How to install air conditioning?

The installation of the air conditioner must be carried out with knowledge of the proper assembly procedures, to avoid any type of inconvenience or malfunction. However, it can be relatively easy if you have enough DIY proficiency and a basic knowledge of electricity to assemble the cables.


How much does it cost to install an air conditioner usually worries users who are looking for one, either to replace the old one or to equip a new room, so they look for how to do it themselves, with the intention of saving a little money. money.

However, you should know that an air conditioner is not a piece of equipment that you can simply mount on the wall and that’s it; since there are certain requirements to be met during installation, as well as tubes, cables and hoses that must be incorporated in the proper position.

Although the installation complexity is not so high, if it is a window model, the structural modification that in some cases is necessary, may entail extra work that you had not planned.

Therefore, we advise you to think about it carefully, before venturing to mount it without help.

How to install an air conditioner?

In case you still want to know how to install an air conditioner, below we have summarized the general steps to follow to ensure a successful installation:


Steps for mounting the window air conditioner:

1. Prepare the wall or window

In the installation of this type of air conditioners, there must be a window in the room, with the appropriate shape and size both to house the equipment, as well as the protectors that will be in charge of closing the spaces that remain uncovered.

If you prefer to modify the wall to open the space where the air is going to be located, you must also have an outside support that is responsible for supporting the motor and the fan, since these must be outside the room.

At this level of pre-installation of the air conditioning, great care must be taken to respect the measurements for assembly; since, if the cold air were to escape through the slits on the sides, this could cause the equipment to work excessively.

2. Mount the air conditioner

Window air conditioners are easy to install, since they come practically ready to use. In this step you will be in charge of placing the air in the appropriate position, taking care that it is fixed and stable.

Remember that only the front part of the AC should be in the room, so it is necessary to have a structure outside that can support the weight of the equipment in its entirety.

3. Install the drain hose

Attach the hose to the AC drain pipe and use a clamp to secure it in place. Connecting the air conditioning drain pipe to the hose can be the solution if you want to install it at a certain height and you don’t want the residual water to drip down your wall, especially considering that these models generate more water than the Split models.

4. Plug it into power

When everything is in place, all you have to do is connect the air conditioner to an outlet that provides the proper voltage and it will be ready to use.

Steps for the assembly of the Split type air conditioner:

1. Prepare the tools and parts

This type of AC also requires some structural modification, but it is minor compared to what you might need with a window AC.

Look in your Split air conditioning installation kit, as well as the screws and hoses necessary to mount the equipment, since they should be included with the purchase. This also includes the indoor unit brackets, cables, and plastic tubing.

2. Mount the bracket

Put the schematic of the air conditioner on the wall, so you can mark the location of the screws with the help of a pen or pencil. Then, use the drill to open the holes and place the metal base together with the plugs and screws, to tighten each one in its place.

3. Install the internal drive

The internal unit of the Split air conditioner has its specific fall when it is placed on the base, so you should check that it is well positioned and that the safety hooks enter without obstacles.

4. Locate the external drive

The external unit of the Split, for its part, is larger than the internal one, since it has a larger fan and the compressor inside. This component of the installation must be located on a balcony, on the roof or in another external space of the home.

5. Connect the devices

The connection between the devices constitutes the link that must be made through cables and pipes from the internal to the external unit of the Split air conditioner. However, this step must be carried out following the specific instructions for your model, since the information may change from one AC to another, so it may be convenient for you to contact a specialist technician, to be able to conclude this step safely. successful and secure.

Once everything is connected and in place, use the remote control of the equipment to turn it on and put the air conditioner in Cool mode. This will help you verify that both the internal and external drives are working as they should.

General recommendations

As you can see, mounting an air conditioner can be a relatively simple task, if you have an idea about what you are doing and, in the end, you will be able to place it at the temperature you want thanks to its remote control with the air conditioning control.

However, although you may want to install the air conditioning yourself, we advise you to seek the help of a specialist air conditioning installer, who can take care of the task and take into account all the important details that an inexperienced user could go through. high.

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