Opinions about Brita On Tap

Main advantage:

Thanks to the filtering system incorporated in this purifier, you can enjoy fresh water, free of metals, particles and bacteria, but with the usual mineral concentrate, since the filter does not remove magnesium or calcium.

Main disadvantage:

Depending on the level of hardness of the water in the region where you live, it could significantly reduce the filtering capacity corresponding to 600 liters, offered by this model of purifier.

Verdict: 9.7/10

This is a purifier with a modern design, which you can place on the tap in the kitchen or sink, to immediately increase the quality of the water to be consumed.

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Main Features Explained

Filter system

Checking the filtering system of the purifier to be purchased is an aspect that cannot be forgotten. Let us remember that, although the purpose of this type of device is to eliminate chlorine, calcium and metals contained in the vital liquid, it is also true that there are minerals of great value, which should be preserved, such is the case of magnesium. and calcium.

For example, the Brita On Tap water purifiers stand out for their convenient activated carbon filter, a mineral that eliminates all those substances that can change the taste and aroma of the water. Likewise, a membrane with a hollow tissue structure is attached, which traps bacteria and contaminating particles. For its part, the exchanger with ionic technology reduces metals, without sacrificing minerals.

screen and water flow

The Brita On Tap is considered one of the best water purifiers, whose design incorporates cutting-edge technology to offer intuitive operation, capable of adapting to the needs of each user.

In its structure, we have a front screen through which the liters of filtered water can be monitored, which is convenient to know the exact moment of filter change, estimated every 600 liters. In addition, said display is waterproof and has large black digits for quick reading.

On the other hand, there is the issue of water flow, which can be adjusted using a side lever. Thus, it is possible to choose between filtered and unfiltered water with a shower or beam outlet, without the need to disassemble the equipment.

Design and assembly

No matter how competitive the price of the water purifier you buy is, if it does not have an ergonomic design and easy assembly, then your purchase would not be entirely successful. In this sense, there are many teams that meet both requirements, being the case of the On Tap model, belonging to the well-known Brita house.

This is a standard format faucet purifier that, according to buyers, has a modern aesthetic that will look good in any kitchen or bathroom. This is due to the compact size and curved contours of the structure.

With regard to assembly, you will only have to adjust the purifier to the mouth of the faucet, turning it manually and without requiring any type of tools, making it a completely intuitive task.

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