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Main advantage:

In addition to its quality as a multi-capsule coffee machine, this model stands out for its versatility; since it allows you to prepare a wide range of coffees and hot drinks and also favors the use of both capsules and ground coffee of your choice.

Main disadvantage:

The function that allows you to make cold drinks is missing. However, it is an appliance that offers high performance in the actions for which it was designed.

Verdict: 9.7/10

Users appreciate its affordable price, functional design, intuitive operation and how quiet it is. For this reason, they recommend it as a good purchase option.

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Main Features Explained


After the capsule boom, it is surprising how many manufacturers have taken on the task of designing the best capsule coffee machines, due to the great demand from users. However, today there are models that are not limited to a closed system, such as those that only exclusively support a single type and brand of capsules; On the contrary, we currently have modern coffee machines that have been designed to be compatible with different capsules and different brands.

Such is the case of multi-capsule coffee machines, equipment that accepts several brands of capsules in a single device. In this sense, we present the Ikohs Potts, an appliance compatible with the best brands of capsules on the market, such as Nespresso and Dolce Gusto. Thanks to this, it is now possible for you to prepare all your favorite coffees using your preferred brand; from a delicious coffee with milk to an energizing black coffee, with body and character.

In addition, you can also comfortably enjoy a wide range of aromatic teas available in capsules in the comfort of your home and you even have the possibility of tasting hot chocolate-flavored drinks; obtained from the best cocoa, with all its flavor and aroma.

Versatility and efficiency

The Ikohs Potts is a coffee machine that, in addition to its multi-capsule quality, also offers a delicious espresso; this being one of its main virtues, according to the opinions of coffee lovers. For this, it is a model equipped with three different filters or adapters, each one destined for a specific function in order to achieve a perfect drink. In this sense, one of its filters is the one recommended for the Dolce Gusto capsule format and its compatible ones, and the other is the one indicated for Nespresso capsules and their compatible ones.

Likewise, the third filter or adapter is the one used to deposit the ground coffee, so it is a coffee maker model that allows you to enjoy not only a wide variety of capsules, but also offers you the possibility of preparing the best espresso. For this reason, it has a system that effectively compresses the grinding, so that you can obtain high-quality coffee, similar to the one prepared by baristas.

Now you can savor all the flavors, essences, aromas and textures of the best coffees in a single device; You will only have to choose the modality of your preference, the appropriate filter and press a button. In addition, in order to improve the user experience, the manufacturer includes a practical and useful user manual in Spanish in the delivery.

functional design

If you have a kitchen with few square meters, you need appliances that take up little space. For this reason, compact-sized capsule coffee machines such as the Potts could be the most suitable for placing on your countertop; since it has a vertical and stylized format, which offers dimensions of only 26 x 11 x 26 cm and an estimated weight of 3 kg. Likewise, it is easy to store in any space in your kitchen.

In addition, it offers an exclusive, elegant and simple design that adapts to any space and any decorative style; for which the manufacturer offers you several colors to choose from: white, grey, black and cream beige. It is also a coffee maker that has a removable tank for easy cleaning, made of transparent material and with a capacity of 0.7 litres.

Likewise, it is equipped with a power of 1450 watts, capable of generating up to 19 bars of pressure; which allows you to taste a rich and sparkling coffee at any time of the day. On the other hand, it gives you intuitive handling and up to two sizes of coffee: long and short. In addition, it is a model that allows you to save energy, thanks to the automatic Stand By mode that is activated after 15 minutes of inactivity.

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