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Main advantage:  

These Munich brand sneakers are made with high quality and durable materials. In addition, its structure incorporates a coating to which some textured black patent leather details are added, which together with the metallic blue tone make up a beautiful combination.

Main disadvantage:

It should be noted that this model is available in a single color, therefore, you will not have the opportunity to choose among several shades those that best suit your style and preferences.


Verdict: 9.9/10

When searching for Munich sports shoes for women, you could not let this model go unnoticed, which, in addition to being comfortable, is very beautiful and attractive.

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Main Features Explained



Over time, the Munich brand has been responsible for creating different models of shoes, whether for use by women, men and children, adding an attractive design to their structures. This is no exception, since you could have at your disposal an option that, in addition to having an affordable price, offers you a variety of qualities so that you can feel comfortable with each use.

That being the case, we must highlight the Osaka model as one of the most attractive, designed for the use of sports women, since its design is not only striking, but it could also make you look very good if you combine it with different types of clothing. dress for a casual look.

This is due to the fact that its structure is blue, but not just any blue, but a metallic one, accompanied by some textured black patent leather applications with cubes. Both materials make up a combination that makes these shoes stand out.

To make it possible to identify these sneakers as a Munich model, two crossed ribbons are included on the sides, accompanied by a wavy outline, these give the design a touch of its own style that forms the brand’s characteristic X, a characteristic that adds also a decorative detail.


When it comes to choosing women’s Munich sneakers, they must be made with quality materials, be light and resistant, so that you can have the opportunity to enjoy them for a long time. 

It should be noted that, in this same sense, the Osaka model can provide you with the comfort and practicality that you need before each use, since its internal lining is entirely made of fabric, which supposes an adequate level of perspiration and freshness, in order to avoid odors. unpleasant on your feet due to the sweat they may generate while running and exercising.

We should also mention that on the outside the shoes have a durable material called synthetic leather, which in addition to providing durability, will allow you to carry out a quick and easy cleaning of the footwear. In other words, only a damp cloth will suffice to remove any type of dirt available on its structure.

One of the advantages of being able to purchase these shoes made with synthetic leather has to do with the fact that your feet will be safe and free from the moisture that may be in the places where you walk or run, since could not transfer said material.


closure and size

It is also very important that when choosing the best Munich shoes you evaluate the closure system included in the design. This should allow the last to fit your foot without being too tight or, on the contrary, loose. In the same way, you should check if the model is available for your size. Always check the table of equivalences, so you can enjoy a comfortable footprint and free from any kind of discomfort.

In this sense, the Osaka model has been made in a convenient range of sizes for adults, since you can choose from size 36 to 40. This means that you will have the possibility of finding your right size without any inconvenience.

For its part, the closure system included in this model is by means of laces, which gives you total control of the fit of the shoes. Thanks to this quality, those people with a high instep can enjoy a comfortable placement of the shoe, as they can open this area to adapt the shoe. On the other hand, it is considered very safe, as it prevents the shoe from slipping off the foot.

Among other details, you should know that according to the opinions of the users, the sole that each shoe incorporates tends to give you a stable footprint, since it is made of rubber. Thus, it cushions the step and is flexible at the same time.

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