourmand fruity floral family, with a light, delicate and youthful trail. In addition, its olfactory pyramid has few components (freesia, peach, osmanthus and cocoa) making it simple, but captivating to smell.

Its 50 ml presentation facilitates its portability due to its low weight. In turn, it has a transparent glass container that allows you to appreciate the soft pink tone of the perfume. Additionally, we can note that the dosage mode is by sprayer for greater performance and its lid is pressurized, which prevents its loss by evaporation.

Here are some additional qualities of this presentation to help you with your purchase decision.


Weight: This perfume weighs approximately 48.18 grams, which is equivalent to less than one gram per milliliter, being light to carry.

Packaging design: It offers an attractive container with an elegant and feminine design, which can serve as a decoration.

Ingredients: It is a fragrance that is made using few components, making it simple and also adding exclusivity to it.


Case: It comes inside a very thin box, making it not very resistant in case of a strong blow.

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Dolce Gabbana Women’s Perfume

3. Dolce & Gabbana The One Eau de Parfum

The duration of a perfume depends on several factors; among them, the degree of concentration. For this reason, this Dolce Gabbana women’s perfume is characterized by its persistence, since it has up to 20% pure essence. Hence its long-lasting fixation on the skin.

The olfactory family is floral oriental. Where peach, lychee, mandarin and bergamot make up the top notes; next, we have a group of flowers (lily, jasmine and lilies). Finally, when drying, its aroma is vanilla with musk, making it appropriate for the colder seasons of the year.

Likewise, it is promoted as one of the best women’s perfumes of 2022, because in addition to the tradition and modernity that surrounds the fragrance, it has a luxurious solid rectangular container that matches the lid. This not only refers to the exclusivity of the brand, but also effectively preserves the fragrance.

Next, we present qualities that you need to know about this women’s perfume, to make the right purchase choice.


Public: Recommended for women on average between 25 and 45 years of age, due to its pyramid of olfactory notes.

Performance: Due to its degree of concentration and its dispensing through a vaporizer, it could have a remarkable long-term performance.

Container: The transparent glass of its presentation allows preserving the properties of the perfume. In addition, this container has a considerable thickness that serves as protection.



Presentation: Currently there is no 100 ml presentation, a larger size being convenient to avoid frequent purchases.

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Women’s perfume Paco Rabanne

4. Paco Rabanne Lady Million eau de parfum

This Paco Rabanne women’s perfume has become a luxury within women’s perfumery. It has a unique diamond-shaped case, a striking feature as it reflects a true precious jewel. In addition, it contains an appreciable fruity floral aroma that does not go unnoticed.

Sensorily, it can be seen that its olfactory pyramid begins with citrus fruits such as orange, neroli and raspberry; that grab attention. Next, the freshness provided by the white flowers of orange blossom, gardenia and jasmine stands out. Finally, glamor and sensuality give it a distinctive touch, thanks to the use of honey and patchouli as base ingredients.

Other aspects are its presentation and weight, since it is a light perfume to take wherever you go. In addition, its attractive economic format and distinctive aroma make this fragrance a good option to offer as a gift.

It should be noted that its presentation and cost are in the same proportion, making it one of the cheapest perfumes. Learn more about its features.


Size: The dimensions of its presentation have been designed to take up little space in the bag for daily use.

Weight: Its weight is approximately 34.01 grams, which makes it easier and lighter to carry.

Design: Based on its golden color and diamond shape, even after empty the container could be used as an ornament.



Quantity: Its 30 ml presentation could have a short-term performance, even using it only for night outings.

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Giorgio Armani women’s perfume

5. Giorgio Armani Si Edp

Considered by its users as the best women’s perfume, this Sí version of Giorgio Armani is characterized by its notable moderate trail and long-lasting fixation on the skin. Therefore, it is an appropriate fragrance to wear both day and night.

The packaging design was thought of the duality of women. Hence the two colors: the black of the lid that represents professional success; followed by the transparency of the container that reveals the subtle pink of the perfume, which represents the heart of the woman (personal fullness).

As for the sensory perception of this Giorgio Armani women’s perfume, blackcurrant stands out in the foreground, followed by subtle notes of Freesia and May rose. Finally, it closes with a background of woody notes, patchouli, vanilla and ambroxan, typical of the chypre and fruity olfactory family to which it belongs.

Next, we indicate additional qualities of this women’s perfume, so that you can analyze the pros and cons that it has.



Performance: It could bring the user economic benefit in the long term, due to its vaporizer and its 100 ml presentation.

Portability: Approximately its weight is 100 grams, making it light to carry during a trip.

Design: The bottle was made of robust glass, with a thick base so it is resistant and transparent to appreciate the perfume.


Case: The box that contains the bottle is made of material whose texture is thin, protecting the bottle little.

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Ralph Lauren Women’s Perfume

6. Ralph Lauren Romance Eau De Parfum

The Ralph Lauren brand endorses the highest standards during the manufacturing process of its products, in order to ensure customer satisfaction. Therefore, acquiring a Ralph Lauren women’s perfume can be considered a success. In the case of the Romance fragrance, we are facing an elegant proposal that is classified within the floral family.

Its olfactory pyramid begins with freesia, chamomile, lemon, ginger and roses; contrasting combinations. In the heart notes we find a fine floral bouquet made up of lilies, lotus flower, white violets and carnations; soft, fine, feminine aromas. It ends with a trail of sensuality provided by exotic woods, moss, patchouli and white musk.

Its packaging is designed to create romance and tenderness. For this reason, we appreciate a clean boat with straight lines and carved in transparent glass. As for the dispenser, it is by spray, achieving better performance. In addition, its metallic pressure cap offers greater security.

Continue reading some additional qualities of one of the products of what could be the best brand of women’s perfumes.


Weight: The 50 ml perfume has an approximate weight of 60 grams, a quality that makes it light to carry.

Doser: The application mode is through an atomizer, generating practicality in each use, since each spray has the appropriate amount.

Design: The bottle, like the fragrance, is classic, but denotes sophistication by being elegant.


Content: Due to the amount of perfume (50 ml) contained in its bottle, its performance could be lower than that of other products.

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Women’s perfume Jean Paul Gaultier

7. Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal eau de parfum

If you are still wondering which is the best perfume for women, it is worth taking into account both the volume and the aroma of this product. In this sense, it is offered in a profitable presentation of 80 ml. In turn, the fragrance belongs to the floral and chypre family, due to its refreshing nuances; being appropriate for any occasion.

Delving deeper into the notes of the Jean Paul Gaultier women’s perfume, we find a fresh accord made up of mandarin orange and blood orange. Followed by a floral-fruity mix complemented by the sweetness of honey and a support where caramel, liquorice, beeswax and patchouli predominate.

Finally, it remains to exalt the design of the container. It is a transparent glass jar where its content can be seen and the lid is the most outstanding feature, simulating two long women’s legs with high-heeled shoes; details that give it sensuality and elegance.

We present some advantages and possible disadvantages that this women’s perfume can offer, to help you decide with greater certainty.



Design: The container has a striking appearance, due to the woman’s legs located on the lid of the bottle, allowing quick identification and a differential advantage.

Quantity: Its 80 ml presentation makes it suitable for long-term performance, therefore it represents savings.

Case: It consists of a metal can lined with a delicate material that provides protection, glamor and femininity to the perfume.



Portability: Due to its content, it is an appropriate perfume to have at home, not to take it with you and give touch-ups.

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Women’s perfume Carolina Herrera

8. Carolina Herrera CH Privee for Her

The Carolina Herrera women’s perfume is included in the floral oriental family and its fragrance is very feminine. It is designed to define the mysterious, elegant but sensual woman and could be recommended for women over 30 years of age due to the notes of its olfactory pyramid.

In this sense, the osmanthus flower and pink pepper are formed as top notes. Next, in the middle note the leather is perceived and finally the caviar, vanilla and patchouli stand out; olfactory notes that make it suitable for use on formal occasions and at night.

The design is inspired by the elegance that distinguishes this brand. The horizontal glass jar has a cylindrical shape, lined in red leather where a bow stands out with the brand’s initials CH in gold that matches the lid, adding a touch of glamour.

If you still haven’t decided which women’s perfume to buy for those special occasions and evenings, here are some qualities of this product.


Weight: 150 grams is its approximate weight, a quality that makes it light to carry in a handbag.

Quantity: Due to its 80 ml presentation, it makes it a perfume with long-term economic benefit.

Design: Its cylindrical horizontal shape made of red-colored leather from the bottle gives it glamour, a quality that distinguishes the brand.


Presentation: Based on the duality between luxury and sensuality of this fragrance, a larger presentation would be appreciated.

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Chloe perfume for women

9. Chloé Fleur de Parfum eau de parfum spray

Chloé perfume for women is a floral fragrance designed to highlight the modern and romantic woman without age limit. Also, its olfactory trail makes it appropriate for any time.

The top notes include lemon verbena, grapefruit and bergamot, giving it freshness and delicacy. In addition, they make way for blackcurrants, peaches, cherry trees and roses; achieving a middle note with fruity sparkles and a floral touch. Finally, its base notes provide balance by including rice, white musk and cedar.

Another point in which you should pay close attention is the design of the container, although it is classic it reflects beauty and simplicity. Likewise, it incorporates a dispenser to conveniently dose the perfume. On the other hand, it is a low-cost perfume, something that makes it one of the cheapest sophisticated perfumes on the market, an aspect that benefits your budget.

We have prepared a summary of the most outstanding characteristics of this perfume so that you can analyze if it is the right one for your personal requirements.


Gift: Both its presentation and the formula, this perfume could be a suitable gift for a special woman.

Performance: Thanks to its 75 ml content, its use could be prolonged, generating long-term savings.

Dispensed: The aspersion is through an atomizer (spray), a quality that makes it practical and comfortable to use.



Presentation: Currently, it is marketed in 50 ml and 75 ml options, although a larger presentation would be convenient for longer duration.

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Shopping guide


Purchasing a women’s perfume may seem like a simple decision. But the perfume to choose must reflect our personality, so it is necessary to know basic aspects such as fragrance, presentation and formula. For this reason, we present this guide to buying the best women’s perfume, with which you will be able to know the most outstanding aspects that you must take into account before betting on a particular product.


Fragrances are essential oils that serve as a guide or base for other aromas, because when combined or broken down they achieve endless olfactory nuances. Reason that makes it necessary to keep in mind that before choosing a perfume and knowing how much it costs, you need to discover what types of aromas you prefer.

The choice of a perfume is made based on its fragrance. In the perfumery sector there is a wide range of aromas. However, there are four main fragrances called families: floral, fresh, oriental and woody.

Flowers have been and continue to be an inspiration for women’s perfumes. For this reason, most contain fragrances based on these olfactory notes. Generally, the scent of roses, jasmine and lily are present in a floral perfume.

Within the aromas used for fresh fragrances are citrus or forest fruits, providing a sweet but fresh touch at the same time. Some of the usual components to obtain fragrances of this type are bergamot, lemon, grapefruit and mint, which allow aromas to be transmitted that evoke cleanliness, making the perfume appropriate for daily use in hot weather.

The woody fragrance focuses its composition on scents such as sandalwood, cedar, among others. It is an elegant fragrance that conveys a calm, confident and outgoing character. This essence can be very versatile and allow multiple variations.

Finally, the oriental fragrance contains ingredients such as vanilla. They are warm, sensual and spicy perfumes; suitable for use as a night perfume for its intense and long-lasting aroma.


Some perfumes offer us different versions of the same aroma, the difference is found in the concentration percentages used for its preparation. Therefore, when buying a perfume, we notice that prices vary and range from a cheap price to the highest.

However, the important thing is to verify the concentration level of the perfume (percentage of pure essence), this is achieved through a comparison of women’s perfumes, where it will be possible to determine which one could be appropriate according to your age, preferences and requirements.

Currently, there are five types of formula, ranging from the mildest to the most concentrated. It is important to point out that depending on the percentage of essence, the durability will be.

In the case of EAU Fraiche, it has a concentration of up to 3%, allowing a duration of 1 hour. Likewise, there is the EAU de Cologne (EdC) whose concentration percentage is around 2% and 4% with a duration of approximately 2 hours.

For its part, the EAU de Toilette (EdT) has a concentration of oils ranging from 5% to 15%, generating a permanence of 4 hours on the skin. For its part, the EAU de Parfum (EdP) has a maximum of 20% pure essence, allowing a duration of up to approximately 8 hours.

Finally, we have the parfum, which is the most concentrated form of essence, whose degree of concentration ranges between 20% and 30% and can last on the skin for up to 24 hours.


In today’s competitive market, the presentation of a perfume has become an important aspect of marketing it. Therefore, we can find several factors to consider.

The size of the container would be one of them, since there are perfumes whose size ranges from 30 ml to 100 ml; The benefit of a full-size perfume is long-term performance. However, we found some 10 ml presentations suitable for carrying in the bag, since a smaller volume facilitates portability.

Another aspect to highlight is that the vast majority of containers are made of glass, a convenient material for preserving the aroma, since it does not alter the properties.

Similarly, within the presentation, another factor to observe is the shape of the perfume dispenser. They are usually manufactured with a spray or vaporizer. However, some presentations do not bring it.

Additionally, perfumes can have different types of caps, for example, they can be pressure or screw caps; qualities that will depend on the manufacturer. Finally, we have the case that must have a label where the technical information regarding the product in question is provided and contains clear features that prove its legitimacy.

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